I really do appreciate it if you havent done it already hit that subscribe and that notify button for me. So you dont miss any of my upcoming videos, and so you dont miss your chance at winning a free drone, thats right as soon as we get to 1 000 subscribers. You guys im gon na give away three drones, not one but three im not going to tell you what three drones im going to give away yet. But i can tell you this much theyre going to be pretty damn awesome so make sure you subscribe and notify. So you dont miss your chance at winning one of them. Today we are going to check out drcs newest drone, its their d23 nano drone. This little dudes, pretty cool you guys. It has some serious, led lighting effects to it. 720P hd fpv camera on it. Some pretty powerful brushed motors as well and the blades are completely enclosed on it. Making it safe for kids altitude hole really easy to apply mini drone. The blades are also enclosed. For another reason, this thing does a trick: ive never seen before you guys. You can toss this thing forward, the motors start up, it flies away from you, then it turns around. It comes back at you and you can catch them in your hand, the motors shut off, and you can do it all over again. I like to call it the boomerang effect, the price actually a really good price for this mini drone.

You guys ‘.99 on amazon right now ill put the link down in the description. Click on it go get yourselves. One first lets go unbox it and check out everything we get with this little dude then ill. Show you how to set them up really easy to do. Theres not much to it at all, then were going to put them up my living room and were going to give them one hell of a test flight and check that trick out and see what it does so lets go. Get started: Music, Music, Music, Music. All right guys lets unbox drcs d23 remote control, nano drone. This is the box. It comes in pretty cool. Looking drone already on the box, thats awesome, 2.4 gigahertz hd camera all around protection. The blades are completely enclosed, safe for kids, easy for beginners and it has an awesome altitude hole. So lets get this dude out of the box. Shall we here we go awesome as usual. Drcs drones are very well packaged, never fails manual right on the top check. It out lets get that dude out of here and check it out. Our always important caution of battery use statement is in the bag as well, but our manual the d23 instruction manual. It is in english and i believe, for the first time it is only in english. Usually they come pretty thick and theyre in a bunch of different languages, but this one is actually only in english.

Everything you need to know is in this manual. You guys, you know your controller, what the drone does, how to set it all up its not real hard to set up ill show you that here in a minute, but read the manual, even though its a mini drone read the manual top to bottom live. It learn it know it dont be a drone dummy here we go wheres our goodie bag heres, our goodie bag check it out. What do we got in here lets check it out. Oh, i see two usb charger cables, but only one total cable – oh well, isnt – that cool check it out. You get one usb charging cable, but its a dual charging, cable, so thats, really cool. You can actually charge both batteries at the same time with just one charging, cable, thats awesome, and then it looks like we got one drone propeller battery removal tool. Of course you know phillips, head screwdriver and two one full set of blades, blue and white, very cool. So we get extra blades, which you may never ever have to use to be honest with you, because these blades are completely enclosed. You may never need to use them, and this little handy gadget right here. This is our drone propeller removal tool. Here we go Applause. You know im going to save the best part for last right lets check out this controller, very cool, white and blue. That is awesome.

We got a cell phone holder right here. Get that out of our way cool, looking controller, i like it its not real fat and bulky either thats pretty cool. I like the way it feels it actually feels really well made its very strong plastic. So that is super cool. It is a 2.4 gigahertz controller and it takes three aaa batteries. They go right here in the back. Take your handy, dandy, little screwdriver, open it up pop them in there. Your controller has power on the top here. This is something super important, no im kidding its actually just a cover, four check it out your cell phone holder, so this pops in here and it locks in watch, i wont – be able to get back in and theres a little latch right here on the back Of the controller, you just push that down pull up. Your cover comes off and your handy dandy, cell phone holder, snaps right in the top, like so pretty cool thats, pretty awesome. It is adjustable, which is very cool too. I like that, you can tilt it up right, which makes it a whole lot better. It does have padding in here, so your phones going to stay in here really well and it actually opens up pretty big thats, a pretty big stretch for a cell phone holder. I like that, i use the note 20 ultra. I have an otterbox case on it, but im not too sure it would fit in here.

In the case, it just may thats pretty big. I like that thats awesome on the top. You have your picture. Button short press, it takes a picture if you long hold this button. This is how you trim the drone, put it up in the air if its dripping in one particular direction or so press and hold this in, and then you just tap this right, joystick in the opposite direction, that the drone is drifting so naturally, if its drifting Safe forward tap it backwards until it stops and levels itself out and usually theyre, not too bad to trim, and you can get a really decent altitude hold on them where they dont move around at all. They may swirl a little, but they stay right there, which is cool, well, have to check that out and see how easy this one is to trim this. Is your video button tap? It does a video now, if you long press this one and hold it in thats. What starts the circle fly on the drone and what the drone will do is itll just start making a big circle. Um theyre, usually not huge, but you need a pretty decent amount of room, so you dont run into the walls and everything, and even if you did with this drone, the way these blades are enclosed. This thing may just bounce off the wall a few times and keep going were going to check it out, thats really cool.

So our joysticks, you have your ascend decent of course, forward backwards. Your turn left turn right. Youre all left all right. They feel really good too. I like the way they feel they bounce right back into place, theres no stickiness to them, and they actually feel really good too thats awesome. So this left joystick also is your ready for this. Your speed switch. It is a three speed. Drone, all you do is press it down. Heres a click. The controller will beep. The number of beeps will represent the speed youre in well spit that one out, so one beep or one two itll be two speed. Two three beeps youre in speed: three. It will always default back to speed one over here, your right joystick. This is cool push it down, the controller will beep and then tap it up down, left or right, and the drone does a really cool 360 degree flip in whatever direction you tap. The joystick super cool. I cant wait to try that out. I love the flips theyre so cool over here. This is our auto takeoff and lan self explanatory press it. The drone, takes off press it again. The drone will land this one over here. This is your led light mode button. This dude has four, i think its four different light modes. It does it says five, but five would be completely off, so you can turn them completely off these led lights on this drone, you guys are pretty damn awesome.

Theyre really bright and they work so good were gon na go through it and ill show you these different modes, light modes tap it. It changes the modes off and then back on. If you long press this button here, youll put your drone in headless mode. Very cool the drone actually has headless mode. If you dont know what headless mode is google, it no im kidding its kind of hard to explain, but the drone is going to go whatever direction. You push this joystick, no matter which way it is facing you. So if its facing you and you push this its not going to go forward its actually going to go away from the controller and vice versa, so look it up its really its hard to explain but not really hard to use on the bottom. Our power switch check it out thats kind of cool. I like it on the bottom like that and its an actual switch thats. Pretty neat our led light indicator light on the front. It will stop blinking when we pair it to the drone. That is really cool cool. I like this controller. This controller is pretty damn neat. You guys set that over there all right here we go, you guys are ready. I know you are so am i but check it out. I see our battery im gon na set this dude right here and were gon na get our mini drone engines out check it out.

So you do get two 550 m8h, 3.7 volt lipo mini drone engines, very cool, its a modular battery, which i absolutely love its. Not just you know the battery wrapped in that plastic with a connector on the end, you pop it in this one actually slides in the bottom of the drone ill. Show you real, quick like so got your connector. You just put it here like this and push these two tabs in push it down your battery is in, and it makes the bottom of the drone very cool all right so anyway, to charge these little dudes up. Im going to take this one out back too, since the other ones in the drone, it does take 40 40 to 60 minutes to charge each battery. You do get the cable, so you can charge them both at the same time when you are charging it, there will be a red light on this inside this uh usb port right here on this and when theyre fully charged. That will turn green. So you know theyre done, but full charge on a completely drained battery is 40 to 60 minutes. You can charge it with a 5 volt 2 amp charger box in your ports right here on the back, and you just slide it in like so, and you can plug your other one in and youre good to go very awesome now fully charged youre going to Get anywhere from about seven to nine minutes per battery and again that depends on the speed youre in the tricks youre doing all that other good stuff, like that, so very cool all right guys its time for the d23 nano drone very cool.

Looking i like that. Its white thats, pretty unique, got red white and blue and a silver stripe patriotic blue propellers in the front white propellers in the back, and you can tell front from back with the camera. I like the way it feels it feels very well made so thats really cool the modular battery pops on the bottom, giving you the bottom of your drone, so very cool. I like that the uh propellers are completely enclosed, so thats neat, your power button is on the bottom right here and you just long press. It turns the drone on just like so and there he goes and when they actually did stop blinking. I thought they were going to keep blinking till we paired the controller, but they quit look at those led lights. You guys theyre, really bright, theyre, really cool. Looking inside this white ring thats super neat, alright, so this little dude weighs a whopping, 53 grams or 1.87 ounces. The range on this little dudes, not bad at all, you guys its 50 to 80 meters or 164 to 262 feet um. Now the max range of course thats going to be unobstructed. No, you know no interference signals cell phone wi, fi stuff, like that. That would interfere in it. Walls if youre flying it indoors and stuff thats a pretty good range for a little mini drone. The fpv range on this dude theres our camera. It sits at an 85 degree angle, so thats pretty cool 60 meters or 197 feet.

Is your fpv range so thats how far youll get your video feed, which is pretty good thats a pretty decent distance for a nano or mini drone indoors, so not bad at all. Thats impressive, im gon na have to check that out, but the camera. It is a 720p, your picks and videos are all stored at 1280 by 720p. Again, the camera sits at an 85 degree angle, which is actually a really decent angle. I was impressed at how this thing sits in here. Your pictures are in jpeg. Your videos are going to be avi and mp4. This is pretty cool. You guys i like this drone, but were going to set it up its really easy to do im going to show you one more thing, though this is the power button. If you press it twice now youre supposed to hold the drone horizontal when you do it so press it twice now i see all those lights are blinking like this now and theyre kind of flickering in the back. This drone has something i call it the boomerang effect, but is a toss back feature when you throw this drone forward, its going to start up, fly away from you for a few feet and its going to turn around and come back and you can actually catch It in your hand, and the motors will shut off and you can do it again. Absolutely cool kids are going to love it im going to show you guys how to do it when we do our test flight, but right now lets get this little dude set up and well check out the app real, quick and then were gon na get this Dude in the air, okay, guys were gon na get this little dude set up, so we can get him up in the air and check him out theres, not a whole lot to set him up.

The most important thing to remember is to pair your controller and do a gyro calibration thats pretty much all there is to it youre going to power on your drone youre going to take your power button, youre going to long press your power button. It will come on the lights, will blink a couple times and then theyll. Stop then youre going to take your controller and youre gon na power it on your indicator. Light here will continue to blink. All youre gon na do is take your left joystick and go fully forward and fully back. You can do it quick, slow. It doesnt matter just like that. The drone blinked a couple of times now youre paired to the drone super cool gyro calibration, make sure you do it on a flat level surface. Every time you do it and i would recommend doing a gyro calibration each time before you put the drone up in the air land it swap the battery. Do it again its really easy to do? It only takes like three seconds so youre going to take both joysticks youre, going to slide them down and then push them over to the left. You can see there our lights blinked a couple times. They come back to solid its done ill. Do it one more time, so you can see it thats. What they do now our gyros are calibrated were connected to the controller, were pretty much good to go now, im going to show you how to connect this dude to the wi fi, it is emitting a wi fi signal, so im going to show you how to Connect to it so that you can use the app in the fpv feature here we go im going to show you how to connect to the drones, wi fi signal, so he is emitting a wi fi signal.

It is not internet, so you do not need internet or an internet connection to fly the drone. You just need a phone or tablet that can connect to a wi fi signal go to wherever your wi fi settings are on your phone youll see here itll scan for available networks. It should pop up in a few seconds. You can see right there. Drc fpv were going to tap on it now, the first time you do this, you guys you may get a pop up, telling youre connected with no internet again perfectly okay, you dont need internet to fly the drone. Also, you may get one asking you if you want to keep the wi fi connection or switch to cellular data, keep the wi fi connection thats. What you need to use the app in the fpv were going to hit done. Okay, now were going to open the app. It is d e, f, p, app right there on the screen, its free on google play and the app store lets open it up and check this dude out. So you can see right here that is your home screen down at the bottom. The learn that takes you to a video that tells you how to uh set up the drone charge, the batteries all the other good stuff, now dont freak out its not the d23. In the video, its actually the d10, but all the mechanics are pretty much the same. Your help button very cool its your app everything the app does.

It tells you what all the symbols stand for, what they do very cool all right lets open up the app see if we got picture were gon na open it look at that. We have video, and i want to show you guys here – real quick for 720p thats, actually not bad video at all. I was really impressed at how clear it was for only being 720p all right so before the drone shuts off real, quick. The power button in the middle – this is what you use to open up your joysticks and im going to show you thats. You can fly the drone with the app you dont have to use the controller watch. The drone, when you turn this on youll, know if its connected, because the lights on your drone will blink there they go. That means we are connected to the joysticks on the app im gon na. Try it out for you guys when we test fly it. I do not like flying it with the joysticks on the app im, no good at it, but were going to check it out and see how it works all right. The little slider buttons here between your vr and your stop button. That is your trim button. Youre going to tap that and then youre going to trim the drone, like you, would, on the controller, just tap in your joysticks left and right, the opposite direction. The drone is, is drifting tap it again when youre done and youll get out of there.

Your settings, all this really is you can auto save your parameters, you can tuning parameters, you can reset your trim parameters and you can switch it from right, handed mode to left handed mode and all that does again that just switches the joysticks around. So your left, one would be your forward backward your right. One would be your ascend and your descent, but thats it. This dude does have an auto shut up on it guys. So if you have it on for a few minutes and it shuts off its to save the battery pretty cool feature thats our app oh look at there, he just shut up on us but thats, the app thats. All i wanted to show you on. It were going to check the rest out when we get him up in the air. Lets. Go give this dude a little test flight and check him out and see what he can do. Okay, guys here we go, lets get this little dude in the air and check him out. So one thing i did notice on this drone is: there is no way to unlock the motor, so the only way to lift him up in the air is, with the one key take off and land button, so thats. What were gon na do, but here we go nice, take off a little bit of trimming needed to be done. Not bad, though lets see if we can get him fixed here, Music, see what we got now perfect.

Look at that not bad at all. Thats! A great altitude hole right there, so not a whole lot of trimming that was cool ill bring them over here. Show you guys these lights, theyre, really cool ill, go through the different patterns that they do. If i can keep them above the coffee table here long enough boy, i can feel the breeze coming off strong little motors all right. She got that one that ones really cool. Then you have this one Music, which is really cool. I like that one and you can just have the green ones on or you can have them off. All right were gon na leave them on lets. Go over here and check out the flip boy. These motors are really strong. I could feel the breeze kicking up from the coffee table. All right were gon na try the flip. Here we go ready, flip, oh, that was cool Music. That was pretty awesome. The response from the controller to the drone is great too. This is speed one and he really handles great. All right lets. Try the i want to attempt to do the circle fly here. Well see i dont know, but were gon na, try it so we still have a little bit of a drip, but i think its, the updraft from the coffee table yeah right there, its pretty good look at that thats awesome. All right circle fly. Four battery gets too low im gon na try.

It hope i dont hit anything, but all right here we go sticker fly there. He goes Music. Oh little. Small circle lets. Try that again, im going to bring it back closer though lets see what happens all right here. We go. Circle fly Music there. It goes Music, so its a small circle, but you can raise them and lower them. Music check him out. That was cool and then you can just hit the right, joystick and hes done. Thats cool awesome. Little drone lets check out the one key land and then i say we go through the speed and ill show. You guys this camera, because its actually not a bad camera for a 720p, so im gon na put him over the coffee table here and were just gon na hit the one key land and were gon na land. Him lets change the light pattern before we do. It thats cool all right, houston lets land this little dude. Here we go not a bad landing at all. Awesome all right lets get him up and check out the speeds im gon na turn, these lights solid, all right that was cool, so lets pick a pattern for our speed test here. I think that ones pretty cool, so im gon na lift them back up well go through the speeds, real quick. I did forget to mention that i know this. Video is probably dark, but these led lights on this little dude are so intense.

My camera was just picking up like a white glow from it, and i really wanted to try to get as much of the color and intensity of these leds, as i could theyre really cool led lights on this drone theyre. Just awesome ive never seen any of this bright before all right. Here we go nice, take off honey, held this trim, great cool, all right im, going to get them over here and were going to go through speed. One speed one! You already saw some of it. Its actually a really comfortable speed, but here we go check him out nice response from the controller hes very controllable wow, and he turns really good too Music check that out. Oh, that was awesome. Oh, i like this little drone, hes cool man super fun, easy to fly too. Look at that back him up and were gon na do speed two all right, thats it two beeps b, two Music wow speed 2 is really nice too thats awesome all right! Im going to give them a run and start here, because i know speed3 is going to be really quick. You guys all right d3. Here we go whoa. Oh, did you see the nose dive? He did watch that look at that. Oh thats, still cool Music wow. He turns great Music thats, pretty damn awesome. Oh this little drone is cool. You guys all right get them back in speed, one thats, just so cool yeah.

I like this little drone. You guys this is cool Music check that out all right. Im gon na give show you guys the camera right now put the camera on and check it out and honestly for 720p, its not bad its really perfect to fly around the house and practice fpv flying or even like for the kids to get used to recording Video and taking pictures with the drone, its really cool Music – and you can see its not bad at all, see if i can back him up and get my tv in a little bit better something else i notice i can get him pretty close to my ceiling And he doesnt suck up to it a lot of times these drones. You get them too close to the ceiling and theyll go right up to it and just stick to the ceiling, but check that out thats, actually not a bad picture at all, and i, like the angle of the camera, pretty cool you guys all right Music, all Right im going to take him for a lap here, you guys check him out and im just going to close my mouth for a few minutes. You guys can hear these motors working because they are awesome little motors. But what do you say you guys we go and check out that rotate flyback feature on this little dude im ready to try it out Music. That is really cool, thats, an awesome drone! You guys i like this drone and checking out all the speeds and he actually held his trim really well.

Look at that, not bad at all, thats, pretty damn good! You guys impressive! Usually you got ta re trim them big time after you do tricks and everything else that is really cool, so im thinking our battery yep there we go ill show you guys here since were already down here. So when the battery gets to a certain point, your lights will do that right there they will blink. I want to fix that trim a little bit but theyll start to blink and then, when it gets down to where you got only about, i want to say its like a minute or two left. Theyll start blinking, really quick Music and what the hell this things. So much fun to fly say were just gon na. Take him for a lap and well get these batteries to wear down a little bit. Maybe – and you guys, can see him land by himself check him out absolutely a great little drone. You guys he handles really well, he flies great and easy to fly. I mean right now. I dont even have my hand on the controller right now and hes just right. There thats just super cool, definitely a great little drone. All right lets take them for a couple laps here and trying to get that battery to wear down some more. It should be blinking pretty quick here any second, oh there. It goes lets get him over to the coffee table and he should land himself here.

Any minute now Music, i know you dont get very long when the lights come on, like that, so when they start blinking really quick like that, it looks like were gon na get probably a good decent minute and a half two minutes out of it. Thats cool Music, strong little motors on this dude, you guys i mean hes, really bouncing around. I have him right above my coffee table Music and i can feel the breeze there. He goes. Oh not yet he was thinking about it night. Oh, i fell off the table. That was it. He landed himself that was really cool. It was actually going to be a smooth landing until i got onto the edge of the coffee table. That was pretty awesome. All right guys lets go check out. That rotate flyback feature. I am really excited to try this out and see if it works and how well it works so lets so its finally time to do the rotate flyback trick on this little dude, so youre going to take the drone just like i have him now, lay them In the palm of your hand, i went ahead and calibrated the gyros already it doesnt say you have to do that, but i went ahead and did it anyway just to be safe but turn the drone on keep it flat level and horizontal camera facing forward and Upright take your finger, put it under the front, left, propeller arm and double tap.

It drone should look like this, with the lights kind of doing that funny, flicker now its in rotate flyback mode and were ready to go. So, in all honesty, i have not done this trick, yet you guys so this is going to be the first one were going to check it out and see if it works. You want to put the drone in the palm of your hand. Kind of, like so remember, camera facing forward and youre just going to kind of give it a little lunge up and out, and he should start up fly away, turn around come back and we should be able to catch him. So here we go check it out. That was cool. It worked really well, he didnt go very far. I thought he was going to go a lot farther than that, but lets try it one more time and see how he does so here we go attempt number two. This is cool check it out. That is absolutely awesome. It works perfect that is cool. You guys, im gon na take this dude and im gon na practice. Some more, but right now lets go wrap. This video up im gon na give you guys my final thoughts on drcs, d23 mini okay, guys time for my final thoughts on drcs d23. Nano drone. I would absolutely recommend clicking that link down in the description you guys and going and grabbing one of these mini drones. They are an absolute blast to fly and it was super easy to fly even on speed 3.

It was really easy to control it and maneuver in my living room. The led lighting effects on this dude are just awesome and it didnt drain the battery, like i thought it was going to do so. That was really cool. The trim pretty impressive as soon as we put this dude in the air, it really didnt need to be trimmed at all. Then we went through all three speeds and did both tricks and it still held its trim really well. That was super cool. I think the thing that impressed me the most, though, was that rotate flyback feature or the boomerang effect. It worked perfect and it was actually really easy to do. The kids will have no problem at all learning how to do that and theyre absolutely going to love it. You dont need the controller or anything else to do. It was a blast. The price again, just with that rotate flyback feature, is well worth the 40 bucks theyre asking for it, in my opinion, its a steal for this little drone. You guys remember the links down in the description, click on it, go, get a couple of them and have some fun thats going to do it for this video. You guys remember, hit that subscribe and that notify button for me. So you dont miss any of my upcoming videos, and so you dont miss your chance at winning a free drone. When we hit 1 000 subscribers have fun stay safe out there.