I believe that’s, how you spell it. I could be wrong, but you know let’s just go ahead and open it up, anyways all right. So we have a lot of pieces in here. First, of course, we have the drone it’s very nice and compact that right there, and it also comes with a controller to hold and control the drone with. It also has a little thumb mount that actually, i believe, once you take off the plastic wrapping, the phone mount actually extends up and down, depending on how big your phone is. So i have an iphone se it’s the same size as an iphone, 7 or 8. So that will easily fit here. Okay, we put that down comes with an extra battery. Um i’m gon na go ahead and start charging the batteries right away. Just so, we have them fully charged whenever we’re ready to fly and let’s see what else we have uh instruction manual that’s important hold on to that. We have some replacement blades in case the blades get damaged, which it’s always good to have a spare so hold on to that as well and last but not least, is the charging cable for the batteries. Let’S see right so right here on the battery is where you’re going to connect the micro usb charger plugs in like so so. We’Ll plug this in we’ll charge it up and next let’s go ahead and open up the drone open up the wings see what it looks like we’re, going to start with the top wings and then the bottom – and this is what our drone looks like.

I really like that, it’s, nice and compact, once you’re finished, flying or whatever you can, you can put it back together, it’s very easily storable and it comes with its own carrying case so that’s convenience. Another really nice feature about this. Drone is the 4k camera there’s. Actually, a shield over the camera right now let’s take that off there’s a little tab. We’Ll just go ahead and remove that and it looks like it’s going to take the shield off with it and here’s that 4k camera it’s on a gimbal, so it that should help stabilize the picture whenever we do decide to take this drone out and use it. Yeah, so i guess the next logical step would be to go fly the drone around so i’m going to do that, but before we do there’s an important step that requires us to download an app on our phone, so i’ll go ahead and switch to that screen. As well, so you can see what the name of the app is, and you know what it looks like when you’re controlling this thing before we’re able to use the app we’re going to need to connect to the drone through the wi fi so i’m. Here in my phone settings – and i can see that drc fpv wi fi show up it. Didn’T connect the first time, but i tried again and it connects no problem and once we’re connected to the drone we’re going to go ahead and open the drc.

Gps, app let’s take a look at the interface instructions. First we’ll likely not get to try out all of these little things, but it’s pretty cool. You can have the drone follow you around. It can land in the same spot it took off from these. Are some really cool features that will definitely help us when we’re starting out? So after i select controls, we now have a visual of what the drone sees there. I am waving and uh yeah let’s just take a tour around the apartment. Shall we all right now that we know the drone app is working let’s, go ahead and finish the rest of the drone setup i’ll go ahead and open the instruction manual next, just so, we can see if there’s any other set of related things. We need to do okay, it tells us the package contents. The drone details which drone replacement blades go to, which which wing something i also forgot to mention – is the sd slots. The sd slot is right here at the very lower end of the drone um. You don’t have to move this bottom wing in order to access it but that’s. Why? Where you’ll put an sd card, if that’s, how you want to download your video footage? Otherwise, the app actually does a great job of downloading the footage to your phone itself, which is a really convenient feature. What else yes charge the battery? This controller is also rechargeable.

It uses the same charger as the drone batteries, so we’ll have to charge that as well and here’s a little page in the booklet that you can scan with your smartphone and it will take you to the page to download the drc. Gps app it’s, an important part of it, so don’t forget to do that. The next part of the instruction is to pair the controller and the drone together. Let’S go ahead and charge these up first and then we’ll meet back and see if we can pair the controller in the drone together. Let’S do it. Okay, the next step is pairing, so the first thing we want to do is turn the drone on makes a cool, little beeping noise and then it’s ready to be paired next thing. We’Re going to do is turn on the controller okay. It says whenever it beeps twice: it means that it’s been successfully paired with the transmitter calibrating the compass we’re gon na push both joysticks to the upper center of the controller let’s. Do that and then it should start blinking, pink and purple there we go and the next step. It says it wants us to hold the drone and rotate it horizontally until the rear lights turn solid purple so let’s see if we can do that, they’re still flashing. There they go now the uh, the backlights are solid purple, just like the instructions say. Okay and the other thing it says, on the instructions um whenever it is flashing, blue and white, like this.

That means that the gps is uh searching for a signal, and it also says in big red letters: do not use gps mode indoors, so we’re not going to not going to push this any further. We definitely don’t want to test this inside. We don’t want it to run into anything the next step. If we were going to do the gps, steps would be to hit the joysticks into the upper outside of the controller, and that would get it to calibrate the gyro and for starting and stopping we’re going to click both joysticks into the lower center of the controller. That’S going to start and stop the motors it’s very important Music, yeah it’s very exciting. My final thoughts about this uh drc drone are that i mean i really like it: it’s it’s, expensive, i’m. Not gon na lie to you but uh. Because of how easy it was to you know pair it using the instructions download the app from the instructions and the fact that it will download the drone footage to your app. If you don’t have an sd card is a really nice feature. I would. I would still recommend an sd card just so you know there’s backup of your footage um, because if you’re taking the time to you know, use a drone to take some footage, you’re go, you should probably get a backup of it right. So let me know what you think: guys i’m gon na link this drone in the description, if you’re curious, if you’re interested in getting into the drone game.

This is a good one for beginners i’m. Definitely a beginner, and i promise you. If i can do it. You can do it so um just have fun with it. You know what’s going on guys t man here a couple days later and uh yeah we’re gon na test out this drone today. So the first thing i want to do is turn the drone on let’s. Do that? Okay? So now we got the drone on and now that the drone is on in my phone, i can connect to the wi fi signal that the drone is sending out since i’ve already connected to the drone before my phone automatically recognizes it. So it connects right away now that we know that’s connected we’ll, open up our drc, gps, app and that’s, going to help us control this drone. Okay, i’m. Also going to want to turn the controller on it says: it’s ready to fly, let’s, go ahead and start the motors okay about how to do it and there’s a lot of buttons on the screen. Don’T get overwhelmed. Oh gosh, i’m nervous, okay, looks like the throttle. Joystick is on the left, that’s what’s, going to help you take off and land go higher and lower, and i guess the other joystick is gon na, be the directional we’re gon na try we’re gon na try our best not to crash this on our first flight. It is a little windy, so i’m kind of worried about it, but and that’s what these tests are all about.

Right, so let’s see what it looks like. Can you see it? Oh and there it is hovering let’s see what i’m going to do with this. I kind of want to just see how long you can hover in place there’s this button over here yeah this um this button over here by the power button on the controller it tells the drone to automatically land where it took off from that is just super. Incredibly handy because you know i’m, no pilot i’m not going to be able to land this thing on my own, so that’s really cool that it can land from where it took off um. I really i i don’t know how high i can go with this thing. Um there are limits in the app, but let me just show you where you can find those controls and then the upper right hand corner there’s, a settings icon. You can adjust this right now, it’s on beginner mode, which i’m going to keep it on beginner mode. For now, but if you are more experienced with drones uh, you probably want to set this up really high. So you can, you know, get a wider farther shot um, so we had a good. We had a successful takeoff in landing. I do want to take it. A bit higher but we’re, not we’re, not gon na linger up there, okay, um right now. The app is telling me that uh there might be a a messed up arm something not pulled out all the way.

So let me just go and inspect the drone. Really quick, so so so, as you can see, it’s really good at hovering. Um it’s it’s very windy today so i’m very nervous about taking this thing too high um, especially since that uh i keep getting that gps warning that there’s something wrong with the compass um. But you know what fortune favors the bold let’s just go up with it and see what it looks like we’ll just go up high with it and we’ll press the return to home button, and now we have a really nice view of the skyline. Let me just uh: do a 360 and then we’ll take it back down it’s kind of fighting me on the turn, but it’s windy. So i understand it’s, actually very uh stable for how windy it is. I think, and then we can return to this pretty view which i think is really nice, so i think we’ve had it up in the air long enough. Let me go ahead and bring it back down to where we took off i’m just going to press that button once and i can already see the drone spinning around finding where it needs to go. So all right and just like that uh you’ve seen me, you know we’ve lifted off twice and then the second time we went really high with it. I say really high. It wasn’t that high, but i was very nervous because i’m at the top of a parking garage and if it decides to just veer in a totally wrong direction.

That’S not gon na be good for me or the 400 drone. So you know, maybe you want to lift off from the ground and um, but you can get really high with this thing a lot higher than i went. Keep that in mind, if you’re looking for something to go really high. Just because i didn’t go that high with it doesn’t mean it can’t. Do that, and i think you can see from the footage of the app on the phone that this is a really easy thing to to control seriously. I mean that button on the controller, the return return to a liftoff location, it’s, it’s, absolutely crucial and i’m, not even sure that i guess every drone probably has this kind of feature, but it works really well for this drone and you can see the footage for Yourself and make your decision based on that, i had a lot of fun with this video guys. Thank you so much for watching.