This is the drc d50. This looks to be another sort of throwback drone and why i say that is, i just did a review of the toms on d28, which i call a throwback drone, and this one reminds me of another. You know it seems to be another type of throwback drone, and what i mean by that is. It reminds me the drones from three four five years ago, at least by what im seeing by its features and that its no frills theres, no gps. It does have altitude hold, but its a decent sized drone has a fisheye a bit of a fisheye lens there on the camera. You know its a toy grade drone, but it doesnt have a whole bunch of you know advanced features. They try to stick on a lot of these drones nowadays they dont always work well and im really expecting this drone to be a nice flyer. Just really really neat drone. I think its going to be fun as a you know, just a fun toy flyer. Now, if you want to know where the table review is im going to stick that at the end of this video, because that ran really long – and i dont want to make these videos really long with the table of view. And everybody wants to even stick around to watch the flight review, so you want to see the table. You ill stick that at the end of this video and just drawn a few things, i want to mention real, quick and well get it up in the air.

Um a few things i was unsure about whenever i was doing the table review portion of this im going to mention now at the beginning, since in the table view youll see, i might be a little bit uncertain about it, and that is the sd card. Slot. Does function theres no mention of this sd card slot in the instruction manual or the amazon listing, i notified drc and they said well, they were they got back to me and said yeah. There is a sd card slot theres two different versions of this drone, but it appears the only one theyre selling right now is the one with the sd card slots. If you happen to pick this up, it does work, it has a limit. I think it was 64 gigabytes, which is what this card is, and it does work ive already tested it out. So that is nice to know and of course, the the camera on the front is motorized, and i did mention that table review that wasnt certain. If it was at first, but it is indeed a motorized tilt on this drone, so lets go ahead and fire it up and lets get it up in the air and see how this guy flies. I expect its going to be pretty nice, so what you want to do is theres no calibration of this drone in terms of any gps or anything. You just turn it on. Let me see its got blue lights on the front and red in the back.

Lets set it down here on the ground im going to turn on the controller and do the binding sequence. The lights will flash for a moment down here and now theyve gone solid. That means its done, like it probably done a gyro calibration and now its connected to the controller. Now, what were going to do is were going to go into um the settings on the phone because we want to connect to the wi fi thats so that we can get our our video feed. So ive already done this before, so it should come up in the list pretty quickly and its a drc with a bunch of numbers after it will get connected to that says, of course, theres no internet and then were going to go to that drc. Fpv app and lets click on start. Hopefully we get a video feed and we have one. So we should be good to go im just going to do a recording to the sd card im not going to mess with the screen, recording or anything just verifying that the feed is live and active, and it is so to do a recording. You do a. I believe it was a quick press. Is video quick process photo um? I believe yeah and a long press. Does the gimbal tell so, as you can see, i already got it confused, so recording video. I just need to make sure i get that correct when we get in the air, because you do a long press and thatll.

Let you tilt the camera, but if you dont do that right, youre going to stop the video recording thats, why? I really dont like that. They stuck that on there. Okay again, a calibration of the gyro is both sticks down to the left, its blinking and now its gone. Solids are good to go. Lets go ahead, and i think it was both lets see. If we do a long press here lets see, this is the auto take off. I dont know lets do a i think, thats just going to start the props. So if you want to do that – or you can probably do both sticks down and then so, the auto takeoff appears to just start the props so go ahead and just give it throttle. Okay, this has no kind of theres no hole. Theres no altitude hold on this. Excuse me. There is altitude, hold theres, no uh gps hole, so it is going to drift. Now you have these controls on the back and thats, where the rates are so lets. Try the rates here you have to. You have to kind of memorize that theres the white leds in the front so heres the highest rate, Music, thats, the lowest right here. I think it had four rates lets, try that out again, i can already tell this flies nice. So this is the lowest rate. I believe it was theres, a middle rate, theres a higher rate and then theres the highest rate and the yaw does increase of these im going to fly in that fourth rate, because you dont really see a four rate in a drone boy.

It flies really nice. Whoa, its a bit its so aggressive in the highest rate that the altitude hole cant quite keep up, but there is a bit of a cross breeze today. So we need to keep that in mind. The camera looked okay to me indoors well, see it looks outside. Do we get any jello? The camera is tilted all the way up right now, so we got to fight that headwind. Im going to have to keep giving it some throttle, so were going to be looking at the ground. A lot when i do pitchfork, especially with the wind in its back lets, see i think it had. I think it had 3d flips lets see if we can bring it over here, its really sporty guys. I, like it im going to go into the theres, the lowest rate at third rate, maybe a little its still pretty sporty, but it might be a little bit less its really quickly with the yaw to get spun around and you have to catch those white leds. Thankfully they have that so that you can spot your orientation and keep it uh without you know getting mixed up in orientation and losing the drone, possibly so lets see. If we can try those slips while we got plenty of battery, so im gon na bring it over here in front of me and the flips was this next bumper lets see. If i can try that again, no im not having any luck with it.

I dont think i have headless mode enabled it says: 360 flip lets try that again, sometimes on these drones, you have to keep holding the button while you do it either way. Im doing here is not doing flips yeah. I need a long press thats going to enter me into headless mode, so lets make sure were not in headless yeah im not get. I had no luck doing flips. I think im in headless mode now lets see if i flip it around. Ah, no, i think, im out of it now. Well that stinks. It does not want to do 360, flips, im pressing that button im, pretty sure long press was headless mode. Now the flashing lights means were recording. Video weve got about four minutes now. Some of that about 30 seconds of that was on the ground, so we dont have that much flight in yet the batterys definitely not low lets. Try a long press yeah now see. I should be now im in headless mode, so lets lets turn that off yep. I cant get it to do 360 flips. I will definitely let drc know that because i it should do flips and im not having any luck with it. It flies great, though i mean to me, 360 flips, the gimmick i mean its something i dont typically do when im flying now, you guys might enjoy that im, not excusing that it doesnt work im just saying it. Doesnt really bother me because you know youre putting a lot of strain on the brushed motors.

Itll burn out quicker doing a lot of flips. It looks neat, but if youre a flyer like myself, you quickly will get bored of 360 flips, but it still should do it. It says it should and it does. You know im trying to try it again now now im i keep tapping it and if i hold it and try to do it, of course, youre going to enter into headless mode so im having no luck with that now you have trim buttons on the other Side here and i dont need to trim it, especially in the wind today, you cant really trim a drone with any kind of breeze. Again, if you want to see everything that comes with this drone stick around to the end, because it comes with a really nice – and i should have mentioned this again – a really nice carrying case with foam insert where you the drone, goes into, and it keeps it Situated so it doesnt fall or you know, move around. It really really is a nice case for basically a toy grade drone. I will say giving it full throttle even im in the third rate, its not a very fast uh gain altitude, which that happens on these altitude hole drones. Usually it does it its slow to descend or come down lets. Take it up a ways here and just try to get some video here lets spin it around its going to drift on me.

So i need it. There we go and thats where the fpv feed comes in handy to keep your orientation when youre up high, you cant see the lights and thats what i did and theres a little lag. So you have to keep that in mind. If you keep yelling, you may actually go off a different direction. You think, because of the lag and the feed, but the lag is not bad. Pretty typical for fpv for uh wi fi dont want to hit it. It does have a little trouble at times wanting to go towards the ground. Altitude holds not like great yeah, again, 360 flips, just dont work. I just dont know whats up with that see its kind of coming down now, even though im not um doing that, and the battery should be decent enough still that sometimes these drones, when they start to drop its an indication that the battery voltage is sagging a Little bit, this is just a 1s lipo again all thats in the table of you. If you want to see what comes with it, it does come with prop guards which you might want to use that, but thats just going to weight it down and shorten your flight time and make it drift a little more because it makes every little bit of Plastic, like that, is a little more wind resistance, a little more drag this. This is a two battery version, so you do get.

You can charge up two batteries and they charge off. I believe with some. I believe it was a micro, usb, cable, yeah. The table of view was a little whoa. All the way down to the ground see i think the voltage is sagging. Some and you know were not were not in lvc. You know im still recording here. I think only the front and rear has those green lights in the rear, see and then theres a white in the front, but the red and blue lights are still solid. Now, i think, were in low voltage whoa, because the controller is oh, the propellers are bound up and its right. Well, that was not much of a low voltage warning. I didnt really get to do the gimbal tilt guys or the camera tilt thats. One thing i probably should try to show you its just that, with this thing being with those controls on there, the same bumper, its so easy to get mixed up, we still got our fpv feed active and the video looked like itll be okay for a toy. This is going to be a again a case of the price. You know if you can get this for a good enough price and drc did include some coupons, so i will put the coupons down in the video description below and that will uh give you guys a discount because thats not something youre going to get. When you go to amazons website, they may have a coupon to clip, but if they do have a coupon, you can still use the code.

I gave you on top of the coupon and it might make this worth your time. I mean it does fly really good before rates it gets really sporty. The video looks like itll, probably be okay for what you are getting. I just cant do flips thats my main gripe. 360 flips does not work for me. So keep that in mind. Yours may not do flips either. So, if thats important to you, then youll probably want to pass on this. If you dont really mind, it still may be worth the while. The fight time seem to be pretty decent on it. So overall, i cant complain too much. Ive seen better but ive seen a whole heck of a lot worse lately with the drones ive been reviewing, so this ones, certainly, unfortunately i say, unfortunately its better than a lot of the other ones and its still not perfect, but nowadays some of these drones, if It just flies decent its already getting a pass because theres just so many bad drones out there right now, all right guys that wraps up the flight review portion for the drc, uh drone im going to kick it over to the table review here again. The table review i filmed originally thinking. I would go do it first, so at the end of that video, it may be a little weird because im gon na say go to the fight review so ill, probably just edit it and sort of end and go to the end of the video.

So all right guys stay tuned now, if youre interested in checking out the actual table, review portion so be right. Back today, im gon na take a look at this sort of retro. In my opinion, toy quadcopter its sort of a little bit bigger its, not really large, but it just reminds me of the quadcopters or drones, as you might want to call it four or five years ago. I had really enjoyed that time period with drones and this one sort of reminds me of that, and i really hope that it flies like i anticipate it will from the drones of that period. This is the drc d50 im going to show you really quickly here. All the information on the box and then well go ahead and take a look at the quadcopter itself. So, as you can see its a d50, it has a 90 degree manually adjustable camera. You cant adjust this mode, its not motorized, so you cant remotely adjust it from the controller, its an fpv drone, which was really popular at that time. Of course, this means its going to run off wi fi. It has a 120 degree, wide angle, lens um. It says hd here so its going to have a probably have a bit of a fish eye, but its again thats sort of how we um how things were four or five years ago now, inside the instruction manual they mentioned that it has like 2k.

I dont remember the exact dimension 2000, something by 1100, something but im thinking that may just be on the photos. I expect hd is typically 720p well have to see it could be 1080. It depends on what you know. Definition they use, and i guess it could also be 2k, but usually if a drone has 2k on these toy grade quadcopters. I certainly want to let you know that, and it says it records at 25 frames per second, which is close to what youd see in a movie theater your standard film, so thats acceptable. I prefer 30, of course, and lets see here its got some of the other features here on the side it has altitude hold. If i can get it up here to the camera, make sure were focused in has four speed modes, which is interesting. I dont recall that being very common, in fact, ive been doing this over five years. I could think of maybe one time, maybe where i had a drone that had four speed rates. Most have three. Quite a few. Have two 3d flip thats nice. You know its its thats a fun little feature that might be a gimmick to some people, but i always like doing 360 flips, though you dont want to do a lot, because that can put quite a bit of strain on those brushed motors, because this is not A brushless drone, brushless drone it wouldnt matter again. It mentions the hd camera.

So again, i think its probably going to be 720p has headless mode, which is a beginners feature for someone whos just started flying you dont have to know your orientation. So if you need to use that you can, though, i never test that, because im not a fan of that, it doesnt teach you how to actually fly a drone. And it says you have the 100 that adjustable camera, which again im pretty sure thats just manually done, i dont think thats, actually motorized thats enough for whats on the box. Lets get over to the drone itself. Now, as you can see, it comes in this nice. Big carrying case um thats, something you didnt see four or five years ago. This makes it convenient to obviously hauled around. This is what you typically would see on a higher end: gps drone, so theres, a nice added touch and even when youre not carrying around you can give you a nice little bag to keep it all tidy and stored away at home. So you dont misplace parts of the drone so and it has a handle, of course, thats easy to carry and then its got this um spots for a strap theres a strap. I believe i got inside of here and ill get it over here on the floor and see if i can grab it. I forgot to pick it up, so let me go grab that its got a shoulder, strap here, so you can actually thats what i would prefer to do rather than hauling around in my hands.

Actually, you know sling it over my shoulder and carry it around that way. So again, that is nice if theyve thrown that in as long as it doesnt mark the price up on the drone dramatically, which i dont think it did, lets go ahead and open it up and well take a look at the drone. But you obviously could see what it looked like there on the front of the box, but take a closer look at it. Inside of here now, theyve got a uh a strap across here that snaps shut and that secures it into place. So it doesnt cut you cant, you flip it up. You know upside down. It doesnt spill out this foam piece which i would keep there to help with the strap, keep everything in place. You got your instruction manual, which im going to set off to the side, because we do want to take a look at that before we get out to the actual flight review. Lets take that off there, and here is the drone inside they give you this. This bag sits on top here, so well, take a look at it. First, its got two charging usb cables: theyre, not anything special theyre, just micro, usb ones and thats to charge your battery theres. Two batteries that comes with this drone and ive got one of them over here charging right now, so i can use it for the flight review so ill. Just show you the other spare but theres two of these and they are without getting out of the bag.

Hopefully, we can see this ill try to focus the camera. It is. These are just one s, sort of one cell and theyre 1500 milliamp. I dont know offhand they advertise flight time on this, but it ought to be decent on that battery capacity. The larger the drone, of course, on a 1s like this, is the more its going to reduce that flight time again, there are two of these and theres a red light inside of the actual battery that lights up up here and now i think itll turn green Or go out one of the two when its done mines still charging, so i cant tell you what it does when it gets finished. The instruction manual mentions a charge time of about an hour and a half or 90 minutes, depending of course on how dead the battery is, if its. If its storage voltage, which it should be out of the box, the charge time is probably going to be less. If you fight all the way dead, its probably closer to an hour and a half any, obviously you get spare a full set of spare props in the bag with it and a phillips screwdriver for taking those off and attaching those. So take a look at the drone. Youve also got the landing legs or landing gear here, which will attach to the bottom of the drone to give it some clearance, as you can see on the box, and this over here is your phone clip to attach to the controller.

So you can look at your phone, which will run in the app so that you can see your first person view your fpv feed, because thankfully this drone does record its video to a micro sd card. So you dont have to rely on recording that silly feed. In fact, you shouldnt need to even use that if you just want to fly this and record and dont need to see where youre going or what youre filming, then you wouldnt even need to mess with the wi fi fpv app. They also give you a full set, which i hope they give you a full set. I always want to say a full set, but thats because im thinking of props, they give you prop guards now, when you put prop guards on they will attach and snap in here on the sides of each of the arms thats going to protect the propellers. So if you fly into something they dont get damaged, thats more for indoors really and something this larger not going to be flying indoors, but if youre a newbie and youre just starting out with with drones. You might want to attach these just keep in mind that there are several things to keep in mind with prop guards for one it is they make a really great tree. Hanger you put this on here, its like, like uh. They can put an ornament on a tree. You get up into a tree. You may hit a tree like this and it may fall out if you hit it with these on youre, probably going to get caught on a limb and then a good luck getting it out if its up very high.

Also, this is adding a little bit extra weight to the drone. So when you put all these on, you are going to reduce your flight time. That wont be much. These are very, very light, but you just keep that in mind. It will reduce the flight time. Just a tad bit, and these can be a bit of a sale you put these on, even though they are thin, youre, adding a little bit more surface area. So a little more drag a little bit more wind resistance and that can also make the drone just a little bit less responsive. So these are brushed motors here. So this you know its not gon na have brushless power. But again, this reminds me of four or five years ago and of course, at this price point its not that unexpected, that they are just brushed motors so over time they could go bad um, but usually brushed motors will be just fine if you make it through Through the first few flights with no issues, it should be fine, your enough switches here on the side. Your battery is going to snap in here its going to pop in there and thats how youre going to power it up with the on and off switch here is im going to see if theres any film it doesnt look like there is sometimes ill put a Little clear piece of plastic over these cameras to protect the lens and obviously you got to make sure you remove those.

So you dont get a foggy, cloudy look, but i dont see one on this and this does sound motorized. So i said i in the instruction manual it didnt give. I didnt notice that there was a tilt control, so i was im mistaken on that. I said that it was just manually tilting at the beginning. That is incorrect. I i can hear the motor thats a servo in there. This has got to be motorized thats great. That means now, when youre flying this, you can aim it down back up to film something or take photos and you dont have to actually land it and manually adjust tilt. So i was wrong about that. I didnt – i was a little uncertain there, the second time, because the adjustable on the side of the box, when you think that maybe it was motorized. But when i was looking at the instruction manual a while ago, i i did not see that i obviously just missed it, so it is motorized and your micro sd card goes lets see if the light in here may be goofy to see that right in here, Where my finger is lets make sure this is all focused in and a little micro sd card in there i would stay under 32 gigs. I dont know the capacity limits, but if you get too big, you could run into problems with it, not working or not. Being compatible, but that means that when you record your video and you take your photos, its going to save here its not going to have to go over the wi fi feed, where you may have a frozen signal or drop frames.

And then it you know, the video quality is always terrible when you record a wi fi feed, so that is nice. I dont know offhand what the colors are. All these leds, since ive not done a flight yet, but these will be lit up your front and your rear is typically how they do it a lot of times. Itll be red, green or some combination like that between the front and the rear thats to help you maintain. Your orientation also looks like me, like theres, probably a white light here. In fact, now that i see the box, i can actually tell you just notice. Leds are lit up on the box, looks like your front, is blue and your rear in your rear is red, and then this white light here across the top and theres probably a rear light here that i cant see that might be red or something that lights Up in the rear to help you as well with orientation on this guy, so this isnt a gps drone, so you cant park it and have it hold its position. It doesnt have optical flow, which also works on that principle. Holding position it has altitude holds so itll help stay at the same altitude, the best it can. That does help, but it should you know its going to drift on you, so you have to keep that in mind. This is more close to what we called a manual flyer, though it does have self leveling, so its not true manual, which would be like you know, acro mode, but it is a manual flyer, but it has altitude holds so that will alter hold, usually makes the Drones a little bit less sporty, but itll be a much smarter than a gps drone, and then we got the controller down here.

So lets take a look at that. This controller feels really nice. Its fairly nicely constructed doesnt feel super toy grade. Its got some weight to it. Weve got an lcd screen here that will give us some information since its not gps, its not going to give us like a bunch of whole bunch of telemetry information in terms of speed or location, but it should tell us like the battery power. I would imagine will be on there and uh just some basic information like that, but what speed rate youre in maybe something like that if the left stick here since were a mode two flyer, if this is self centering, then that means you have altitude holds so Obviously that confirms that weve got a power button here. This looks like an auto takeoff button, so you press that or tap it and the drone will its most likely will take off, but sometimes they will require you to unlock the motors and then press it and itll. Take off weve got a photo video button up here on the on this upper looks like the upper right hand. Bumper looks like this is actually your video button and then your tilt for the the camera going up or down. So what it does is one will tilt the camera up and one will tilt the camera down and you probably will quick press those ill confirm this. When i get the instruction manual out and ive been betting, long presses on this ill do video and a long press here ill probably do photo, but it could be the opposite.

Thats a little odd. Most of the time they put a dial on here for the gimbal tilt or the camera tilt in this case. But it looks to me like when you look at that its got tilting the camera up or video tilting the camera down or photo. And then you have some its interesting. I kind of like this theyve put some buttons on the rear of this controller. This is your four speed rates here. This is headless mode and 360 flips. A short press will tell the drone to do a flip, and you probably you always have to give it the direction you want it to do. That flip, though sometimes you have to actually hold keep holding the button and give it the input and direction, but most drones. You just get it into the mode by pressing it. You can let up and then give it the direction as it waits for the input on which direction to flip, and this is just your trim – controls right there. Since this isnt a gps drone, it may be prone to drifting, as maybe one motor spins, slightly faster um. You know or the the motor the tilt the drones a little. The gyro is a little bit off or something you can adjust that, though there should be a way of doing a gyro calibration, and if i see that in the structure manual ill mention it, if not ill, tell you when we got to the flight review its Always good to set the gyro to level before flight.

It should do it when you power it on, but that way the drones are much less likely to want to drift on you, but sometimes you may just be needing to trim it into the wind and just to try to help it hold a little better. The problem with that is, if you fly another day and theres no wind or the wind in the opposite direction, then its going to want to fly off because you had trimmed it into the wind. So its never a really good idea to trim it for the wind. You just want to trim it under calm conditions, so thats, not drifting, naturally to one direction or another that it wants to go. Yes, i mean this looks pretty pretty neat and again. This really reminds me of the drones from four or five years ago, its not like huge. You know its just an average size drone, but its not foldable, which we always are seeing now days and its not super super small, its bigger than lets say a mavic mini or my dji, x8 mini. Obviously my mavic mini or my femi x8 mini lets. Take a look at the um i dont know. Did i show you guys the phone clip holder, i think i did the beginning, but that will that will mount into the uh in here and then you can adjust the tilt of it. So you can get it tilted correctly for your your eye level and such lets take a look at the uh uh instruction manual.

I dropped it and ill. Tell you guys the app the app ill mention here. I got ill put a screenshot of the app. I already took that screenshot real quick lets just go to that first. There is this really thick, because theres multiple languages in here so dont get too uh intimidated that youre going to be reading a big giant instruction manual lets see if i can get to here. It is and lets again make sure that the camera is focused here is the qr code for the drc. Fpv app, which is free from the google play store or if youre on iphone or ipad, would run this well. The ipads are generally not used for this. The ios store is called the drc. Fpv, so ill put a screenshot up there again. If i should already have it up ill show you guys what that looks like from the google play store since im running android lets just take a real, quick look at those controls. If i can find him here and just confirm that on those upper bumpers, a short press is to record video and a long press is to do the tilt, so i had it reversed. I said a short press would do the tilt and long for us to do the video they reversed it. So a short press will start video recording a short press on the left. Bumper will start um. This probably isnt showing up too good short press on the left, will start or take a photo.

I should say, and a long press will do your tilt. So that way you just have to remember. If youre going to go to tilt, youve got a long press. If you just tap it youre going to start or stop video thats sort of why i think itd be better to do it the other way around, because you may not be messing with the tilt or whatever it just seems to me like. It would be too easy to tap those buttons and start and stop or take photos. A long press is what most drones use for photo and video, especially for video well, also have a short pressed photo long press video doing that. That way keeps it from being the instance where you bump the uh the button, and you start recording. I think a long press for recording a photo to be better in a short press for just a tilt makes a lot more sense to me and yeah everything else. It looks like i had a right for the rear and all that good stuff. The the uh 360 flip is a long is a uh is a short for us. As i said, a long press for the headless mode. They dont tell you here what the screens information is on the lcd screen, so i have to wait when we get out to the flight. If you can see, i assume that its functional, i would hope its not just for looks and if i can see real quick in here with the uh the gyroscope calibration here it is its both sticks down to the left.

Most. These drones is down both six and left or both sticks down into the right. It looks like the for what im seeing there. It looks like its just going to be a clicking that auto take off and it takes off and theres no need to unlock the props ahead of time yeah. It looks like its pretty basic. What i expected, you know so and ill show you if i think of it here i find it. I should say they do mention that i dont know how well this will show up, but they mentioned that 240 2048 by 1152 on a pho video photo resolution with 25 frames per second again im thinking, thats your photo resolution thats a bit of a goofy aspect: Ratio anyway, i think in for your video itself its going to be 720p, but they dont actually tell you anywhere in here any other number.