I have a new drone to try out and test and i am not just excited because its a basic drone. This is about as serious of the drone before you get into like full blown, dji drones and that kind of stuff. This thing is fully fully loaded with all kinds of cool things, so what were going to do in this video is im going to take it outside im going to fly. It show you that first because thats what everybody wants to see all the cool video and that kind of stuff and then im going to come back, give you a doug score from one to five. Let you know what i think of it. You do need to know this was supplied to me to review for you, but with absolutely no rules. So i have definitely said things sucked before and ive said things are amazing and most things end up in the middle. In any case, my opinion is my own um, but i need to tell you that so then im going to unbox it, i can tell you about all of its features and attributes its got. A ton of them show you what it comes with and that way you know the full story from what it looks like flying to my review to everything that comes with it and its features, and then you can make your own decision on what you want to Do lets take it out and go fly it Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, um Music.

Here it is okay, so youve watched it fly around im now going to give you that review and then well go do the unboxing if youre still interested in it – and this is a really really nice drone, so it you can see now what it looks like Filming from the drone in camera mode on a windy day, im kind of watching it because my trucks behind it. So a couple things that i want to tell you about this drone. One of the things that i really like, which seems like a very obscure thing, is it: has these cool like blue and purple and white led lights instead of the standard, green and red, and i think its just so fun and interesting and great to play with. Let me adjust it a little bit there we go there, we go. Yes, are you looking at me? Okay, but wait? Look. I can even adjust the angle of the camera down a little bit okay, so the image quality is excellent and i did find the gimbal to be one of the most stable gimbals that ive seen at this price range. I was really very, very very happy with that. Ease of use is amazing, absolutely phenomenal. The battery leg, the battery life also absolutely phenomenal. It is a little bigger heavier battery, which makes sense that it would last a longer time – and also i do have one little bit of a. I dont think im going to call it a beef or a complaint, but whoa whoa.

It definitely slow down. Buddy slow down, let me try putting it up a little higher, so i dont have to worry about it crashing at least so. It is in photo mode right now and, as you can see, it is moving around quite a bit in the wind. I will say that maybe i think its a little underpowered like its definitely not particularly happy in the wind, and sometimes if i got it downwind, it was pretty slow. Coming back always came back, oh and i definitely tested the range on it. I could never get it anywhere near as far as they say can go, but i could get it to a good thousand feet which is way out of sight and completely inappropriate with any faa rules. But when it loses contact it will fly back. The return to home function is absolutely phenomenal spot on. I would give that, like Applause, a super thumbs up for that very good um, but the radio connection, not as good as i expected it to be, but very functional for any kind of normal use of the drone. And my last thing that im going to say going back to the wind and maybe being a little underpowered, not terribly fast and also i found it not to be the most accurate controls, but ive flown a lot of drones, so my expectations are pretty high. Again, i think, for this value point and what youre getting in this drone.

It is amazing. I have to give this drone a full five out of five im very happy with this drone and lets go to the unboxing so ill. Tell you about all the details and you can see what it comes with. Okay, we flew it. You saw that you saw the review and now lets open it and ill. Tell you all about the cool stuff about this drone lets start with the coolest part. If you ask me, this is a five gigahertz drone, which means you will have range serious range up to like three quarters of a mile. Now, obviously, you have to follow the faa rules about being able to be see your drone when youre flying it, but you could really stretch that out a little bit with this bad boy. It will fly far and it is a 4k drone, so youre going to get great image. Actually the chipset and sensor are sony sourced, comes in a great carrying case check this thing out. Look at this. I feel fancy dont you that is so fancy all right. Lets see whats inside here it has a 4k camera which offers five times zoom. It has an 80 degree, full view or 110 degree for an ultra wide view on it. Its 4k 30 frames per second, oh look at this okay, so, as you can see its got a little sticker on there. This is gps enabled, so it is super stable and if you lose connection or for some reason, your your phone or the receiver fails.

It will fly home and come back to you and land without going away to some crazy place, so just real quickly. A couple of the key features here, you have your your on off your gps functions, your controller, your mount for your phone for the fpv. You can adjust the zoom and you can adjust the angle of the camera with these knobs here i like this. When the controllers have these handles which come out it makes it so easy and nice to hold them it. You charge it with a usb cable right. There very very well organized complete has a lot of information there for you on the screen. It comes with a very thorough owners manual, which i highly recommend you reading, because the little details between different drones are what separates having a great time, the first time out and struggling to get them up in the air lets see whats in this box. Here, oh, it comes with a spare set of blades, which is always appreciated, comes with one cable for charging the two batteries which last about 26 minutes each, which means you could be up there for over 50 minutes flying around with just the two batteries that come With it, i think that is really cool. Lets. Take a look at the drone itself. It is a little bit of a hefty guy here. I will tell you that much lets see you fold out the Applause arms, so you can see what it looks like its got: a cover on the camera.

Let me show you the camera, because what you need to know about this camera is so it gimbals up and down, and it rotates this way right. So when the drone goes like this, your image stays stable. The only thing you cant do is pan right and pan left thats the difference with the three axis gimbal. I will tell you this thing is pretty hefty pretty hefty, but it is full of tons of features. I mean this thing is awesome. I hope ive been helpful. I hope ive, given you all the information you need to make a smart decision.