I mean that’s crazy, but here i am so if you’d like to support me in any way, please like subscribe share these videos drop a dollar in my venmo. Account i’d greatly appreciate it Music, this right here. My friends is my channel Applause, yeah baby, what’s up party people hope you’re having a wonderful day today is i don’t even know man it’s been crazy. It’S only tuesday, tuesday it’s been a crazy week and it’s only tuesday, all right what’s up everybody. Welcome to another edition of addicted to life, one love i am kyle feminister and today i’m, actually going to show you guys what it’s like buying a derrick d bitty drone in vr ftv. I believe they call it with the headset today. It is actually pretty gusty. Uh it’ll be dead still and then a bunch of gusts will come through one. If the audio cuts out i’m apologizing, i didn’t bring any of my actual good mics cause. I didn’t think that far ahead, so we’re just rocking out here with my gimbal on my t6i and my new drone, which is super fun man, while flying in vr mode. Basically, there is a small lag time, definitely between the headset and the drone, but that’s all with the wii feed connection, the wi fi connection um. As soon as you get too far away starts breaking up. I was flying around my head doing circles. Probably you know 40 50 feet away, maybe 100 feet above me and i had no problem.

I decided i was going to try to sneak around my dad’s barn and the video feed just went it just froze. As i was came around the corner and uh wait. A minute nothing happened, so i immediately just landed the drone where it was at and started walking that way. Once i got over there, the the connection reconnected and it showed it upside down kind of looking at the corner of a building which is the only building it is. Is that so i just kind of stomped around through the the backyard and then i found it, which was super awesome, because i don’t want to lose it already so fast, but definitely i would recommend you stay close in proximity to your drone while flying this drone. This drone has a lot of features, touch pad voice hand, all these things, but they’re really novelty, they’re, very beginner level, entry level, so you know play with them as as needed, i’m having a super blast. I love this drone, especially now that i got the headset flying in it is such a it’s actually easier to fly because you can see where you’re going and go versus. You know looking up and guessing you’re in the right direction. So for anyone who hasn’t tried it, i definitely recommend trying it. It is highly recommend that you do it with someone who can see next to you, it’s called the observer. I’Ve read, but i had my dad following me earlier and i was like i got this.

No problem yeah and i just lost it being able to be in the actual drone’s, cockpit it’s a lot easier to fight the wind and tell what’s what direction it’s coming on, but definitely this this drone is a very lightweight drone, so this window can’t really see From this angle, but it’s coming by right now and it just it just constantly – is fighting so using up the battery but super sick super dope, Music that’s, it i’m done i’m gon na go pack up my stuff head back to my house, upload the footage and See what i got so thank you for sticking with me as i go through this i’ve had a huge transition from not being able to snowboard, so i’ve been doing a lot of drone shots, a lot of gimbals or whatever. I also had my acl surgery, and so my channel has been lagging and uh. Thank you. So much tick tock is going off, they’re richter, i’ve, so many cool friends and so much stuff happening with tick tock. I mean i’m. 35. I’M turning 36 in a week. I mean that’s crazy, but here i am so if you’d like to support me in any way, please like subscribe share these videos drop a dollar in my venmo account i’d greatly appreciate it, no matter what please help someone smile today, because we’re all stuck here together.