4 gigahertz communication lets uh lets go ahead and Open up the box comes in a nice soft case, um its not completely soft. Its got a little bit of rigidity to it. It says drc on it, nice carrying handle and double zipped, so lets go ahead and zip it on unzip. It open it up. Okay, like a lot of the drc, drones ive ive done that come with a case, its got a nice protective thick. This ones actually really thick thick uh protective, padding, uh. That goes on top of the uh, the drone and the and the remote control. The drone is a small folding drone and it uh has a pretty standard. Looking uh remote doesnt, look like much fancy to it. Lets see on off, trim standard, full rotation, joysticks and lets see stop. I guess this is probably for the single key take off would be my guess and uh theres some other buttons here that uh well figure out what these buttons do. This looks like it takes for the camera, and it also has the fold out piece for your phone to fit in so obviously itll work with uh with one of their apps and looks like its got some lights here. That will tell you most likely what the charge condition is and lets see what kind of batteries it uses uh. If i can get this thing open there we go so it looks like it uses, uh double, as takes three of them for the remote set.

That aside and the actual drone is really small, its a very tiny drone and again theres some nice padding to help it sit in the case and protect it, and it looks like it comes with two batteries, and it is a folding drone, so well unfold. It here and see so theres theres the drone. It is a quad theres where the battery goes and it does have a camera mounted on the front. I believe yep, the camera moves up and down now i dont know if the camera moves up and down remotely but well find out if it does and its got lights on it and you cant tell but its not very big. Let me grab a tape measure, so you can see how big it is ill, be right back all right. I have a tape measure now and you can see the drone body is uh three and three quarter inches long and the drone body width is one just under one and a half inches looks like about one and three eighths inches wide and then overall from tip To tip on this, uh on the width of the blades looks like its about uh, just slightly over seven inches and uh going the other way sideways lets see from tip to tip. It looks like its about the same about seven inches as well, so it says drc on it. Nice, compact drone. It is not very heavy at all. In fact, its very very light and the batteries lets see what the batteries are, pull one of them out here and well see what kind of milliamp hours we have here and get this thing open.

Let me pause it just a second all right, so lets see. Lets get it to focus here so uh 1.85 watt hour thats, not a very big um. Oh there we go yep 500 milliamp hour, so thats not a bad capacity for as small as this drone is. I would say that that should should give some pretty decent flight time. I would guess 15. 10 15 – maybe even 20 minutes well find out when i actually uh take the thing outside and fly it and then uh looks like we also have a little zipper compartment here for the uh for the in the case and uh lets see. If i can get that to focus and its a mesh area, its got a zipper open that up and well see whats in here. So theres the instruction book pretty standard, looking instruction book and then looks like spare blades two chargers now thats kind of nice. With the two chargers, you can charge both batteries at the same time, so you dont have to charge one battery and then remove it and put on a new charger and charge the second battery, so thats pretty nice if they provide two uh, two charging cables. For you, it looks like pretty pretty standard. Uh looks like get that to focus again: uh micro, yup micro, usb on the uh on the charging cable, and it looks like it comes with a complete set of spare propellers yep, four four propellers a lot of times.

Um drones will only come with with a couple of spare propellers, but this comes with a complete set of spare propellers and got a little screwdriver for installing them and removing them, and what else is in here – and these, i believe, are the landing feet. So let me get everything all set up and ill be right back. Okay, so i actually went to the manual and found out that those are not feet. It has rubberized feet right here on the bottom of the propeller propeller booms, and what these other things are are actually your propeller guards. Please go on here and snap right into place there and that way, if youre kind of a new drone pilot and havent flown very many drones before you can put these on and that way, if you bump into a tree or a branch or your house or Car, your child, your spouse, whatever you might bump into accidentally um, the propeller, is guarded by this a little piece here and then, if you dont need it anymore, because youve become experienced with controlling the drone and youre not worried about bumping into stuff anymore. I believe you can just pop them right off and then you dont have them on there anymore, so thats kind of neat that they provide four removable, propeller guards. Okay, so next thing for me to do now will be to uh charge up the batteries.