This is the coolest beginner mini drone im ever going to review uh the derc d23. Not only is it really cool looking and it has a camera, but look at this: it lights up, isnt, that cool, and so once you get it bound with the controller, you can also change what the lights do, if youre a kid in that fun or if Youre doing a big kid like me, this thing can be a blast and the reason why ive always said its really important to start with the beginner mini drone. Ive shown this guy a hundred times, but most people go out. They spend a bunch of money on a drone if they dont know the orientation thats what they come home with, so its really important to learn the orientation of the drone as you fly it with the controller that way when you go out its safer for you, Youre droning everyone around you, because youre able to control it and ive always said the hs210 is the best beginner mini drone to learn on because it just flies so good, like a drone. Theres no latency on the controls, its quick and it just turns on a dime, but this one doesnt have modular battery so its really hard to slide the battery in and out and plug it in or this one has modular batteries, and this one has a camera. But the problems with these drones, if you dont, have any agenda and youre just flying it around, it can get bored pretty quick, so adding the lights to this and the camera and it being pretty inexpensive is one great feature.

Also, this one has covered props, like one of my favorite little drones is this hs340 that flies really good, but the crops arent covered and the problem with these theyre brushed motors and what a brushed motor is its like two brooms or brushes spinning inside of a Magnet and if something happens to one of these props and you stop it – that electricity goes through that broom or that brush and sticks to the side of the magnet and it welds it to it, and it ruins the motor. And can you change the motors but its more trouble than what the drone is really worth so? Does it fly as good as the hs210 well lets put her up in the air and find out and ill fly it inside its really windy outside? I fly it. Just for a minute outside and then ill fly at a dark room and show you how cool the lights are and then ill come back and ill. Show you how to get the remote hooked up to the drone, how to get the camera working through the app and all the functions of it then ill. Give you my final review, so lets go put her up in the air all right. Well, let me show you some pictures before we go fly it i mean the camera takes really good pictures, of course, theyre 720p and it records everything back to the app on your phone into a gallery, and then you can download it to your phone, and this Is me holding it and taking a video, and then this is me flying it and taking a video of course, its a little drone, its in the wind and its going to be real choppy, so its not going to get cinematic photos but im real impressed with The camera and the color saturation theres, my dog, chasing it um.

So here we go and were flying it outside its really windy, go straight to speed three when youre flying it uh the wind will really grab it and take it away and uh, especially if you lose control. If you start to lose control, dont forget you can hit the top two buttons and itll fall out of the sky. Also itll do 360, flips and itll also spin around you and its also got a boomerang thing. So its got all kinds of fun things to play with when you start be sure you keep the camera pointed away from you in the beginning, until you get the orientation of it, the wind blew it in a tree because if the cameras pointed away from you, Then its easier to control because everythings reversed when you come back at you as you go outside and practice or practice inside every time you fly it and you go through each battery. Itll get easier and easier. So its also important every time you crash it to reset the gyro so put it on a flat surface and pull both sticks down into the left and that resets it ill go over more that one go inside and show you how to hook up the app And everything here we are flying it inside, look how bright these things are when its dark, i mean im ordering three more of these and im gon na make a race course in my backyard and ill make a video about us racing them.

I mean this. Look how bright this is so in the beginning, i wouldnt worry about the camera. I would learn how to fly the drone first, because, if youre worried about the camera and how thats working youre not going to be paying attention to the way youre flying, it also have an agenda. Dont just fly around aimlessly or youll get bored, even though its pretty hard to get forward. With these really cool lights, i learned how to change the lights on it and learn how to do the different directions. So this is really nice when its raining outside or even if its dark – and you want to fly your drone, you can have a lot of fun inside get more than one with you and your friends. I mean look at isnt that cool how they switch and then you can make it rotate like that. Put on a pretty cool drone show, if you really practice with you and your friends, you know, and actually i think its easier to fly at night, because when you have the lights on just in the front or the back its easier to know, the orientation of The drone kind of like that, so i was really curious if the lights burned the battery down. So i ran a full battery with lights off and its supposed to get seven minutes of flight time, but it actually got seven and a half minutes. So thats really good, so i landed it switched the batteries and flew a full another battery with the lights on, and it only uh cut it down by 30 seconds and it got a full seven minutes with lights on so thats good, so lets go inside.

Lets see what she weighs so lets go over everything about the drone now how to get the app working, the camera and all the functions of the drone. All right guys lets see what she weighs in at. She weighs all right guys. She weighs in at 50 grams right on the dot which is about the same weight as like the holy stone 340 and which is about twice as much as like the hs210. So how much is 50 grams? Well, 50 grams is about the same weight as two boiled eggs. Oh wait a minute its about those youre about to wait for all right guys, so its a really cool drone. If you look real close uh, the lights are four little leds in here, and they can change colors and what i like about it is. They have the blue props in the front and the white ones in the back, and it does come with a charger that you actually can plug two batteries in. At the same time, the light will be red and itll turn green. Whenever theyre finished charging takes about an hour hour and a half of charging and as you saw, it got about seven and a half minutes with the lights off in about seven minutes, with the lights on, which is actually really good for these um. The drone also comes with extra props, a handy dandy screwdriver, so this prop removal tool. If you do somehow bend one of these props um.

The only way ive ever done is my dog caught it midair and bent one of the props. But you have to use the prop removal tool to remove the prop um. If you try to pull it out, youre going to pull these little wires out and then the drone is kind of useless to you so be sure and use your prop removal tool, and to do that, you have to take these four off and then you can Kind of bend it up a little bit uh the battery is 550 milliwatt amp battery, which is about double what the hs210 is in the front. The cameras pointed straight, which is really good. The last mini drone. I reviewed the camera was kind of pointed down and you had to put it up real high to have a look at you and that was kind of a pain. So at least the cameras pointed straight and, as you saw from the footage i mean its its a really its 720p. I couldnt believe how good of photos it took in the video for a drone thats under 50 dollars, so to turn it on little buttons right here and its theyre going to blink until you turn the remote on. So when you turn the remote on and dont even worry about using the camera in the beginning, just learn how to fly the drone. So when you turn it on its not bound to it, the remote is not bound to the drone, yet so to bind the to bind it to it.

You go up and down on this side, so its up and down itll blink and now its bound uh and to set the gyros make sure that its on a flat surface, so theres a gyros in the ecu and so what you do is you pull it Down into the left and youll hear a double beep and itll blink again and now the joggers are set, make sure its on a flat surface, because if you set it this way, then, when the drone takes off its going to think that this is level and Its not going to fly good uh heres, how you change the lights and youve got all kinds of options. You can have a blinking like that havent blinking, fast, just in the front or off or just in the back or off and heres your takeoff button. So, as you see, i pressed both these down and it killed the motors um over here. You press this one to take a photo and a swim to start a video or press both of them to kill the motors uh. Your speed switch is really important if youre going to fly it outside when it takes off its in speed one. So when youre flying indoors, you wan na fly in speed one. But when you press this button, you hear the two beeps now its in speed. Two hear that now its in speed three so thats the top speed. So if you go outside and its windy, you wan na go straight to speed three or to blow away from you be careful flying outdoors.

You may want to start just just indoors, then a long press on this side itll do a 3d flip in the direction. So when you press down on it, itll itll beep at you until you until you push it in the direction you want it to flip and then itll flip in that direction. Your trim button is you hold down on this button for a long time, and then you push these in the opposite direction. If you want it to go so, and otherwise if it seems to be drifting to the left or to the right you hold down on this button and adjust, this takes a little bit of practice, but youll get the hang of it. So a long press on this one makes it circle around you and does a circle fly thats pretty cool. So it comes with a really nice instruction book and to get the app to work. You want to go to go to page 14, open up your camera and itll. Take you to the website. You download the app its this def pv. Then you open up the app but its a wi fi drone. So the first thing you got to do before you even do anything. Is you got to turn the drone on and go to your wi fi, because the app wont work if you dont do this best to make a pre start checklist even on a drone thats? Not a gps drone, so you go to wi, fi d e, r, c fpv, and now this ipad is linked to this drone.

So you go back to the app go ahead and turn on the remote now its bound exit out of there and push this to open it up, and now you see that the cameras on, but it doesnt like to be flown on an ipad. Does it so up here is everything i say: dont use any of these functions. I mean i dont even think the the takeoff worked up for me. So if you push the takeoff button, it doesnt even work. So dont even worry about any of these. The only thing you may want to use is to take a picture. You press it itll, take a picture, theres a picture and you start a video and it has a little countdown here and also you can go in here and now. I can look at the photos that i took in the pictures so thats all. You really want to use this for on the app and um. If you try to look at your phone, these small drones moving around so much youll lose the orientation so its best to fly the drone line of sight but use the app for videos and take pictures. So lets go back for our final review. Hey guys thanks! So much for watching my review of the derc d23, the little mini drone with the camera that has a light uh guys. I put this one at the top of the list. I know ive always said this is the best one, but this one flies just as good its really easy to control theres, no latency its got the cool factor of the camera and the lights.

So if you bought a kit of one of these little drones, would they be excited yeah, but not as cool as this? Just the aesthetics of seeing the lights just makes it more exciting to see the drone fly through the air and keeps your interest longer. The longer youre flying it, the better youre gon na get with the controls, the better youre gon na, learn how to fly your drone, the more things you can do with it like what im gon na do im gon na order, two or three more of these And they sell these noodles at the dollar store and i can stick them in the ground with a little spike or even make some little gates ill. Make a video about that with me and my friends flying these around at night and trying to race them and have more fun and wont that help your skill set uh how to fly a drone.