This is a 2k quality drone and we are using a remote to control it. Uh heres. What it looks like very interesting and yeah were gon na, try it. This has two batteries, but im gon na use, one for now to represent drones, so were gon na plug this in uh to plug this in. You just need to slide it in whoops just slide it in just like that. Until you hear that one tiny click and batteries arent included, so you need four double a batteries and you have to like unscrew this bit and pop it in here. Okay, so first turn on the drone here and then turn the remote now to collaborate with the drone. You need to go up then down okay, so to access the camera. You need to go into settings. The drones. Camera, obviously, can click on connections click on wi fi, and you should just wait for the delc to pop up here yeah. This is the one now wait for it to fully connect before using the app, because sometimes it might not work okay. Its collaborated for now keep wi fi connection. Okay, so you have to go to l, delc fpv click on to start, and you should have it. This is what the drones camo quality looks. Like i wouldnt say it would be personally 2k, i would say: 1080 pixels hp, but thats still good its for a 50 pound drone. Okay, so lets see what it looks like while its going in the air and to use the like to record or take photos.

You can click on here to record and you can click on the camera thing next to it to take photos. Now you click on the uh, lift off button, oh wow and heres, how it looks like quite cool, and if you want to like change its camera, you have to like click on the side button of the remote, and it will just go down, see thats. So cool quite sick. To be honest, i, like it quite smooth its a very good drone ill now see if i can take a photo. Let me just go forward: okay, im gon na try to take a photo now in three two one. Okay, i took the photo doesnt. Look too bad. I checked in the corner, looks really good its very stable, its stable for like for, like 10 seconds or when theyll start drifting, its, not really drifting yeah. Now its drifting it loose theres that ability, after maybe because of its wind tower and if i land, if i land your own, it will yeah quite smooth yeah drones, really good. Overall, on the app, i would say, eight and a half out of ten on the up, and i just really like it to be honest, quite smooth and camera quality, not it doesnt say its, not 2k, but 1080 pixel is definitely better than 2k. Overall, i would say this drone is a 9 out of 10, and that also includes the app its an excellent drone for beginners.

I highly recommend its very stable and lightweighted, and its camera quality is also good, sometimes other of what companies say. 4K 8k thats not even possible because not even more, like some dji drones, even more phantom drones cant even have that much. So i highly recommend the drone its under 80, its under 60 pounds or under 80 pounds ill. Give the link in the description where you can buy it, and it also comes in this case with the included parts, and i highly recommend and ill see you in the next video bye, okay, so im going to show you how to work wow quite interesting. I really like how it feels a bit smooth, very nice and to just control that you need to like put your toggle left, toggle up and the right toggle like left or right. Where, however, you want to go thats landing, you just click this button. London lets. Try land, okay, not too bad. This is a really good drone.