You know and thats the rule that theyre saying so so Music Music, so so so, Music. Music. Excuse me, sir hello. What are you doing? What are you doing im just asking you what youre doing sir, if youre flying the drone over police premises, that is illegal, the signage theyre telling you you cant and use cameras there. One man leave me alone to my dad: no hes, not against the law. Its all there are signs there. What are you doing? Circling me like this. I want to know who you are, because you dont need to know why im a member of public have you commissioned? Have you suspected me of committing a criminal offense? Yes, what from the police premises from the public space with a drone over into a private space, which therefore makes it illegal theres a sign there? That tells you that its not! This is not off the limits of the drone assist app. You dont control the earth space, you know, but neither do you yes, but if youve got a license to front fire drone over there, you can do what does that sign? Say, sir mate thats inside what does that say? Whats inside the building, no its inside the yard. Yes, so youre saying i cant stand here, filming like this today, because i dont know he didnt film that yeah theres no difference in the sky, its like a drone over this is different. Stop stay where you are.

Are you detaining me i want to know who you are im not telling you i am. I dont need to tell you who i am until i have established the fact whether youve committed an offence or not. Well, you need to tell me what the offence is. You have ive just pointed that out youre flying a drone over. Have you seen a drone thats? What i need to ascertain, if you have one or not i didnt say i had a drone. So have you? Are you detaining me now at the moment you are detained until i have ascertained whether you have committed an offence and what is that offence? Contrary whether youve committed an offense contrary to filming in a restricted space or not, i havent been filming whether you have a drone over the restricted year, rear police yeah. And do you know you need to go and check your laws because you dont control the airspace? No, i dont, i didnt say i was flying a drone. You have said that, and i said i need to ascertain. Am i free to go not at the moment, so what section of the law are you detaining me on now im detaining you on what section of the law? If you stop shouting, i do not need to stop because you are holding me up in the streets. Yes, i am for what reason you need to be clear about that. Go on you, i believe, have been filming country to the rules and the law thats allowed there over into a police space.

If you havent had a drone thats perfectly fine, sir, if youre, baiting police officers in your auditor capacity, oh ascertain whether youve had a drone or not, i didnt say i was flying a drone. You made that assumption. I didnt mean that something yeah you did who said i was playing a drone. I said i need to ascertain. Will you ascertain that? How long am i going to be detained for and what law are you detaining me under thats? What i need to know officer, because youre breaking a rule here, let me know the law that youre determining me im shouting. I know im being clear and assertive in my voice: im, not aggressive person, no youre being verbally aggressive verbally aggressive. Are you a snowflake or what? What? What are we aggressive to you? Ive got one two, three four constables surrounding me and youre, saying im aggressive. I want to get on with my day thats all i need to know. I just need to ascertain whether you have so answer the question. I dont answer. Questions right, ive told you that youre, an auditor baiting police officers because youve got nothing better to do so, nothing better to do so, youre bringing your opinion rather than your professional standards. At the moment, what law are you keeping me on today, ive seen the device in your hand now and im happy thats, not a drone controller. At the moment. Do you know what that is: thats a uh, xbox controller.

Now youve. Let me see that i can like what law did you detain me on thats what i need to know before i go. Ive detained you under section 25, with the police and criminal evidence act to ascertain whether youve committed an offense, whether you were continuing to commit an offence and ascertain your name and address yeah. You needed suspicion of beginning to do that. Didnt have a suspicion that you were flying a drone over the building. Hence you were looking over guess what im doing in the next 20 minutes im coming back with my drone, because this is not restricted on the caa website. You know that dont you on the ceo website, i can fly over this police station. It depends on what youre intent on for no, no, no no ive got a license for a drone right. Yes, you have right so its not for you to say that ive got some ill intent. I come in with birth face, but so youve just brought rules today. No, i havent yeah, i have. If you detain me, can you live? Am i detained now? No youre, not you, can freely leave now right, yes, bye. Thank you. Goodbye get back to work, one two, three four get back to work. False detainment so well be putting a complaint in the answer. What was your basis of this of the detainment whats it gon na? Do with you just a team youre interested in no.

You are sir, because youve got nothing better to do good day good day, ciao absolute idiot, oh, come on. Give us some more come on. Absolute idiot, can i have your shoulder number constable, one five. Four. We love your constable. Thank you very professional. It was pointing in there thank you very much. No, it has been in there yeah and who are you like? What powers have you got? None at all. None at all love it. I can stand there all day. You know that dont yeah. Why did you come out? Then we reeled you in didnt we good and proper yeah, hey, no way see what i mean guys so yeah detained under section 25 of pace. What would you say about that very very personal? You know with his face nappy on outside what month are we in guys really? What month are we in so yeah thats how crazy they are and its not um its, not even illegal, to fly a drone over? You know, but ive come here for this reason guys look at that no cameras or video recording equipment, its on a public footpath that and thats in there. They need to make that sign more clear dont.