Ive been reviewing quite a bit of drc stuff lately and they seem to make some pretty good stuff that you can pick up on amazon and they asked me to review this helicopter and i thought well heck why not these helicopters are pretty darn popular. This one looks pretty neat: this is a de 52 again by drc, its the age is 14, and up has altitude hold one key start and landing, and it has two speed modes on it and they do put the controls here on the side of the of The box and well go over the controller here in the moment, so lets take a look at the helicopter. Now this comes with two of these canopies, so you can swap it out and ill show you that that comes with the spare, and it also comes with two of the lipo batteries. I already have one of them inserted in here, but when you get it actually is here, i got this one charged for the flight review, so i got it in the helicopter, so i dont get them confused and actually accidentally try to fly with that battery. So lets just pull this out now this this full monster, im gon na pull out and show you whats below it, but you can see this comes in a nice sort of soft carrying case, and this would be really great if the kids got this and they Want to take it to grandparents house or something you can put everything in here and away you go, and you have to worry about the losing parts and uh damaging anything.

So yeah its a nice little added feature that they include with this helicopter. So im going to go ahead and pull out the foam insert now that the battery kind of sticks down into the bottom there, as you can see spare battery and here, is that spare canopy and the controller and again the spare battery lets, take a look at The battery these are – and hopefully this will show up in the camera – i am only recording at 1080p today, so its gon na be a little bit less resolution, but this is a 550 milliamp hour ill. Try to get this to focus in. We should be able to see it that is a one cell, 3.7 volt uh lipo battery. So what that does? Is it um it slides in here, and then it you just pull this out. I think it goes that way its this way you push and it slides in there in the bottom, and these three little prongs will snap into the bottom of the battery and away you go, and you have on and off switch here, theres, a one little white Led that flashes on the front of the helicopter, this is a fly bar helicopter. So this is to help balance and keep the rotors all balanced when you pitch forward and such which is very, very common on these beginning helicopters, beginner ones it its easier to fly. These doesnt require the servos to tilt and pitch the rotors with the helicopter, so it can just fly with using this fly bar and its a much easier look keeps the cost down as well on one of these, of course, you get your little rotor here in The back, i think, thats the help with the yall you know of the helicopter.

I believe im, not an expert on helicopters, but yeah everything you expect on one of these little helicopters and lets see lets take a look at the controller and the controls i got. Um im gon na i got the instruction manual already out, so i was gon na say and im gon na go over the controls with you guys, theyre, not labeled, but the box. Has it as well. Here are your spare parts youve got a full set of extra rotors there. So if you damage them, you can replace them a phillips screwdriver for taking the battery compartment off or doing any repairs, removing the blades on the helicopter, and you have a micro, usb charger micro usb for the battery to you at full, usb a and on the Batteries you have that micro, usb port on the side that you have to use just be certain. You cant use just any old micro, usb charger like you use on a phone or something because that will continue to charge and charge the charging charge. The battery has no ability to tell the charger to stop charging me, but this has a built in voltage, detection with lights, and it will turn off once the battery is full. So youve got to use this charger, dont plug it into just any usb charger, or it will charge until the batterys, swollen ruined or even could start a fire so kind of unfortunate thats. The way those have to work on these guys – and here is that control.

I pulled off the when you pull this out. You can pull the little thumb grips on the gimbal sticks here. The controller can actually come off so keep that in mind, but you just got your up down here on the left and you got a full motion here on the right, so i have to take it up and fly it and see exactly how the controls work. This should be pretty easy to fly as youd expect with any helicopter. Just doesnt have your um full range of controls like a drone, would have you know, so you have to keep that in mind. So youre gon na have your like on a drone. You got your your throttle and yaw and your pitch and roll you dont have all that control on this particular helicopter, but lets just well just look at the box, so i dont have to dig to the instruction manual but those controls. Let me just flip the box around here, with my other hand, but youve got here um, you got your forward reverse and then your rotor left and right and then this is your throttle up and down to just raise the helicopter up and bring it down. Is all youre doing with this one? This one is going to let you go, fly forward, fly back and then be able to rotate like your yaw, so you dont really have like a roll feature like a drone would have, or maybe a more advanced helicopter.

I like a flybarless or something might have but yeah. This is just pretty much how youre gon na fly it. So you might feel a little bit. You know uh reverse to somebody whos not used to flying a drone and then on the top here. Youve got your you click this one to take off, and then you can click it again to land it, and then this button right here, um. Actually, if you hold this one down as well, this will kill the motors and drop it out of the sky. So you, you know youre gon na, if youre gon na hit someones head or fly into something important kill the motors, so you dont, you could hurt somebody with these open, rotors and blades and hit someones eye or something and thats your speed switch and, as we Mentioned there are two speeds now this looks like an infrared, controlled helicopter. In fact, i thought that it was because when you look at this and you have this little open plastic a lot of times – it is colored, but they sometimes they just leave them clear. You think there is a set of infrared lights in here, and these helicopters are typically infrared, so they have to be flown indoors outdoors where sunlight, you know, which means infrared, will interfere with them anyway, that doesnt matter. This is not an infrared controlled helicopter. They may have a version or decided to repurpose this controller, but if you look in here, you can see – and it i think i can see it here in the camera that is theres a wire there, and this is a 2.

4 gigahertz, fully radial function helicopter. So you can fly this outdoors now, i of course, under the impression just glancing at this. This is infrared control, so i said im going to fly it indoors i still am going to, but i could certainly fly this outdoors with no regards about the sun, but you do probably need to keep in mind the conditions its a bit windy today. This helicopter is not going to handle a lot of wind; they usually have very little pitch im. Sure thats probably going to be the case with this even the highest rate. These things will get blown around really easy, but its 2.4 gigahertz thats great, i dont, know the flight time, but usually things run, you know quite a a good time. I would expect – and you got two batteries if you want to charge both of them up to extend that flight time on this guy. So this ought to be really fun and its a little larger than like the little semas and those little ones. You can buy lots of times your local stores may even have them here. The local rural kings carry these semas theyre smaller than this. This is a little bit bigger, so thats, pretty nice. You know its a little larger helicopter well have to see how how this guy flies im curious to see how this this does. So, what im going to do is im going to stop the video.

Well just fly it around here in the basement. Using the same camera here fixed and well see how he flies inside and if i feel like, i need to maybe ill come back with another video outside. I feel like. I cant really open it up down here, but these helicopters again, even though this is not infrared, they still are better to be flown inside, for the most part, all right, guys, im gon na pause the video and be right back with that flight review, alright guys. So lets take it up for the flight review. Please disregard the junk. In the background, this is a storage area thats next to where i do my youtube stuff, so its a bit of a disarray, but this ought to be big enough to at least give us an idea how this guy fly, but obviously its not a really really Large area so lets take it up and lets fly it around and see how this guy does now you can see. I got it connected so that white light in the nose is solid, not flashing, so we know this bound to the controller and again this is not infrared. In case you skip forward to the uh flight review im doing this more traditional im gon na put the flight review. Excuse me the table review at the beginning, so there is the helicopter right there set on the table, and here is the controller connected and again.

This is just this is radio frequency and the way we can test that is like if we were just to put my hand over this. This probably would block them for red. But if i press up on the controller now see we got power uh to the props, so we know this again is radio frequency enough about that it just it looks so much like infrared that you think. Oh, my god, this is not uh. A radio frequency helicopter so lets go ahead and we can do a one click and lets see if this actually takes off yeah. It does oh thats thats, really nice and quiet im gon na get it down you guys not gon na see it there and move it forward. So yeah. Your yaw is on your right stick, which feels a little weird for a drone flyer. And then your throttle to go up and down is on your left. Stick so again you have to yaw it and then go forward. You cant just you know your instinct. If youre, a drone flyer is to do this and think its going to go right and its going to you know roll to the right. No, i just it yaws, so you have to keep that in mind. Thats im going to uh try to keep it in view guys, so i know right now. It probably is not in view there we go. So let me uh just move it forward here again, i know its not the biggest space, but this is your lowest rate.

So lets just try to well. It is. It is awkward for someone like myself used to fly in drones, like i cant rely on any roll um controls and itd be easy to crash this. If youre, really thinking um drone lets, go up to the higher speed rate and theres two clicks and now look the the yaw is faster and it ought to be a little bit. Sportier Music. I really like how quiet this is some of these helicopters. You know you got dual rotors like that they can just be really noisy. This is actually pretty quiet. This would be fun to fly around in a rather open space in the house or in your garage would be great or outside. Of course, on a calm day, i dont really feel like. I need to trim it too much its moving a little bit but theyre going to do that. Its almost got a bit of a toilet bowl going on there, which, obviously you get those on drones. A gps and dont have a good compass calibration thats. Why we call it toilet bowling if you are not familiar with drones, ill try to fly it around. I know im not doing much, but again this is a little bigger than like a sema, the little ones and theres, not a ton of room here, and i want to keep it in the field of view which, at times i know ive been off the out Of the field of view, but you know what can i do? I can wear my head cam, but that can be it.

You know image stabilization crops that down. If you move a lot and thats not ideal for filming indoors in a small space, this fixed camera ought to be good enough im getting more used to it. Now you just have to keep in mind if youre a drone fly, you dont have roll your yaws on the right going back down to the lowest rate there. You see that yo lets lets lets bring it over here in front. So you can see the difference in the yaw rate, there is the lowest rate and theres the highest rate, lowest rate highest rate lets see. If i can see on the, let me go back to lowest theres your pitch forward. Theres, your back lets go to highest rate. I dont know if theres much difference in the pitch of the helicopter, how much the gyro is letting it go forward. I think its really mostly just a faster yaw, but you really want so you can spin this helicopter around and make corrections, because you dont have that role. Youve got to redirect it and then go forward. So this would make a nice little helicopter for someone just starting out and it seems like its going to be okay to fly outside, but again with so even the highest rate, with the so little pitch. Youre going to have to fly this on a calm day and today is not an ideal day with the storms in the area to fly this guy around outside anyway, even though, like i said, i thought that it was infrared controlled at first glance, see if we Can fly it back a little ways here and uh just from where im standing behind the camera should be able to youre not going to probably be able to see it too well guys, thats, not too bad lets, usually the easiest thing to do when you get Something like this out of ways is just reverse it if you, if you rotate it around youre going to have some controls are going to swap, even though we dont have roll on this lets see if i could just reverse it ill try to lower the altitude.

Just reverse it and there we go. The altitude hold works, pretty good, though it still is a little touchy, and whenever i give it reverse, you have to be really careful. You go straight back for some reasons. Like 10, if youre a little off see, you start just yawling, so you have to be certain youre going straight back with the controller Music yeah. You can fly this out and turn it around lets see if we can do that and fly it at me. Just yell it around and then just push forward simple enough, but it is very slow lets see. Am i in the highest rate yeah? I was in the highest range you can see. It does not make much of a difference on your speed. It is just your yaw, so this even though again like i said, even though this is not uh infrared and it can be flown outdoors, it is not going to be a great outdoor flyer unless its calm, like these conditions in the house, because look at that. It does not have much pitch is not going to be able to fight much wind, its just too slow and thats fine for a beginner helicopter. Its not really a criticism, because its common with these ive flown a decent amount of these and thats pretty much. How most of them are so its better indoors just keep in mind? This is a little bit bigger, so youre gon na need a little bit bigger area.

This is not a gigantic area by any means, but its not like the worst, but its still fun. To fly it around here and practice, and if i werent filming a video id be able to focus even more on my flying im trying to, i have to fly and focus on what im saying to make sure i dont sound like a complete idiot lets. Go ahead and try a that landing and see how well that works. Im gon na fly it over here so its in view and lets just press that and see if it, oh, i did the speed right. I trust the wrong bumper lets, bring it over here and try that landing and it landed perfect. You guys cant see that because its just out of the field of view for the camera, but it landed perfect, maybe well try to take that back up again. One more time and see if i can land it within the field of view of the camera and then well end. This video lets see it does that in the field of view, so you guys can see it now now i need to move it further out. So lets move it out here. That should be. That would give us a little bit more room to take off, because when i first took off on the table, i had to throttle it down. It was going to bang into the ceiling, so lets go ahead and do that one key take off and look at that, its still dead, even though i was on the ground, so its sort of programmed for outdoors.

But again i said like ive mentioned outdoors is not going to be ideal on this unless its extremely calm thats going to limit the number of days you can fly this youre not going to take this out, at least where i live in the winter time and Find many days where its going to be calm enough, maybe to fly this in spring too, maybe a hot summer, calm day, you really need to fly this indoors. Lets lets move it over here and well fly it forward and then well land it here and in this video. So you can see pretty basic, but for what you get, and i think it was around four or five dollars is not bad um. I would probably still recommend if you can get when the little sema helicopters are a little sportier um. It could vary similar more than others. Our local rural king well at christmas time, especially, will sell those little steamers for 20 bucks and you cant go wrong. I would recommend that over this, but lets make sure we dont hit the thats how the freight was gon na happen. I wanted to land and im doing too much yippie yapping talking lets back it up. It is getting a good flight time were in over 10 minutes into the flight, lets go ahead and do that land, Music and it landed perfect, thats great it doesnt tip over so theres no chance of damaging those rotors or props when they hit the ground.

All right guys that wraps up the review of the drc – de52 – i believe it was the drc lets, grab the box, the drc de52, hopefully thats, showing up. I dont know i cant see what im filming here, where im standing but yeah that wraps it up. For this guy i mean pretty basic helicopter is not very quick. It is pretty slow. As i expected, it would be a lot like the infrared flyers, but the yaw does increase with the rates which is nice. At least you do have that. But again, even though this is 2.4 gigahertz and you can fly this outside because its not infrared control, i would not recommend it unless it is absolutely calm because it is very slow and it is very uh, docile its just very lost its almost sluggish, but its Not necessarily a bad thing for someone whos, just starting out its just not going to be good if theres any wind at all. This is going to blow away and youre going to have to hold down that left bumper and kill the motors so that it falls to the ground or youre going to lose it. So keep that in mind fly this indoors and if it is a, if you dont have a lot of room in your house, i would recommend looking for maybe a smaller model like those little seamless, but otherwise this one is a pretty good option at a pretty Reasonable price and you get the quick two day – shipping from amazon, alright guys uh.

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