I don’t really do the netflix series, because i because i don’t really care for them. But this is my because why i actually like this figure, because i’ve never handled the iron height mold until several months ago, when i got this thing, so yeah he’s, a good figure actually all right, so let’s get down to review and stuff uh in terms of Uh terms of sculpt, i do think they did a really good job of the sculpt, even though i shouldn’t be saying this because he’s just iron hybrid black but hey, i don’t care. I like the neon gray symbol. I think that’s. Nice is lime green. You know it’s nice, i think i might be. I think they should have made the eyes of blue. I mean not blue green, because i think they would have popped out a little more than the blue ones. He has. If you can see them, uh enter the weapon. I do like how they made the whip. The missile pod thing in the in the uh all green. I did like that. I thought that was pretty cool uh, so i think if you’ve seen, the iron hide figure. You kind of get the idea, so he could his weapon turn into a hammer there’s the hammer there. It is it’s pretty good hammer yeah. You can hold it like this two spots. You can hold it here. You can hold it here. There you go yeah. So i’m gon na take that open and do size comparisons because uh yeah.

I should get down to doing that and this time i’m gon na do uh actual touchpad. So here he is next to the uh to another fellow quintesson creation to another fellow quintesson saying i actually didn’t do this on purpose it just an accident, but here he is next to the uh ali khan. Oh yeah there’s an alicon here he is next to a zombie zombie decepticon, a zombie just a zombie guys, zombie car. There is the sparkle spot, whatever it’s called here. He is next to double dealer. Oops double deal without a frame because he’s bigger a lot bigger. Oh, there goes megatron, i guess i’ll grab megatron while i’m at it. I have like three megatrons, so it doesn’t really matter which one i grabbed so i’m just going to do. The anniversary edition here is next to the anniversary megatron. He is bigger than anniversary megatron. I mean no he’s smaller than universal megatron. What i’m talking about you know what i mean so there’s, an anniversary, megatron stanx anniversary megatron, picks up a lot of light. I noticed on my camera he’s, not this bright in real life. Well, he actually is pretty. Actually, pretty white in real life, delicious i’m, a bad, better review and stuff uh we’re good! You want to be kind of here for good content. Oh no! My fan, if you’re kind of a good con, expect uh mediocre at best or decent content. If you want contact check it with stop motions, yeah it’s, not these reviews all right there.

We go thanks everything, we’re we’re, all fine here, don’t worry we’re, all dandy uh. Here he is next to a tiny star spring it’s knocked over it’s called charmander’s nimbles uh, tiny starscream, the legend the core class starts from where the hector called. I don’t know uh. Here he is next to a target master. I should have two of these, because i got that one decepticon that came out two of them as the target master yeah let’s, get down on articulation now, shall we, if anything else, wants to fall over and try to mess up my review, i will be very Uh, i don’t know what to call it now. You know what i mean, so you can look up so yeah let’s get down to articulation. Shall we so you can look about that. Far look down about that, for i do have the chest mistransform because i do. I like it this better this way better, but you can have it like uh. You can have it more or less like this that’s the official way, but i prefer i prefer it up like that that type of difference, your toy, would do what you wanted. Uh his head can go all the way around his arms can go about as i’m, so i can go all the way around his elbows can bend about about this much and they can turn out and his uh wrists can scroll all the way around. But mine are tight because it barely touches wrists i’m noticing the figure does not.

This guy really does not agree with my camera. Also. I think i missed articulation uh on what’s his name last time. I did a review on him. I think he has a white swivel. Oh he does okay, so yeah, i messed articulation on a hufflepuff wave swivel, so yeah don’t, i don’t know this guy’s a wasteful. You can go all the way around. I think i missed it. I’M not sure i might have to watch the video back. Yeah it’s, like you, can’t, go back this way bend about this far. His uh ankles can go to this far yeah there’s, a good old uh. Also his legs and swivel go up about this far go down about that far yeah, pretty poor little figure now uh i’m just gon na adjust the camera here, because i notice, when i do transformation, it’s, weird so i’m, just gon na there we go adjust the Camera a little more make it better, skywarp studio. Whatever your name is here we go, and then we can just get this transformation, so we’re going to do flip this down and flip this down as well. Put this back up. Take these arms like this uh. Do that and then, basically actually don’t do don’t do what it did. Also, these are tabs together when they meet up here. If you can even see it because of my phone it’s, a little crappy and then and uh also if this is not intact or it would untap itself right now so yeah man – maybe i shouldn’t – do all black transformers because it don’t break my set.

I don’t care i’ll do what i want to my channel okay. So what we’re gon na do we’re gon na do now. We’Re gon na take these legs i’m gon na lay him down, and basically just hey, don’t focus and then we’re gon na pop out from the side of the legs. They’Re gon na stay like this. For now put his leg together. Hold up. Yeah put it slightly. All tabbed together there we go i’m gon na bring the camera down here there we go. Oh, oh, no, my fan! Ah, no background noise. I’Ll fix it later. I don’t care. I don’t know how to do editing, you’re, getting raw footage, hope you know, and we’re gon na take this uh piece right here: swivel up all right, first, lift it up, yeah, lift it up and then swivel it it’s kind of like a like a like a Like a ledge also, this is now when you want to flip these panels out and kind of just kind of flip them out out of the way before they can come out a little more and then you can get these. They put the arms down and then put them together, like that, just put it all there. This is gon na tab up in here. These are all gon na everything’s gon na. Oh, my goodness, my brightness, oh my gosh. What happened all right there! We go! Sorry about that i don’t know oh what’s happening here.

Why is my brightness going nuts it’s going crazy? So if i looked at my arm like this, my brakes with nuts, okay, okay, it’s fine it’s gon na smooth this flat out there we go just gon na. Basically, my brightness is going crazy right now, because of this, let me fix this you’re just focus all right, so i’m gon na see what he did right here, all right, yeah. I got everything right. I just got to have everything together now everything must yeah on the arms and stuff so yeah, and if everything tapped together, you did it like that, like bam, and you get this little compact little uh little van. I do like this vehicle mode it’s, pretty compact and it’s simple don’t like these hollow bits, though a little i get it costs saves, cost and stuff, so yeah and the weapon you can uh plug into these ports here and this port. I guess and uh these ports in the back press the weapons to plug in i like plugging it right there, because i think it looks nice, so uh, yeah, i’m gon na get this guy transformed real, quick and then we can end the review all right, guys And we’re back now i know these uh uh. I know these these uh these morning, uploads have been random lately, because uh i’ve been recording these around six to five a.m in the morning that’s. Why? Because i have nothing to do also that i don’t know if the schedule is gon na keep up for like every day, you’re gon na get a new review every day.

I don’t know if that schedule’s gon na keep up so yeah but uh in terms of the figure i want to think about it. He’S a nice figure he’s a nice figure because he’s iron head he’s never had molds iron, a dirty knife figure, so yeah that’s. Why he’s a good figure nice possible fun to math what fundamental went my free time? You know just uh it’s, all around good good figure, so yeah that was my review on the quintesson, whatever the blah blah blah blah blah called i’ll put his name in the video title.