First thing you see when you open it, is you got a zipper pocket up here with some extra blades and warranty information and a cord for charging the phone and controller nice foam, and then we have our drone controller and our second battery in there. So once you take these guys off of the wings or the propellers here, you can pop out all the wings, and then they got this plastic on the battery. You can peel off and then just pop the battery down lets. Try it again: oh you got to take out this white foam first. Otherwise the battery wont go down there. You go shes all set now lets get our controller set up to my phone and well see how she flies real, quick. Also. You also have your gimbal up here with your camera. You need to remove this sticker. First, take off the plastic casing before you turn. The drone on here is your drc controller theres, no lcd screen on this, its all just backlit, which for the price is pretty standard id, say youre not going to get an lcd screen on a drone that costs usually its 450 bucks. I got mine pretty cheaper than that. Even it had a uh was on sale for 400 and they also had a 100 clip coupon on amazon. So i got mine for 2.99, which is pretty pretty good deal for what youre getting so lets bust. This baby out ill show you what it looks like after one last thing.

I should mention dont forget to insert your sd card into your drone. It does not come with one. I opted for the 128 gig. You can go higher. You can go lower. This one. Will suffice for me, i have a one terabyte external hard drive, so if this fills up, i can always throw stuff on my hard drive, and this goes right into the bottom side. Ill show you that in just a second, so once you get your drone on the ground, you take your gimbal off. You turn it on and then you go into your phone on your wi fi and right here you can see drc click that and youre connected to the drone. So the memory card goes right here on this bottom spot, so were basically all set ready to go. Got my phone connected to the drc wi fi, the controller is on you can barely see like. I was saying on this lcd. What mode were in because its its bright out, so you cant, really read the backlit screen, which is unfortunate, but dont expect much at this price point compared to a dji or something like that. So we do need to calibrate. We need to calibrate our compass and all that jazz im gon na bring it over to the parking lot over. Here were gon na spin, it a few times and itll be calibrated, and then we can put her up in the air, so Music, so that last flight was all me just controlling the joysticks one of the cool features this drone has is the follow me mode, Which were on now basically means that when this mode is activated, the drone will follow your phones, gps and follow you.

It works really well, i was pretty impressed actually its, not the drones fault that im just getting the hang of this. As you can see, im positioned on the lower left hand corner of the screen where optimally id want to be in the dead center of the screen and thats my fault for not positioning the camera properly. To begin with, for the record, this is my first drone. I didnt want to spend a thousand dollars and crash it and be pissed at myself. So for 300 bucks, which is the deal i got on amazon, it had all the bells and whistles i wanted. But if i did crash it, i wouldnt feel so bad about it. This drone also has auto takeoff and auto landing, which you can see here, auto landing on top of the come home feature which is really nice to have. If you ever lose sight of your drone or anything like that, you just hit the button and itll come back to where it took off. Well guys that pretty much wraps up my test flight, my battery, i dont, think it comes fully charged when you first take it out of the box. So i maybe got 10 minutes before my battery started, showing red and i didnt want to risk risk it flying away, or something like that, so i just brought it in but thats how the controller is set up. You got two antennas in the back.

This holds your phone, your controls, camera picture, and then you can digitally zoom if you want its a little granulated its a digital zoom. So it is what it is. You got your record button over here and your angle for the lens and the gimbal, and then all your options, sport mode, normal mode, camera mode, sport mode. This thing can really, i think, its got a top speed of 25 miles an hour, but it gets going pretty good. Normal mode is normal and then camera mode a little more cinematography, little slower smoother.