I really like how it uh how it looks. Ah today, another new new video for the vlog. Well, i guess this ones, maybe not new new, because i did a video on one of these like two years ago, when my wife bought me one for christmas, special thanks to the folks at drc again, who not only sent me an rc car, which is a Video coming soon, but they also sent me this the drc de 22 gps drone. This drones foldable with 4k, with a gimbal with everything that comes on the top of the line name brand drones in a slightly different package. So, of course, were going to unbox this and when we unbox it ill go through some of the specs like the camera and gimbal, and weight and stuff like that, and then of course well go through the setup process. Well, fly it and ill even show you some footage directly from this drone, so you can see what it looks like so click like click, subscribe indulge in your life at indulgedclothing.com, for the merch and now lets check out the drc de 22 drone. Here we are with the drc: de22 gps, folding drone. This has a 4k camera and a two axis stabilized gimbal. It says age range is for 16, plus nothing on the bottom. There just the same little name there on the top. This side has some of the features so foldable gps, return, home waypoint flight, active track hand, gesture and about 25 minutes of flight time, and then this side, 4k 3840 by 2160, 5g transmission, gps.

One key return: 1500 meter flight range. How many feet is 1500 meters? 1500 meters is 4921 feet, 3.118 inches, so thats like a mile, so it can go about a mile from you very nice. So uh lets open this up. I have not pulled this tab. This just kind of naturally came undone, but uh were gon na get this little sticker off. Then lets see whats in our package here: oh wow, okay, wow, okay, so thats it for the box – and it seems everything is in this nice zipped up package here. Oh, my god, it came with the case and everything wow okay, so we got a drc logo there and thats about it, for the case really got a handle here and uh some nice looking zippers. None of this feels cheap either. This all feels very nice quality. So lets open it up. Oh wow, i dont even know where to begin. I guess lets start with the best part wow its its way, bigger than i anticipated in my head, but this folds this way folds the same way, and then these must fold. Are these? Go out yeah, so these go this way there. It is so thats these little things off thats. The actual drone here please remove the gimbal cover before turning the power switch. So theres the gimbal cover a little quad copter there quadcopter here this uh, so thats. One of the batteries that just slides right down on top – oh it looks like this – was in there to keep it from going down.

Okay, so very nice im very, very surprised at the build of this. We have another battery here, so it came with two batteries which thats always a plus, and then this is your controller, so thats where your phone goes. Of course, weve got some antennas here, wow wow, that is thats. Definitely something else. This thing is uh, pretty nice quality wise. I mean this feels just like a name brand drone like i feel like. I could fly this pretty easy really without many issues, and yes, this adjusts, depending on your phone, very cool, very nice. What else do we have down in here? Weve got some stuff over here cautions of battery, so a little uh instruction guide cool. Oh look at that extra blades thats always helpful. Some of these little salt packs kenny theyre, not salt, but you know what i mean, and then this looks to be a micro, usb, cable, dont know why i expected this to be usb c, but i i definitely did the quality of this im surprised its, not Usbc and just to show you real, quick, the batteries have a little micro, usb port on the side, and it shows that they are 2500 milliamp hours, and you know theres the one here that came with the drone and then theres also the extra one here and Then, of course, this has a micro, usb port here on the bottom angle, zoom in zoom out picture video.

Very nice, though, feels really good in the hands. So a few little specs about this drone. It does have the 4k video, as i mentioned, the spot for your micro sd card is right here on the side and theres our camera full hd wi fi cam, but this does have complete 4k footage uh with a five time. Zoom two access gimbal with stabilization, intelligent flight modes. It has a level five wind resistance with up to 43 kilometers as max speed. What is 43 kilometers in miles 43 kilometers is 26.719 miles, so itll go 26 miles per hour, thats thats pretty fast, one key start for landing and a hovering 5g transmission. So it supports up to 4 900 feet. It does have a follow me function, so you could have it. You know, follow you and you could walk around and it would follow you and considering that it comes with two batteries. You actually get a total of 52 minutes of flight time. Basically, 28 minutes per battery. Now the charging time is about four and a half hours. The maximum control is 4921 feet and the item weighs 20 ounces. The faa there is a registration process for this drone due to it being heavier, so that should do it for the unboxing were going to get all of this charged up and then uh well get a phone on here. Well, get the app and well get this thing going and see exactly what were working with lets.

First uh get everything charged so theres. What the controller looks like charging um. This is on here. So its not a you know its not a sticker over the front of it, and then this is what the battery packs look like. Charging looks like it came with about a half charge, so im gon na let these charge for a little bit and then well actually try all of this out now this is already charged. You can see its green apparently, this only takes 25 minutes to charge. This is almost fully charged. It says a full charge takes four and a half hours, so inside of the uh booklet here on page 18 is the ios and android app so were gon na hit this button, and that is the app youll need, so were gon na go ahead and install This and then ill most likely have to make an account everything while using the app wow. So maybe i dont have to make an account, so we have our controller and we have our battery the battery very easily just slides right in and clicks into place. Now we need to get us a uh need to get us a micro, sd card for right. Here there we go micro, sd card. This is just a 32 gig, but it will get the job done, wow and its easy to take in and out very nice. All right next thing: we do hold the power button, which should power it on all right.

So now its on and from here i should be able to connect to it with my smartphone. So im going to go im going to swipe down up here and go to my wireless networks and there should be a wireless network for this drone. Oh there, it is so click this. This will connect me to the drone directly and im going to say yes to this, so that itll stay connected to the wi fi network of the drone. Now, im going to re launch my gps app go to controls and i actually have a little battery there for the drone. So im going to slide this into here and then just turn down all of my volume all right now. The next thing we have to do is pair the controller with the drone all right, so all we have to do is put it on a flat surface, face the head towards the controller and hold the power button. The two beeps means that the controller is connected to the drone and weve got some nice lights here and so now i think were honestly to the point that we could probably get the drone to launch. We got a launch and land button here, a home button. Weve got some record buttons, so uh lets, take it outside and see what happens now. This is some of the stuff that im about to do. It tells you how to calibrate the compass and things like that.

This is all inside the manual from the device. So im not gon na show you this directly in my video, but trust me. This manual has everything that you will need to know so. Im gon na get this calibrated and then were actually gon na fly it i got ta say i love how it looks. Theres lights all around it youve even got a little red light there you can see and uh the lights. On top. I really like how it uh, how it looks. Nighttime youd definitely be able to see this thing and so heres a little bit of what you see when i first did. The uh calibration start its just telling me uh what to do all here on the phone to format the sd card. I just had to touch on it to instantly format it so uh lets see if we can get this thing flying. So i think i see the spot. I was missing supposed to bring both joysticks down to here, like shown here, lets start and stop the motors. Now lets slide to take off well dang. That was that was quick lets. Uh lets. Try that again, i can definitely say it took a heck of a licking and its still going so were gon na hold this button to power it back on not have it as close to the house granted. I didnt think it was that close, but hey thats. Just me, then uh power on this double beep thats connected get on the wi fi of the drone open the app and our propellers are going.

We will click our button and slide to take off all right, thats a lot better. Let me uh put this down. Oh, what happened? Oh, my god, my phone stream locked what the heck you were kidding me right, two crashes in like 10 minutes, so i can definitely say that the drone works one issue im. Having is my iphone is locking, which i mean thats, not good. I need to go into my iphone settings and change that, but i did get a little bit of a video out there. So uh heres that video clip and yeah, i think, uh a its a very strong drone, its uh taken two crashes, its got some marks on it, but the propellers and everything are still good. I think the issue im, having is its its pretty windy here today, and so it was just so. The wind was just kind of uh controlling it more than i was definitely, though, like with all drones, take some time to get used to and uh once you realize that you have to start the motors before you can launch it, then hey youre good to go. Sadly, i thought when i launched it, it would start them so, of course, ill have one of these linked down below in the description. If you would like to grab this drone for yourself and to my cousin matthew, i hope you enjoy the drone sending it over to you. Click, like click, subscribe indulge in your life at indulgedclothing.