M2. 4K camera drone, so the rooko f11 gi m2 is an awesome little drone in the box. You have a carrying case, its a really really nice carrying case its actually pretty solid and should give your drone some pretty good protection. I wouldnt stand on it or step on it, but its still a great case, and it keeps all of your. It keeps your drone, your batteries and everything together perfectly then. In the case, you have, of course, the ruco f11 gi m2 drone with two axis gimbal, a transmitter controller with a built in battery two batteries with 28 minute flight time per battery, two usb to usbc charging cables, an allen wrench one full set of extra props With mounting screws, an instruction manual, a quick start guide and a disclaimer and safety guidelines document, and i would suggest that you read through all of the manuals that the f11 gim2 actually come with, so that you become very familiar with the drone. And when you go out to fly always take the quick start guide with you, so that you can make sure that you use the proper procedures for taking out takeoff and landing so theres a few functions of the ruco f11 gi. M2 that i actually really like. It has a beginner mode which limits the altitude and distance of flight and can be turned off while youre in flight. So if you take off – and you forget to turn it off in the controller its not a problem, you can actually go into the menu and turn off the beginner mode.

I had to do that myself. You have waypoint flight points of interest, a gps. Follow me. A follow me image recognition, hand, gestures for taking photos and starting video and a gps return to home. So now lets take a look at the drone and the controller, so you can become a little more familiar with it on the drone itself. On the top. You have the battery bay, then a power button, the battery level indicator leds and, of course, your folding arms with status leds, which also have your motors and props, and the motors on the rooko f11 gi, m2r brushless motors on the front. You have your 4k camera with a two axis gimbal, which stabilizes the up and down movement and the horizon leveling of the drone on the side. You have the battery release buttons, a usbc charging port on the battery itself and a micro usb card slot, and the ruco f11 gi m2 requires a micro, sd card class 10 and will accept the size, 32 gigs up to 128 gigs on the controller or the Remote, you have your control sticks, which are set to mode 2.. It has a display that gives you a ton of information which is fantastic across the bottom of the remote. You have the gps mode button, the emergency stop button of the power button and last but not least, you have the return to home button on the top of the remote. You have your antennas.

Of course, then you have a zoom control wheel and an angle control wheel. You have a photo button and a video button on the bottom. You have two flip out arms that allow you to be able to. You know give you a little bit better grip on the controller itself and usbc connector, so that you can charge the controller. Ive really truly had a ball flying this drone. It has been absolutely phenomenal. Its very stable in the air captures great video great photos im.