Two batteries support up to 24 minutes of flight making. This drone, a great companion when you wish to have fun outside it, gives 2k clear footage built in 2k, ultra hd, camera 2048x, 1152p with 120 degree field of view and adjustable angle allows you to create high definition, footage and live fpv videos with a wider and Clearer view, it is easy to use equipped with auto hovering, and one key operation helps you to start land or change speed by pressing a single button. Three speed modes handle the needs of both beginner and advanced users. It adds fun to your play. The d50 can perform 360 degrees, flips rolls and circles with waypoints. You can define an exact route on the smartphone application map, which will bring you a superior experience. It has additional smart features, such as with the newest voice commands. You can control the drone with simple voice comments like take off landing.