I wanted something that was easy to use sophisticated enough to take him to more advanced flying down the line. Yet i wanted something again very stable and predictable. Um i had to stay away from some of the fancier uh ones that i have here that i race with and give him something that he could begin with and then move up into a higher level. So this is the drc and it’s the d22 pro, which is the newest of the models and what’s unique about it is and i’m going to show you in a minute. It has a camera 4k camera that um can capture in 30 frames per second and it’s. A 2 axis gimbal and what the gimbal is, and let me show you that first, let me just show you the inside of the case. The case is great, it holds the controller, holds a spare battery which it comes with the second battery, which is nice before i forget that will give you between the two of them over 50 minutes of fly time. I use one battery yesterday did all what i wanted to with some videoing and testing. I still had a lot of power left. I still had over half the power left, so um the drone just pops out like that. Let me put the case aside and then i could show you about that gimbal, so it opens up basically pop the top ones off first and then pop the second bottom ones out a second and to place the battery on all you do is hold the two Clips in and it snaps you’ll hear it it’s a very solid uh connection, so you have to worry about the battery popping out and you start it by holding the button.

So it comes with basically a protector it’s, a gimbal protector, so that if it’s moving you don’t ruin it and all you do is on the bottom, just pull it off slide it out same thing: you put it in snap it up and it protects the gimbal, But what this gimbal is here’s your camera means if you’re flying and you’re turning the camera stays very steady, it’s almost as if it’s a tripod in the sky. So i don’t want to go into um too many of the features. But i do want to highlight some of the things that will make it worth buying and at the end i’m going to show um some photos that i took from the sky and a little video just so you have it, but i you can find others out There, if you want to see more detail on that, so it comes with a free app and you download it by scanning a little barcode in the manual and it’s a program it’s hard to see from here. But let me just tell you a little bit about it. What you can do with this first it’s going it’s got a gps, meaning it’s, being positioned and telling you exactly where it is by the satellites that are in the sky, and that gives it amazing stability and a lot of protection say. For example, you flew outside your range or you lost the video or even, if the controller stopped working, it will recognize that it will automatically return to home at a set height that you can set in here, along with other settings like how far you want to Limit um the distance, so if you’re you’re using it or your children are using it and you don’t want them to go past 200 feet, you set a limit of 200 feet.

You don’t want to go higher than 100 feet, set that so they can’t go outside those walls but say, for example, like i was mentioning you lose the controller. What happens is it goes into a return home mode, so it will raise up to the altitude fly back to where you are, and it will do one of two things. It will allow you to reconnect, or it will end up landing basically where it took off, which is great so on here, you’ve got and i know i’m stepping ahead a little bit, but i just wanted to touch on the highlights that makes this more exciting. You got the gps gives it super stability you’ve got on your controller, you’ve got and i’m just turning on. So i can show you you got three modes of flying normal, which is what it comes on. You got camera mode, i think it’s called camera mode, and that is even if you try to go as fast as you can, it just creeps along, so it makes it very stable for doing videos. Then you got sport mode and that turns it into a little bit more of a fun drone if you just don’t care so much about videoing, but you want to play and it does track in the app so many features in here it tracks how fast you Want and bottom line, i think it went 30 feet per second, so in miles per hour, that’s about 20 miles per hour.

Trust me that’s plenty fast. If you want anything faster, you go into little. My racing drones go almost 100 miles an hour. So this is a perfect beginner drone it’s, a perfect intermediate drone and it’s a nice advanced drone all in one. So whoever gets it can start out, not worrying about destroying it and move up from level to level. But in here, and and this is why i’m going to take you between the two of them a little bit just so it down the line, you know you’re going to do what they call a compass calibration once this is turned on once. This is connected to your um. Basically, your app connects to your drone and then the drone connects to the controller it’s going to flash and when it goes solid, meaning it’s ready for flight you’re going to want to do what they call a compass calibration and basically you’re going to move to the Upper left with that one and the upper right so you’re, basically bringing them this way and then it’s going to tell you to take your drone and turn it a couple times and it’s going to tell you bring it up and turn it. This way a couple times and that’s it that just makes sure that it always knows where it is in relation to north and south. Basically, so you can also then go over here, and it does one more calibration and that’s done by itself.

You don’t have to touch the drone and you’re ready to go, so you can take off by bringing your controllers down and out and or land the same way it turns the motors on, and it also raises it up or if you want, you have a little Mode here and i’m upside down, you have a mode here. It looks like arrows going up and down – and this is nice for someone that’s learning basically i’m ready to go. I touch this and a little bar is going to come up saying. Do you want to take off you slide it it’s going to take off and it goes up about six feet and we’ll just sit there waiting for you, then to take control of it and then, when you come to land get in the general area, where you Want press that slide over and it will do the landing for you. So in the beginning, you don’t have to worry about bringing it down too hard or taking off too fast. It does it for you, which is great and remember that’s, on the app not on the controller, but on the controller. You’Ve got a couple things you’ve got your mode switching and then you also have return to home. If you panic, i don’t know where i am i’m, not sure. If i’m going forward or backwards just press that it’s going to come back when it gets closer, you can press it again and take control of it.

So i don’t want to go into more than that. I just want you to know some of the features that it has and now you’re happy with it for a few days or a week, and you want to do something a little more fancy on the app again you’ve got this little well from here. It almost looks like a little checkerboard here. You touch that and it comes up with six different options, and the one option i like is what they call waypoint flying so once you’re connected once it’s on, you can go into your map, you’re, actually seeing a satellite map of where you are and it’s going To show where your drone is so say, for example, i’m in a uh, a big baseball field and there’s a lot of area, and i want to send it over to that corner that corner here, maybe a few more four or five waypoints. So all you do, is you touch where you want to go, touch touch, touch touch and then you press go and it’s going to say, it’s ready to go and the drone itself without you touching anything, is going to fly to each one of those points and At the end of it, it’s going to wait for your command or your control, so it’s got features. It’S got follow me it’s got point of interest endless. So what i would say in the beginning just get in the air in an area i recommend with no trees just because trees to me are like magnets.

They will draw you don’t, your drone in um, and i don’t want to climb anymore i’m, getting too old for that. So bottom line is fly in a flat, open area. Learn it if you’re unsure how to take off or land use the button on the app to do that for you, but once you’re in the air. If you get in a panic, just let go of the controls and it’s going to just stay where it is and it’ll wait for you to get your thoughts back together and take control. So at the end of this i’m going to do a few attached videos. Some photos, and hopefully um you’ll, enjoy it as much as i know my grandson’s going to enjoy matter of fact, i’m going to fly a few more times, just to be sure. Actually i really want to just keep flying it, but um. I think it’s great it’s, easy to use the case is great as long as you put it away when you’re done it’s going to last you for many years and, like i said it comes with two batteries. Flight time is amazing and other than that it’s got brushless motors. You may not know what that is, if you’re just getting into this, but they’re going to be quiet, they’re not going to wear out like a where you have a brush. That is going to wear out at some point and it’s going to last you a long time.

So let me just end here. If you have questions i’ll try to answer um, i am going to put this on my youtube channel and you people are watching it. There i’m putting it on the the site where i purchased it from so uh. Hopefully everything will go well for you and, let me know, let me know if this helped and let me know if it works for you. If you end up buying it, wishing you the best, hang in there for a second i’ll, get the the videos up.