This drone, i just got out of the come on come on. This is from my birthday money from the 9th asmr. It comes with a case and theres the logo right here. Okay, lets see. Look at that look at that that drone looks so nice. Okay lets see it up close now so heres the drone theres logo again Music. Then we have the drone right there look at that. It comes with two batteries like that and then lets fold. This back. You want to have the b first back and then you want to put in the front again the b. First then the front like that thats, the controller that was really okay, has antenna and look at that. That looks nice, okay, its a little glitchy here and there, because it just has an antenna up to it, comes with a charger for the battery and Music. Then it comes with some propellers. It comes with some propellers and some little ring things that um barriers to protect it. It also comes with a little tiny wrench, well, a screwdriver actually, so we also have the box. I love the box, it has a camera there right there theres a camera. Thats, a cool camera comes with the camera. The app is in the manual um and yeah thats. Actually, all my review thing sometimes lets get into it: Music. Okay, we have it here. This is my fidget bag. I got it from a store in mexico that i went to there.

We go. I love, i love the packaging, repackaging stuff its fun dont. Ask me why its fun it just is. Im gon na show my dad when he gets here. You guys are gon na get to meet my dad for the second time. He wants to see you guys again, okay, so we have a monkey noodle. These are always my favorite. These have always been my favorite. We have two puppets, a heart one and a square one. We also got this rubiks cube. I just solved it and we also have these two little things: theyre puzzle things theyre actually really hard um. I tried to do one and it was so hard. I couldnt. I couldnt solve it. I dont like to show you guys at the end of the video, but we have a marble mesh its broken right there, but it wont come broken for you guys its just broken. For me, sorry about the lighting. The lighting is a little bad. I dont know whats wrong with my lighting um, i put yalls pajamas in there. Oh there you are in the bathroom, okay, okay, so we have a little timer. I already have one mine is uh. Mine is pink and green somethings going on theres a music okay. Then we have mochis theyre, my favorite, i love mochis. Oh my gosh. I have these two. I have this cute little cat right here. It has a pink nose and its so cute lets get a little orange nose.

Look at it, its so cute its a little dirty ill need to uh wash it. Then we have this other. We have a white emoji with yin yang ears. Look at them orange ears and a black ear, and it has a little spot right there. I painted that. I painted this mochi because it was all white i painted the mochi um lets put all this stuff again: munchies the puzzles, the marble mesh, the timer two puppets: oh thats, a little hard, oh big, getting squished! Sorry, rubix, cube nice. You can see its soft one. Two three four five and six, this stretchy, the monkey noodle and then last but not least, i did not show you guys this. This is my unsolved. They are only on one side, so the others are just all mixed up in something thats. My two by two rubiks cube. So if you guys are new here, i bet you guys arent, i am friends with flaggy fly fly whered! You go, hey bud hes flying around me as you guys can see. He doesnt like to be on camera, see there. He is there, he is he doesnt like to be on camera hes, my friend yeah. He never gets killed. Hes. My friend you made friends come on buddy come on. The viewers want to show you. The viewers want to see you well anyway. He wont come um. This is a really cute bag and i loved reviewing my drone.

I will fly it in the next video im. Sorry if this video is taking long – and i talk too much – i do talk – i talk a little bit too much. I will edit this video, please. Please have a nice day. Thank you.