Looking new drone from drc. This is a de 22 it’s, a brushless gps drone. That also features a two axis gimbal, and it says it also eis, which means electronic image stabilization it’s, pretty feature packed from what i’ve seen so i’m pretty excited to dig into this and see what we all get inside the box. So we’ll look at that right. After this Music, all right guys let’s go ahead and see what’s all printed on the box and we’ll go ahead and get it opened up and show you the contents. Now the model number for this drone is the de 22 it’s. A gps drone, it’s, folding or foldable has a 4k camera two axis stabilized gimbal. So it’s got a two axis brushless gimbal on here. It also claims that it doesn’t say on the box, but on the amazon listing it says that it has eis as well, which is electronic image stabilization, because sometimes these drones, which are lesser known or maybe not quite as expensive. The gimbals don’t always work perfect on these drones, but some of them added eis because eis, you know crops image a little bit and it works to stabilize the image electronically and if there’s any issues with the gimbal. You know any minor issues. Eis may overcome that and a combination of the two could actually make a really good video quality. We’Ll have to see you know if that’s actually the case and if the gimbal itself works really really well, then the eis, of course, is not necessary.

Is you don’t see eis on the really expensive drones, because their gimbals already work really really well? It does mention here on the side of the box. It has 5g transmission, so that means it’s going to be as a 5g wi fi and 5g wi fi is a little bit higher bandwidth. It will have less interference with your local neighborhood wi fi and it won’t interfere across interfere with your controller, so it’s better to have 5g of course, there’s one key return: gps it’ll have those fail safe. So if you fly it too far out of range it’ll fly back and land. If your battery gets low, it’ll fly back and land or you can, of course by one press of the button, can send it back and land, and it says this 1500 meter range that’s one and a half kilometer if that’s true, that’s, really really good for a Drone of this in this class, but even if you just get into even 500 meters and it’s, usually sufficient for what most people want to do. Yeah – and here is a little more information here. Foldable gps return. I’Ve got some of the other features that have waypoint flights, which i don’t usually test that, in my reviews, that’s really almost needs a separate video for that active track, which means it’s going to follow an object. Usually that’s following the gps in your phone we’ll have to see it might be that this has the app has the ability to actually smart track a person i don’t know if it has that or not, but it does kind of insinuate that it possibly does have That hand gesture mode some of these have that you’re putting up hand signals to tell the camera to take a photo or a video.

I sometimes test it out, but it’s a feature that not many people really use, and it says about 25 minutes flight time, which is perfectly good. You figure it’s, probably going to be somewhere closer to 20.. These these flight times on all the drones from dji on town, are usually optimum situation, circumstances where they’re hovering inside of a gym or something to get that good of a flight time let’s go ahead and i’m going to set the box up the sides. I did go ahead and just pull out the case i can tell there was a case inside so the case is all that comes inside the box and, of course, the drones inside so let’s go ahead. Let’S look very quickly here. It has the drrc branding on the box it’s a rather nice uh sort of a hard case. Just really it has a handle so you’re going to carry this and go anywhere. You want with it. I really really like that. More and more drones are doing. Manufacturers are doing that now, so let’s go ahead and open it up, take a look at the drone and the content. So in the back of the case here we have some instruction manual and stuff like that, so let’s go ahead and we’ll look at that. In just a minute, but let’s go ahead and look at the main components. First, drone controller, i think there’s a i think, it’s a cup, maybe one or two batteries, we’ll have to see, looks like it’s just one in there but left to see.

There may be a battery also in the drone. So here is the drone all packaged up and you can see it’s got some protective stickers and such on it here’s the brushless motors there’s these little like paper pieces here that are stuck together and those are actually to hold these rear propellers into place. So let’s go ahead and take a look here. Let’S go ahead and look at the other side. Of course, just you’re going to fold these out as well and it’s actually well i’m, getting it caught there, the um! These are actually the front props that these little things are on just to hold those in place. You can just tear these off here. They actually are just they they fold over into a crease, and so you can just take these off really easy and there is the drone. Now this is a gimbal guard, so i have to see it’s got some tape. How we take that off so you’re just going to pull this little tab and pull the sticker off and then the gimbal guard should come off. We’Ll have to see how that goes and looks like it’s just going to pop off like that, and there is the gimbal. There is some protective film on the front, so you want to pull that off as well. Otherwise, you’ll get a really foggy and blurry video or photos. It says on the front here that is a hundred degree field of view.

Full hd, wi, fi, cam, so usually 4k is considered ultra hd or uhd. This is full makes. You think that this is maybe one of those deals where this is 1080p camera for video, but it may upscale or save a 4k photo that’s, probably what it is, but we won’t know until we dig in and test it. 1080P is typically just fine for most people unless you have a really big tv or you know something that can really display those pixels uh 1080p lots of times still looks really good on, like on the computer, monitor or something like that and i’m just going to Go ahead and pull off some of this protective film on top, and we can see here – is another one of the batteries so there’s one battery here and the one i i received and then the one that comes with the drone inside the body. It looks like it’s going to charge off of a micro, usb wire and here’s. Your battery indicator looks like it just got let’s see if i powered all the way up. Okay and all the full off all the lights are blue here, so it probably is fully charged or close to it, hold it down and turn that back off, let’s go take a look at the bottom of the drone. It looks like the drone has the areas here to add a monocular or a downward facing optical flow camera and spots for like infrared or sonar or something, but of course they didn’t do it with this one, maybe there’s a version that they’re going to plan on Releasing those will help with altitude hold a little better those features and with the holding position, if you lose gps lock and with improving sensing the ground as you come down to land, but again, this drone does not have those but that’s, usually not a big deal.

You expect this on the highest end. Drones are the ones which have a higher cost than this. One here is the micro sd card slot, so i don’t know right off hand. If this will, what the capacity limits are i’m sure you’re going to want a class 10 or higher, especially if it does record in 4k again here’s your brushless motors and your fold out props pretty much you what you expect these days on a foldable drone, the Gimbal feels pretty decent to me here. You know: it’s got some dampening, which will help reduce vibes. You don’t want vibes coming across over the gimbal and putting jello in the video, so we’ll have to see how this works. You know it’s it’s, two axis, as i said so it’s your roll and your pitch are stabilized there’s, no yaw stabilization on this drone. But your stabilization is by far the least important of the three stabilized axis on a drone. So let’s set that off to the side and let’s take a look of course, there’s that extra battery there’s no reason to dig into that again it’s going to be charged off usb, so that is going to be rather slow. I don’t think i mentioned the capacity on the battery. Let me pull it back off and see if it says here it is a 2500 milliamp, 11.1 volts that’s a 3s lipo battery on that so decent capacity again, i think 20 minutes flight time is probably reasonable.

To expect with this drone now let’s take a look at the control. The controller actually looks pretty darn nice it’s got some foam pieces here to protect the gimbal sticks on the controller and it’s also got some adhesive protection on the entire controller screen, that’s pretty nice. So you’re going to have your modes and stuff going to be lit up on the screen: sport, normal and there’s a camera mode. So sports going to be your highest rate. Normal is what you’re going to fly in most of the time in a camera mode. I’M. Sure it’s going to be a really slow cinematic, where you’re going to have a really slow, yaw and it’s not going to fly fast that’s going to be best for filming. You can see return to home on your photo. Video and we’ll have to just see down here. This looks like a gps button here. This is probably your return to home. A motor. Stop we’ll have to see what this. What this is right here, i’ll have to look at the instruction manual to get a better idea. You’Ve got a video button up here, a photo button. This is the angle tilt for your gimbal, and this looks like this could be like an exposure ev. It shows a photo with a plus minus, so i have to see what that is. It could be so lots of times you have like an unlock or a automatic takeoff, that’s possible.

What that button is and here’s the the grips when you open that up pretty comfortable it has a micro usb spot on it as well. So i mean this is going to be rechargeable, so you’d have to fiddle with any double or aaa batteries to power. This up there’s also some protective plastic here, and the phone uh clip holder off which i’ll have to take off. I don’t need to mess with it now, but your phone’s going to go right there for your 5g video and any app options, because lots of times your follow me mode. Circling mode waypoints that’s all going to be done with an app, but you’ll have to look in the instruction manual to see what the app is call it for this drone let’s see if these antennas are real or fake it’s. One thing i always like to look at, and it looks like these antennas – are fake, usually you’ll, look for a little black wire in one of them. Usually just one of them will have a wire, and it runs up in here and extends a wire from internally. So you get a better reception of the wi fi and then some of them will have one for the wi fi and one for the. You know the controller, but i don’t see one in either. So i have to look a little more closely, but pretty sure these antennas are unfortunately fake, which, with if it does have one and a half kilometer range, that’s, pretty impressive.

If those antennas are not even functional but just don’t see a wire in there, so i don’t think that they are all right. Let’S go ahead and look in the back of the case here and see what are these things back here and, of course, instruction manual? Now lots of times on these unboxings and overviews, like i said, i’m opening up for the first time, just like, if you guys put it home so don’t. I go by a lot of experience in the past, so i may not cover every little detail on an unboxing overview. Only video, but i will let you know anything else in the flight review. If i don’t know the app at the time or something like that, i’ll certainly cover that. So, if you’re watching this video, i should say this beginning and you’re looking for the flight video and you don’t care about this, then just skip this video i’ll put the flight video up as soon as i can, the weather just hasn’t cooperated. Probably could do it today, but i want to get more familiar with this before i take it out and fly it, but it’s just been non, stop rain and wind and i just can’t get outside and fly, but we’ll try my best to get this reviewed next Week this looks like it’s going to be extra spare props in this bag. It looks like a full set, so if you have a crash or you damage them or scuff them, thankfully you’ve got some extra props with it.

This looks like a usb charging cable for the batteries and the controller, and i probably will be a case for any usb micro usb will work and you just simply plug it in and the battery our controller will know when it’s done charging and lightly know by Lights and you don’t have to worry about unplugging it. You know um using a special cable to charge with some of them will come with a cable just lit up in in its internal, and it actually turns it off by the cable, and in that situation you have to have that cable to charge it i’m. Certain that’s not the case with this, and then here is instruction manual. You can see dear rc a little in information about the battery in here and, if i find it here quickly, i’ll look at the controller buttons and then see if i happen to notice what the app is called. This is probably going to be several different languages. Most of the time, english is the first one, so it’ll be quite a bit to go over. So when you get this drone, it’s always a good idea, especially if you’re new to drones, to read all of this stuff. It looks like it’s really well written so let’s see this is this is actually the speed. The button i was unsure of here is the speed rates. It says speed switch, so this will go between it’ll, probably light up these options on the screen, your slow medium high or they call camera mode normal mode and sport mode on that and let’s see.

If i can find what that one dial does, it says let’s see tilt trigger and then it says on this one zoom trigger okay. So i thought this might do ev, but this actually lets you digitally zoom that’s, pretty neat it’s, not uncommon to see zoom, but it’s, usually just done with an app where you actually zoom with your fingers. It looks to me like this: will let you zoom with the dial now i’m sure it’s, going to be a digital zoom it’s, not an optical zoom, but still it’s easy. If you just reach down to your finger and then just zoom in it will probably you’ll lose, you know if it’s, a digital zoom you’re going to lose some video quality it’ll get grainy as you zoom in, because you’re just simply magnifying that spot of the video It should be doing that within the app, but i like that it actually does it and triggers it through the actual dial there that’s pretty neat okay, so it looks like pretty much everything else on the drone. I was correct about just again there’s anything that i missed i’ll. Let you know just your basics here, um somebody’s. Am i doing this five years so there’s not too much. You can see that the the magnification dial threw me off because that’s something that you don’t see everything else is pretty much on par with what you expect with a drone like this mentions a tf card.

Here you can hold up to 128 gigabytes. He mentions putting the antennas out again if you emi’s well, but i don’t just in case i’d be wrong, but it sure looks to me like there’s no wires inside of it. It says about four and a half hours to charge the battery off the usb cable that’s about what i expect. I was gon na guess four, unfortunately it’s a very slow charge, you’re charging off of a 5 volt up to 2 amp source and that’s, just going to take a year to charge a big battery so on these, like, i want to say, sort of lower cost Drones, that’s not uncommon; they just don’t always provide you with a ac wall adapter the quick charging because that’s a very expensive option, including now i’d say inexpensive. This is still like a 300 plus dollar drone. But if you are interested in this drone make sure you clipped a hundred dollar off group, i believe it was 100, maybe it’s 50.. I can’t remember offhand there’s a coupon on amazon. You clip that first and then, if you look down in the video description where i put a purchase link to this there’s, a 10 off coupon, i was given on top of the coupon you clip so make sure you enter that in the cart before you order. It i think the final price is like around 310 or something like that, which is not too bad if the drone works well, but i would suggest, if you’ve not seen this drone before which i haven’t wait until i get the flight review before you go buy This, because you just don’t, know how it’s going to perform it’s work, that’s a pretty good chunk of change for most people, and at that price you know you’re getting to where you’re, not that far off of a mavic um like well, the media called the mini 2 or the mavic minis that were about 400, this is going to be about 100 less than one of those, so this needs to do really.

Well, if you’re someone who’s looking in that price range and you don’t want to spend 400, this might be a viable option, but sometimes if the drone just isn’t in the same class it’s just better to save up an extra 100 bucks. So we’ll have to see how this one performs yeah just pretty much all the typical stuff here is the download information for the app the app is called the de for dear rc, whatever it is. Probably i guess de for short, gps, degps, app and you’ll connect to that and then i’ll give you all your other options that you need your point of interest or circling mode and options waypoints. You know your parameters a lot of times. These drones come with a beginner’s mode, enabled which will limit your flight distance and height, and that needs to be disabled. The app so there’s a pretty good chance that will be disabled in it as well. So we’ll see how this drone does. As soon as i can get outside and fly, this i’ll probably take it over to the park or maybe go back to my old flying spot or if the weather’s nice enough i’ll just go across the street, where i can get behind the houses and fly over That big field, where i’m safe and not flying around anybody’s property and we’ll, see how this drone does and how the video quality looks with these drones. Always the most important thing to me is: how does that gimbal work? Do we get a nice, stable, video and then, after that, how does it fly and does it return to home accurately and come back and the smart features work well, but the camera is the main selling point on these drones and this gimbal works pretty good, but It’S not perfect, the eis may be that extra little bit.

That makes a perfectly stable video because, usually if the gimbal works perfectly, the eis is just not needed. We’Ll have to just see. I don’t know if it even be obvious if the gimbal works really well. The eis won’t do much so if it does have eas, we may not even know because you don’t know if it needs to do it or not, and if it is doing it, you still may not know if the image is really really smooth, alright, guys, that’s, Probably enough rambling, so that’s to wrap up the unboxing overview table review portion of the drc de 22. Stay tuned, i’ll be putting that flight review as soon as i can get it out should be sometime next week be sure if you’re new to the channel. You know subscribe to the channel. I really appreciate all the subscribers reaching 10 000 was just an absolute blessing from you, guys, uh be sure to click the bell, because if you don’t, you may not be notified you’ll miss my videos.