I got it off amazon, so check it out, unboxing video, so its a its. So when you open the case, it comes with this foam thing. Right here, pretty good quality, put it down, so here heres the chargers and stuff so theres that comes with two chargers because it comes with these batteries. These are lets see what these are doesnt say what kind but 500 mah comes with two of these two batteries. With two chargers, so you can charge them at the same time. Thats pretty good this the drone itself, its pretty its pretty tiny right now, but you can afford it its affordable, just unfold it its pretty big now, and it comes with these guards right here. Put them like right on there ill put those on so thats the drum pretty light. This is the remote. This is pretty good quality remote. So its kind of weird that it has these holes in here, though, its good quality has this fallen holder? Oh, you can open it to me see what phone i dont know, what phone the biggest phone i can hold and then these dots right here i think those are lights to see. If the battery is good, then this is the on and off button on and off button right. There trim button ill go into that later. Then the batteries are in here. Ive already used this, so i already put the batteries in so lets. Move on to the drone propellers, it has a 720p camera im, not going to be showing you that today, when i fly it because its not the best, its really laggy its wi fi, ellie, four led lights for the front and back the battery slot goes in There – and it says nice design – i got the black one drc power button, so its pretty nice pretty its not really.

If you want to use it for like a fpv drone. This is not the right drone. You should get a better one. This is just for like flying around and stuff, so lets get on to the flying. Okay, so to calibrate it you go up down then to the side like that on a flat level. Then, with these stop in two seconds or time or speed, i think so. You press the up down up an up arrow button. Go up. Oh, this is pretty easy. Then, with the trim you go like that Music. Pretty easy to do. Altitude hold lets go out for a flight Music. I dont know if you guys can see this but im on speed, one its pretty fast Music can go pretty high ill, go speed, two speed three at three speeds it can and it can do a flip. If you i dont know, if you guys saw that ill come closer to do it. Okay, if you guys can see this im gon na, do a backflip Music, its pretty cool flies, pretty good. Its kind of windy out here thats why i have to keep moving it actually pretty loud, too thats, full speed, thats, pretty fast im, not using the camera right now then, to land. You just press that up and down arrow one time, Music and then its supposed to turn off and you can go turn off if you want and um theres headless, theres headless mode right here, im, not sure what that does this 360 flip – and this is the Video button right here and thats the speed button and the trim button right here: okay, im taking it off pretty good attitude, hold kind of drifting to the left.

So you just kind of just trim it go that way, wait till it beeps and then youre good to go. Yeah thats pretty good its staying, pretty good thats, all trimmed just make sure you calibrate it on flat ground, because if you calibrate it on like a slant, its gon na go on a slant when you fly it so speed three and go lets. Go pretty high! Im not going to go really high, flying pretty good up there. 36 360 flip that was like a barrel roll or something getting a little windy out here. So Music try landing it yeah so that should wrap up the video so ill.