All right shout out to drc for sending me this unit in for review. I’Ll leave a link in the description with a coupon code, all right guys, all right. So this thing has mad features. Man crazy features has altitude hold waypoints wi, fi, fpv 720p. Camera has three speeds, all right: lots of features man so we’ll get into that. In a second all, right, stick around guys, Music, all right, so let’s take a look at this thing. Man i like this case. Nice material, got your drc branding right here, all right, so we got this foam thingy here, here’s your funky remote! I like this. I can actually hold this thing a lot of times. I get drones. You know little tiny drones and this little remote you can’t even really hold it so it’s kind of hard to fly. I like that let’s take a look at this drone man. All right. Look at that that looks nice. I, like the look of this thing: it’s foldable, so let’s unfold, this bad boy, that’s, how the drone looks guys. I, like the look of it. I, like the black on silver or gray, whatever, that is, that drc along there let’s get to this in a sec too. So what else is in this? You got two batteries. I like that, a lot of times you get one and it’s. You know only last five minutes and you got ta stop flying and charge, but apparently these um give you about a nine minute flight time, so that’s, pretty cool all right, let’s see what else is in here.

Okay, you got two charging cables: four propellers and a screwdriver. I like that two charging cables, just in case you lose one. I like that um. You got your manual here and you got some stuff in here about warranty and you know your cautions of the battery, and this comes in english and a couple of other languages, so that’s cool all right. What else is in here? You got your prop guards. If you need them so, like i said before 720p camera, all right has no micro, sd card slot and it’s a little pinhole camera right there. So you know it’s a wi fi fpv, so the image will go on your phone. You download the app and you know, you’ll, get an image. Don’T expect nothing too crazy, like the mini 2, but you know it’s just it’s for fun. This is not necessarily a camera bird. This is more, for you know, flying and having fun so it’s all good got two leds in the front and two in the rear red in the rear white in the front. I love that a lot of these little drones don’t come with um lights, so you can’t fly them at night, which sucks i like to night fly. So i like that um your power switch right there and here’s your battery bay right there now let’s. Take a look at this remote all right, so this can fit my galaxy note 10, which is a huge phone without the case, so that’s, good and altitude hold.

This thing is centered and these sticks actually feel really good. I like that, so you got your on off switch right here, right and here’s your on indicator and off all right, here’s the trim button right here. You just hit that button and go in whatever direction. You need to straighten that bad boy out: um here’s, your automatic takeoff and land button, one press and also your emergency button. Alright, so press and hold falls out of the sky. If you get in trouble all right and this button doubles as the flip button and headless mode, this is your speed button right here. It has three speeds, which is great. You know you can hand it off to your kid or something on mode one and two or for beginners i’ll, be in three all right. This is your video and picture button, one quick press pictures and long press for video all right, um, three double a batteries. I think i went over everything on this remote all right. So let’s start this thing up and go for a quick indoor flight all right let’s. Do it guys turn it on turn? The drone on okay left stick up and down okay and then we’re, going to calibrate. Okay, pull sticks down to the right, see how it flashed and stopped all right. So the left shoulder button take off all right here we go not bad. I think this is in first rate. Let me check the rates.

Okay, that was first all right, not bad man. All right here. We go guys check it out, see it fits my galaxy note, 10, plus all right let’s. Do it let’s take off you know. Let me hit recording oh okay. Let me hit record slide this thing around guys. Hope you guys can see it. Let me go a little higher. Oh i, like those lights, pretty easy to control. I see that it’s pretty fast in first rate too, and very quiet. Second rate, like the beep a little faster, oh yeah, this thing is fun. Man control is great. Look at that. That is awesome. Little funnel action, for you guys check that out and guys i’m impressed man. I am impressed. I can see those lights way up there. Third rate, your thing all right that thing dip boy check out that funnel guys this is a must buy guaranteed and the price is right too. A couple passes here, easy to control. Look at that! I like it. I wanted to do some fpv look at my screen. That’S all fpv, guys all right, let’s try some flips right! Flip! Oh nice, nice recovery, all right, left, flip. Another nice recovery front. Flip whoa raises in altitude a few feet all right: backflip, oh yeah, great flips, guys can’t complain about that it’s. Getting a little windy out here. All right. Okay, that’s nice fly around all right that’s. It guys turn off the recording all right.

Well guys that’s, the drc, d20 foldable, 720p uh mini drone. All right. I like this thing. Man thing fly is great it’s, not much of a camera bird as you guys can see. The camera is not that great, but i don’t think that’s why you would buy this thing all right. Um. I love the lights. You know for night flying and stuff, you know, and i love the fact you know, it’s a good size. You can plant a 5.8 gigahertz camera on top of it comes with a case which i love. You know easy to transport and overall, a great flyer. You saw those funnels. I did this thing is great man um, nice remote.