This is a little mini, foldable wi, fi, fpv drone it doesnt have any gps or any kind of position hold should just be a little fun flyer. Very little very lightweight has a a little wi fi fpv camera in the front, its probably going to be 720p, its just manually adjustable. So you just adjust it. How you want im going to have it aimed up a little bit so when i fly forward im not looking at the ground, got wet white leds in the front and red leds in the back to help with your orientation. Now, if you want to know the other specifics about this drone, including what it comes with the battery information and that stick around to the end, i do a quick little overview of the drone here outside telling you about all that stuff. Now i did mention in the overview at the end of the app im going to mention that again here now, just so that you know that in case you dont stick around for that. That app is called the defpv app and ill put a screenshot of that over here, and that is what you need to download from the play store or the apple store, to be able to connect and actually see this drone on your smartphone. So i have it all connected now, so im going to take it up and well take it up for a test flight here and fly it around.

I went over the controls, also in the overview. So if you want to know all the controls on the controller also stick around at the end for that, so i already have it as you can see powered on, and i have it bound to the controller and connected to the app now just testing here momentarily It was very, very laggy, and you see that sometimes the lag seemed to be a bit worse than i was expecting so were going to go ahead and do a long press here on this upper right, bumper to start recording video theres no sd card in this. So its just gon na be recording the wi fi feed so thats. Why im a little concerned? What to see what kind of video we actually get so a long press and it should be recording and now ive got a counter, so were recording to do a gyro calibration. Its going to be both sticks down to the right, and i can see the rear lights flashing red so we know were calibrated and lets go ahead and see if we can unlock the props or what were going to do to actually just give it throttle. So sometimes you need to do the in or out you just give it throttle, because i dont lets see, does it have an auto take up? I think it actually does the top left bumper lets see if that takes off yeah. So you can just press the up left bumper.

This should be in the lowest rate this this, the uh, the phone clip holder, really wobbles around my phone. You have to be careful thats pretty stable, though thats the lowest rate lets see what was the rates here. I think its this one right here so lets test that and theres the middle rate and theres the highest rate that yall does increase a bit. Of course, this can be a much sportier thats a lot sportier there that flies really nice. I expected this wood. These drones, like this, usually fly, really well lets see. I think this is yeah. This looks like this is direct driven, so what that means is the props are sitting right on top of the motor, i believe, thats the case i have to look more closely here. I didnt think about that when i had it on the ground. It looks like that though, but it might be, it could be gear in there i dont know id have to look more closely. Its a little noisy and usually direct driven uh motors are quieter because its not running gear, so it might have gears in there yes flies really well, just like i expected it would, but this design is when im getting that flies really really well lets. Do some 360 flips while we have plenty of battery power, so lets get to that one? I have to keep looking at the bumper. Unfortunately, thats kind of the unfortunate thing is trying to remember these.

These multi function, bumpers on the back, so lets get it over here yeah. I knew it would flip good again. This design is going to flip good. It kind of looks like a sort of looks like a mini original dgi air. They kind of had that. Look to them and those lights are really bright, like its the middle of the day. Here the calm days, its good for flying – and i can see those lights really easily. Thats really going to help your orientation, because if you have any problems with the wi fi feed, which right now im seeing some freezing up in the wi fi feed and im not very far away, so you know im not making excuses for it. It shouldnt happen, but these wi fi fpv drones, especially the ones that are running on 2.4 gigahertz, which is the same frequency as your controller and all the neighborhood wi fi is on that as well. They tend to be even worse if its a 5g, a 5 gigahertz wi fi those tend to work better. They dont have as much cross interference, yeah thats sporty, so dont dont expect much at this price and this little toy to have really good video again. It should be 720p, pretty sure its going to be a low frame rate – probably 25 frames per second im guessing, but were going to see some drop frames because youre just recording that feed and im seeing the frozen frames at times in the feed.

So this video may quickly get out of sync with what im doing with my head cam because of the drop frames and the frame rate boy flies great though, if you want a really good flyer, this drone is for you, it flies great. I mean i, i figured it would and its meeting my expectations. In fact, its probably exceeding them just dont expect much from the camera without even looking at it. I know its, not you know its not going to be a lot at this price point and that little pinhole camera, but the fact that were not getting the sd card footage. You know that its going to uh be dependent on how good the wi fi feed is, and the wi fi feed is average at best i mean i do see quite a few at this that look like this, so its not like this is some rare uh Instance, where the wi fi doesnt work well, thats too common, just sometimes you get ones that work a little better than others for some reason, whatever, even if its 2.4 gigahertz, i got ta say that the camera looks a little bit washed out again thats common. You know its almost overexposed again thats what you have to expect: youre not going to get anything better, typically, but im going to try to hover here. I didnt notice a lot of jello and thats. The phone wants to wobble so remember, thats, going to it.

Doesnt want to snap into place very well, obviously youre seeing movement and wobbling with the the drone since theres no stabilization or gimbal on a little toy like this, but im not noticing a bunch of um jello wobble. They call where it looks like youre filming through a bowl of jell, o wobbling on a glass on a glass bowl and im, not seeing that now. Obviously, there could be some im not seeing this actually shows up in the the recorded video. Whenever im able to look at it on a screen, but for me i try to look at if theres, just no bad, jello, wobble thats a win on a toy because at least you can get. You know some video that you can actually make stuff out and even though im not testing that right now, you got to get some better photos because sometimes a jello wobble can be so bad. It can actually even look a little distorted in your photos. Ive seen that at times so were over six minutes of recording video here and its still going strong, no flashing lights or no, so we dont, we not read the reach. The low voltage cut off thats how to get it. I dont this ought to get a pretty good flight time. I dont remember what the instruction manual advertised this is my maiden flight. You know lots of times. I would test fly these drones, but i didnt get a chance to do this.

One and honestly, when youve flown as many as i have over the last five years, you sort of get an idea and my instincts on this was pretty close. But obviously i dont know the exact flight time on this guy from any test flights, but well be able to get a decent one here. Just by going off of the uh recorded video im going to go over here, we got some people mowing which of course has to happen right when im trying to review and its going to be really loud, those really big mowers down there. Of course, i picked the time just they picked the time to come in right when im going to end my video and start up. The really obnoxiously loud mowers well, try to finish this video out, so we can at least give you guys a flight time. I still dont see any flashing lights and we are at approaching eight minutes, so thats really really good. Well, i shouldnt say thats good that we havent reached this thats, not really good flight time, thats a thats, a nice flight time, but what im getting at is thats nice that we havent reached it yet, but – and i think nope that was just me turning it Im in the highest rate and im flying rather aggressively, so that will shorten the flight time now, theres, not a lot of wind today and that helps if youre fighting wind thats going to shorten your flight time now, weve got flashing lights so at eight, almost eight And a half minutes weve reached our old lvc.

So now thats telling us hey, you need to get close, get ready to land its gon na land itself here in a moment, but it still seems thats pretty good power. These lbcs can really sometimes theyre 10 seconds and sometimes ive had them a minute and a half so ill have to see how long how soon they got the lvc voltage set to trip a warning for you so make sure on any of these wi fi fpv Recorded drones, where youre recording the feed and not through an sd card that you remember to stop recording video, because if you cut the power to this drone without stopping theres, a very good chance, youll corrupt, the video feed to your phone youll lose that footage. So keep that in mind: if the slide is superb, it really does. This is a kind of this one, its funny. I just like the third drone in a row now theyve been sort of a throwback in terms of just a fun flyer, no gimmicks. No, no gps, no optical flow, none of that stuff were were at nine and a half minutes of recorded video here and im still flying. It looks like its losing some altitude now but, and i can see its losing – i give it throttle now its going to come on down land so weve. We went almost 10 minutes lets do a long press here and stop recording the video. So we should have that video now saved to the gallery on the phone which i was able to include with this flight.

So, overall, this thing flies awesome i mean as long as youre, okay with just not having great video, because you cant expect great video at this price point. If youre looking for a drone that flies super, maybe a good training drone. This would be super to train with, especially in the lower rates, and you capture a little video just for the novelty of that. I highly recommend this drone. I really really think its an excellent flyer and its at amazon, so that means youre going to be able to get this in two days. If you have prime, if theres any problems, youre going to be able to return it there shouldnt be. But if you have you know if youve got a dud or something you can return this drone, you have to worry about waiting a month from china and dealing with you know bad customer service that sometimes comes with some of those chinese sellers. So, overall, i recommend this drone, its really nice. I have a a purchase link in the video description of this drone and they included some discount codes so ill make sure. I include the discount code for this. If theres any coupon clip that and then you apply the code on top of it and you get double savings or two different separate savings, so youll be able to save even more money on this drone so be sure to check the video description for that. All right guys thats a wrap that wraps up the flight review of the drc.

D20. Now, if youre interested stick around now for the overview portion, where i go over the specifics of this drone before ending it, so well be right back all right guys. So lets go over what comes with this little drc. D20 drone, so that i dont have the box with me, but theres not a whole lot. With this, you get two batteries. You get two chargers, so you can charge up both of the batteries. At the same time, you get a full set of extra profit, just like these, and you do get some uh prop guards. If you want to put that on there, of course, thats going to add a little extra weight, reduce your flight time and make it a little easier to get it caught up and hung up and something so i wouldnt recommend using those prop guards unless youre an Absolute beginner lets go over the controls. Now this uses the uh wi fi fpv, app, which im probably already mentioned in the flight review. That is the de fpv app, so ill put a screenshot of that app here up on the screen and thats the app that it uses uh the controls. Here you have your on and off your trim button. What you do is you tap that and then once it goes into trim mode, then you can push your right stick the direction you need to trim and then i think youre going to have to hit that again to exit out of trim mode.

So then, youre back into having full control of that thats going to require a little bit of work, because if youre flying, you know youre going to be trimming. At the same time, i prefer to have trim buttons separate from stick. But you do see that more and more now, where they actually allow you to trim with the actual right stick. Of course it is altitude hold, since you have the self centering there on the top. You have an emergency stop button. This one right here is your 360 flips. This one right here is your three rates, and this is your short presser photo long press for video. One of these was also the headless mode. I think it was this one, a long press, i think, put you in the headless mode on this drone. If you do choose to use that here is your phone clip, so you can put the phone in there and then use that app again. That is a de, i guess short for deer d e fpv, wi fi fpv app on this, so thats pretty much everything that it needs to know. Obviously i didnt show you guys the uh, the battery that it comes with here, but it is just a 1s lipo battery here and again you get two of these: its a 3.7 volt, its a 500 milliamp hour, so pretty common size. But, of course this is a proprietary battery, so thats everything like i said something i didnt show you guys the actual stuff in the box, but just take my word for it: theres not much to that stuff.

So i just forgot to bring the box outside with me all right, guys that wraps up the review of the drc d20, if youre new to the channel be sure to uh click. The bell, i never can say it – click the subscribe button and, at the same time, click the bell so youre notified.