That was always your wet dream. Music and you cant stand the fact that hes living it hey guys pete here. This will be my breakdown for dexter new blood episode, 4. hs for hero moved things along quite a bit and left the impression that were past the table setting portion of the season. Things are officially getting interesting now with a lot of new information to consider in this video ill recap: everything that happened and then talk about what stood out to me and what im thinking about. As far as where this is going and well get into. All of that, after a quick, spoiler warning, if you havent watched new blood episode 4, yet then this video wont be for you and with that out of the way lets get into it. The fourth episode opens the morning after dexter incinerated matts body. Only to talk to kurt who told him that he facetimed with him and that he wasnt dead after all at his cabin deb and dexter are talking about why he might lie dex thinks maybe hes upset. He doesnt want to believe it. Hes delusional and deb thinks. Maybe he doesnt trust the cops and he wants to take things into his own hands. She points out how enraged he looked whenever he saw the video that someone else was out in the woods and says that he probably thinks that johnny bullhorn, one of the seneca tribe members, murdered matt for shooting the deer and that angela is protecting him.

Based on what the characters know at this point its a fine theory but its all undermined for us as viewers by the end of the episode, we see harrison wake up and he uses the term nuggets when hes talking about the wrestling team – and this leads to A conversation between the two about aunt deb, who used to use that same saying its funny, because dex says that shes in my thoughts all the time, but it kind of stood out how they were talking about her and more specifically about harrisons memories. Kirk comes into the police station and cant answer many of angelas questions. He wasnt sure where he was, but it looked like a hotel room and he says that matt told him that he was in new york city and he tries to change the subject saying that, if its about the deer being killed on, seneca lands hell pay for It he always cleans up after matts messes, but she points out that thats not her jurisdiction. She wants to talk to matt for herself, shes been trying to call, and his phone just goes straight to voicemail and even though kurt didnt want to bring it up, he tells her that it looked like matt was high and that he hadnt slept for days. He does this. Sometimes he goes on benders and weeks or months could pass with them, not talking to each other. He tells her that matt asked for money and he turned him down and that he wasnt answering any of his calls after that, either after he leaves molly comes to her office shes there talking to logan, they hooked up and at first angela acts put off because She volunteered to help for the search saying she was a concerned citizen and not letting on that.

She was actually a podcaster as they go back and forth its obvious that shes paying close attention to the case and that shes there sniffing around for clues or answers. Shes a fast talker, she has no filter, so shes, basically a perfect podcaster and you can see that shes making some good points and that angela is taking notice before she threatens to arrest her for interfering with an investigation if she doesnt leave. The whole thing feels like theres, a team up, thats gon na happen, and when she comes back later in the episode and starts making martinis in her office that starts to come together. She gives her a folder and starts talking about all the girls on her carry from homeland board and it turns out she posted pictures on her instagram and found out. One of the girls was just a runaway when her followers tracked her down other ones. She posted didnt, get any leads at all, which means theyre really missing and that no ones looking for them, except for angela. She wants to know what her theory is, because she knows she has one here we get part of the explanation of who iris was. It was her best friend in high school who disappeared, and everyone in town just said that she ran away. No one looked for her at all, so when angela became a cop, she promised herself that shed be different. She started collecting these womens stories and says that she knows in her gut that somethings happening here and when molly throws it out there that they should form an alliance.

Angela says, if you want to help me shed light on these girls ill. Take it initially, angela didnt care, much about what molly said about matt, but she did care about what kurt said and she told logan to run matts cards again because he said that hes staying in new york city in a hotel. There should be some evidence of that somewhere at the school harrisons texting with audrey who sent him mollys podcast, which is called mary, kill. He scrolls through the episodes, its all the famous serial killers and he stops at the one about trinity. He starts to listen and fast forwards to his last kill and, as he listens to the story of his mothers death, he looks pain to hear about how, as a young child, he was left alone in a pool of her blood and she tops it off by Saying how up is that kid now am i right, then it cuts to dexter at the store, and we see him get an emergency alert on his phone, its about the high school being on lockdown, as hes rushing in. He sees that ethans being rolled out on a stretcher covered in blood and hes reunited with harrison who has a stab wound, theres blood everywhere, and we can see dexter putting the scene together in his head as hes. Doing that angela asks about a potential school shooting and harrison explains that thats, how it all started. Ethan told him he wanted to get revenge against the kids who were bullying him and that he was going to bring guns to school.

He told him because he wanted him to do it with him, and then he describes how he got stabbed. Having turned the tables slashing ethans leg, he sounds sincere, but it feels suspicious hes worried that ethan might die and he goes on to tell them that the knife came out of his backpack when logan goes and looks inside, he finds all those drawings which seem to Back up harrisons story when dexter asks him how hes doing at home, he says that hes messed up and he asks for advice on how to deal with it and dexter really doesnt do anything to help hes kind of speechless and its awkward and harrison just ends Up brushing it off saying that hes fine after he leaves deb, comes in saying that his sons, not like him and thats, going to make it hard for them to have a relationship when dexters helping him with the wound. The next morning he starts asking some questions. Harrison immediately gets defensive and dexter tries to brush that off. By saying sorry, its just my old forensics brain is kicking in in his defensiveness. Harrison gets angry and goes outside and dexter tells deb that the stab wound doesnt match the story. Somethings definitely off and she stands up for him, saying that hes, normal and sometimes details get mixed up its a high intensity situation and when dexter says that he hopes that shes right she asks the question: do you harrison goes to the hospital where he talks to Ethans parents hes still sedated, he definitely would have died if the paramedics hadnt gotten there fast enough and his parents are angry theyre in a bad situation.

All the way around his father does tell harrison that they appreciate what he did, because it could have been a lot worse, but they never want to see him again and when he hears that – and you see him going through it in his mind, he looks absolutely Crazy dexter goes to the police station trying to get more details about the investigation, while hes talking to angela audrey hears that she was an intended victim and comes into the room, and that leads to her taking a picture of his kill list and the drawing where He crossed out several students while they arent looking, then he goes back to the crime scene. He tells deb that the stab wound and blood spatter dont match up with his story, and she maintains her position of trying to back harrison up. He reenacts the situation and what you see there is that ethan was trying to get away and harrison attacked him from behind. Then he stabbed himself to sell us on this story, making it look like he planned. The whole thing. Why would harrison slash ethan first. Is the question dexter answers. He wanted to know what it felt like its almost like ethan fit. The code the next morning after harrison tells him that he wants to get back into a routine kurt shows up, and he says that he wants to show his appreciation to iron lakes hero its kind of strange. He gives him a drone which he would have seen him flying the one the police had outside the cabin the other morning.

So i guess he picked up on that and after harrison leaves kurt tells dexter that it must be nice having a hero for a son. He says how matt was the opposite, how he wished he would have done things differently and they get into a whole conversation where the boat accident gets brought up. All of this leads to kurt saying that youll see if harrison ever does something wrong. Itll be hard not to feel responsible for it after he leaves dexter thinks that he was fishing and that he just nibbled at the station. He finds out that the police arent bringing charges against harrison its been ruled self defense, no matter what ethan tried to claim, it turns out that after he woke up, he swore that he never stabbed harrison. So she suggests that he might want to get a lawyer for a civil case against ethan, but hes not interested, and she says she doesnt know if she could be so compassionate in his situation and after looking at the photographs of ethans injury. Dexter comes to the conclusion that harrison had his own knife. Kurt had had some interactions with a girl who was camped out in the truck stop. He spoke to her earlier in the episode where, apparently, he gave her some money so when he talks to her again after she didnt leave, he offers her a job instead, so she can make her own money shes, not interested, though, because shes trying to leave town At the high school logan came in to talk to all the students that were on ethans list and since harrisons there dexter uses this time that hes a way to search his room.

He eventually gets up to talk to the other students after they applaud him for stopping ethan. He points out how they had picked on him and beat him up for years. He says, i know, were all victims, but everyones calling ethan a psycho or a monster, but he was also a victim, and his point is that everyone has two sides to them: a little bit hero and a little bit monster its all about what side wins out At the end, and for where were at right now, hes definitely talking about himself right. We see audrey watching him and it looks like shes. Definitely in love and while thats going on, we see kurt drive the girl who was in his truck, stop to the cabin where the other one was and at the same time, in a hollowed out old flashlight dexter discovers harrisons knife, its a straight razor. Exactly like the one trinity used to kill his mother rita, and this leads to deb saying that he was born in blood and to that dex responds. He has my dark passenger and, as he looks at the knife, and he absorbs this information, it looks like hes relieved about it and thats. Where were at its a strong ending to cap off the introduction to dexters new life in iron lake. And it pulled me right into this revival the way all three of these scenarios, harrisons situation, dexter, finding the knife and kurt being revealed as being connected to the missing girls.

The way they were all playing out simultaneously has me excited for how things will ramp up. I have to say i was properly surprised at the twist of the school shooting scenario they got me through. The name of the episode h is for hero thats been out there for a couple of weeks and by leaning in on harrisons sense of justice and his standing up for the bullied kid in the last episode, plus him having a dark passenger. Is such a bonus for dexter? It solves all his problems in a scenario where they can connect because they have this thing in common, its not great. If your son has the makings of a serial killer, unless you are literally a serial killer like dexter and ill just throw it out there that it seems a little bit too convenient, it fits into what dexter wants to believe, which makes it suspicious. On the one hand, harrison did a pretty good job of lying about what happened to the cops he knew the drawings were in ethans bag and that those would go a long way towards backing up his story. On the other, the slashing looked impulsive and not well staged if there were any real investigation into what happened so the lying and the thinking on his feet and using that scenario to cover up what he did. He looks pretty solid in that regard and he did see all these drawings before, which means that it could have been premeditated.

However, they showed him listening to the podcast just before this, which reinforced the idea that he should be a messed up. Person molly laid it right out there and that probably set him off. Then you have the fact that he does own a straight razor. That looks exactly like the one that killed his mother. So, overall, i would say that they did a pretty good job of stoking up the fire for either side of this idea. That youre on is he already a killer? Is he like his dad? Is there no hope for him, or did he just flip out on the curt side of things? He didnt really sell the story about matt calling him and i guess, on some level, he doesnt know that his son is actually dead, theres a good chance, but there may be a part of him that thinks that he just ran away and so hes hoping that He might still show up. It was pretty confusing about why he would lie if he wasnt trying to shut the investigation down to protect himself. Seeing him at the cabin with this new girl appears to confirm that and, like i said, i never really thought that this might be somebody else that was doing this. There may be other people involved, but they didnt try to disguise clancy browns face or anything whenever they were leading up to this. So that definitely looks like him in those scenes him showing an interest in harrisons.

Also interesting, because something has to happen in order for dexter to get on to the fact that theres, something going on with kurt, obviously hes interested about why hes lying. But he needs to figure out whats going on in order for kurt to become the kind of threat that will be necessary for him to take him out that connection with harrison might have something to do with it and where were at now, theres a lot of Things that could go wrong for team dexter here. The crime scene doesnt back up harrisons story. If anyone looks into it at all, theyre gon na come to the same conclusion that dexter did and where theyre at now. He has every reason to believe that he wouldnt be able to tell his father the truth. He put the story out there. Now he has to stick with it. Then we also still have dexter on those thermal images and he lives really close to the crime scene. Where matts blood was found, the burning of the body at the public incinerator felt a little too convenient when that went down, and i wouldnt be surprised if that comes back up again, i think what ill do this week is follow up with another video. In a few days and start discussing the theories that are out there now that we have a lot more information to work with most of whats been out there so far has been gut level, reactions and guesses.

But now i think its more interesting, so ill break down the new promo trailer for the next episode and look at where this limited series might be heading in the last six episodes. I do have to say im enjoying molly, pushing her way into the middle of things and expect her alliance with angela to keep things exciting. The character is annoying, but its in a way thats. A nice contrast to the locals, plus she is dexters worst nightmare in a lot of ways and i think thats a good place to leave things.