Now you guys know i like drones and actually have a couple of them uh, but this is a different brand and ive never heard of this brand. Before so, i wanted to check it out, so i said, hey send it over and let me see how well this thing can fly so in this video im going to go ahead and show you the contents of the box and then were going to go outside And get some footage im going to fly. This thing lets: go Music, Music, all right so heres the drone heres the controls im just kind of seeing how long it can hover in comparison to my dji mavic air 2.. This one is a little unstable, but uh it has a two axis, but its really windy out so ill say that. Let me see if i can fly this thing: Music, Applause, Music, Music, all right guys, so ive been playing with this uh for the last 48 hours or so, and im gon na tell you how i feel about this drone in comparison to my dji. Now, unfortunately, i got this drone at a time where its super windy out. So no matter what i did, i couldnt really get the smooth stable footage, but for for what it is this camera did. This drone did really good um with the wind i mean it is really windy outside and it handled itself very well. I had kind of a rough landing, but uh it still handled itself very well overall, um flying this is super easy there.

What i would like to see is a more of a slow mode like almost a gimbal mode, where its just um a pan mode thats. What i would like to see because its its got sport – and it says it has camera mode right here – sport, normal and camera, but i couldnt really find that smooth glide mode, like i have on my uh dji mavic air, too uh its uh. So when it comes to flying this its easy to fly, it is fast too folks i mean it is fast theres, a lot that i like about this. You can actually go in and set the mode on here on the distance uh you can take. You can leave it in beginner mode where it stays within a certain amount of air range, or you could change it to uh turn that off and just fly the full distance uh and its going to again. I didnt take it too far because it was i didnt, take it really up out of the backyard at all. The wind was taking it way too much, but i will do a follow video when its not so windy, but i want to give you my first impressions on this and so im glad that i actually i got it during the time, a season for us where Its just windy down here so, if youve been following me for a while, you know that its so its just windy here, most of the time uh and um this this handled itself very well, the only time its not very windy is when its really hot outside.

So being able to fly um with this two axis in here, it actually did better than i thought it was a little difficult to control, even in normal mode uh, but you know still im. I cant wait to give you a follow up. Video on this with sport mode uh, because i need to have it where its not so windy so again controlling it is super easy its just like my dji mavic air too, the takeoff is simple: one button take off and you slide to um to take off, But uh one thing i dont like is the setup process like pairing. For some reason, i was having a lot of trouble pairing it just wouldnt pair the remote with the drone for some reason and then also in order to use this. You need to connect to the drone through wi fi uh, and it took a little bit of time for the gps to lock, but still its it once it hooked up. It was good. It was good to go so um as far as quality of video and stuff like that, i think it looks decent uh. I i dont see why a person wouldnt use this footage. Excuse me for for their um videos its actually pretty good. I think it control it can contribute some good quality. Video photos were good now. One thing i do like about this in comparison to uh other drones. Ive used this. I like this antenna setup here.

I like this. I like this a lot. I think this is really nice uh how it how it does, and the gps lock is once it locks on its pretty good. I like how this is, and you can fold this out and you have more. You have something to hold on to and its slimmer and thinner and not as bulky as my mavic air 2 remote. I just really like how this remote looks. I think its really cool – and i think this is a really good way to control your drone. Holding gripping it like this, because we just use our thumbs and then the device is right here in the center, so that this remote, the way it becomes super compact uh, is uh, really sweet. I like how the antennas fold away – and it just goes away into a compact setup here, so let me get my dji ill show you. So if youre wondering what it looks like next to the mavic air 2 uh, it is roughly the same size. Roughly the same size, its roughly the same size as the mavic air 2., the mavic air 2, though weighs a lot more but uh. The maverick air 2 uh definitely can handle itself in uh, really strong winds as ive tested in the past uh. But you know this is what what it looks like and it has a cover on there and one. One thing i dont, like also is the cover on the mavic air 2 is a lot better.

The cover this cover i dont like it. This feels kind of cheaply made and then getting it on here is fine, but it just i dont know just doesnt. I like the matte feel of it, but i just dont like it compared to the the mavic air too. I think the mavic air, too, is uh, probably uh. I guess maybe im just used to it. The mavic air is too strong um. I dont know if thats what it is but uh, just the overall experience uh with the mavic air 2 um, the way their cover is and the hardware and stuff it just feels a little bit more pretty. This is feels like its got a little bit more metal on it than plastic for this one, but theyre roughly the the same size, so thats not really a thing, but where i think this is a lot better. Is the remote control this remote control? You grip on the bottom down here like this, and you slide this up right here and put your phone in. I dont like this. I like this style right here, where this regular cell phone hinge. I love this style, so its ultimately more compact and then even with the open like this, it doesnt feel as bulky as this case right here this or this controller, so thats thats, something that you know you should consider, but when it comes to flying, though um You know this: the mavic air ii obviously see how it has normal sport or a normal tripod, and sport um im guessing that this uh sport, normal and camera, is their their tripod mode, but it was again it was just so windy.

I really couldnt tell, but this has been my. This is just my favorite drone. Obviously, but this this remote is, i like it a lot better than the mavic air 2.. The mavic air 2 feels bulky and fat and chunky. It weighs a whole bunch, more uh and so um yeah, the the the this controller is much better than the mavic airs controller, so this cost half the price are almost just under half of the price of my my mavic airs to set up so um. This is a good option for a person. Youll get um, stable footage uh when youre, not in such a windy area and because ive watched someone elses video and he got really good footage and it was stable. He doesnt live in an area where its really windy, apparently or just wasnt windy at the time, but trust me when i get another chance when its not windy outside. I will give you another video. I promise, but this is my first look at this beautiful drone here by drc. Uh really, nice hardware footage is pretty good footage. Okay, obviously footage video cameras arent as good as my mavic air too, but theyre theyre doable. You know theyre doable. This seems to have a little bit more plastic on it, where the mavic air 2 has a lot more metal, but other than that folks. This is a good look. This is a nice option for a drone and its within more peoples reach at the price point.

So its your man, j, hope you guys enjoyed ill see you in the next one.