I just came in the mail a little bit about it. It is 4k, its a 4k camera with two axis stabilized gimbal and uh. We got its also equipped with 5g transmission gps, one key return and a 1500 millimeter flight range, which is big its big for me and uh. What else we got here? Its got the gps return home weight point flight, active track hand, gesture and 25 minutes of flight time and thats a pretty long time. So, once again, its called the d22 folding drone with gps and its you know we got to let you know its for ages. 16 and older anyone younger than that probably shouldnt be operating. This were going to open it up. Just comes with a little piece of tape were just going to open it up, quick thats got ta cut it open again, theres actually more than one. So one more than one piece of tape, all right well put that aside now its open, wow, look at this. All right looks like its in a little a case. If i can see correctly so were going to cut this open now too Music. What a nice case wow, i feel like a kid on christmas. Wow! Look at this! You could you could use this all the time comes with a little handle like a little briefcase, almost never seen that before so were going to open it up its got. The zipper see what we got.

This is how the inside looks nice little pouch here for whatever you, whatever you want to put in there. This looks like the this is the handheld part of it, and this is the battery pack comes with an actual battery pack. This is the drone itself feels light, and i like the way it folds because it comes where you know this looks great. This really does and i cant wait to i cant wait. I cant wait to fly this all right. You can just edit that out im taking off so dont fly over me, dont even get close to me. Dont you crash to me: itd, be the last thing you ever do: Music, Music, so Music coming under you, so dont fly theres mine, yep, im gon na stand over here because thats, where im at Music so heres your one key landing. Is your one key land? Okay, Music, Music come on Music, so Music, um, Music, Music, okay, Music, okay, mines coming in for a landing, so i need a clear landing spot. Music mines coming Music mines coming directly overhead, but im im 400 feet up: thats, mine, okay, Music, yeah, make sure yours, doesnt crash, no minds clients coming straight down, so dont dont come in my direction. You broke my heart Music. Some reason i lost hold on Music. Okay, mine is coming in for landing, so are you even watching yours? Are you just just sitting up there? Are you taking video? Did you push the record button? Yeah? Okay, remember after you, land and youre completely done push that button again, so it saves the file and you dont have a corrupted video.

So as soon as youre completely done, you push it.