This is the drone uh. The price of this drone will uh come to uh for 50 to 60 dollars and um. I have buyed it from us before going in the video here lets see the uh features of the room. We have started hold 360 flip max speed and district control and directly right follow me, and this is 14 plus our edges. Now i am opening the drone box, i am going to unbox uh. There are several things in the drone. One is instructions first book quotations for battery, i remote drone batteries and extra components, components and theres, a very tiny drone guy. This is the drone and im unfolding the room, this very tiny that is made for cage and uh. This is the remote. The model is pretty big and uh on off button, trimmer function and 1k takeoff and 1k landing 360 flip and uh three speeds and uh camera and video or photo taken, and there are two batteries in this. There are lipper batteries and this batteries are pretty expensive. Partitions of battery and manual first, let us see the manual boot and there are several contents in this book. There are 25 contents in support, mainly we should read the uh travel, truthing specifications and general information disclaimer this one. We should read and only use the room. Yeah but condition guys uh. We should only fly in the open areas, not in close areas and maintain the line of sight fly below 131 feet.

40 meters like this, and there are package calling drone transmitter drone battery usb charging, cable, propeller guards, propellers screwdriver instructions for use and the quotations of battery there are the several conditions of battery and uh that look now uh. How to insert the battery in the drone means uh heres the battery installer. Before going to that uh says the drones camera on off button rings and im going to install the battery now yeah. Now i install the battery now the battery will be low because uh, it is a new package now, so we should charge the batteries, and this is the extra components: Music, usb cables, screwdriver and four extra wings – and these are the package of the drone – and this Is a very quality drone that is made for kids before that uh heres, the propeller guard – and there are four propeller guard in this and im going to fix the propeller and the proper gut is so important for the ground. Then only we heard yeah now the proper drone is ready. I am going down. The room here is the on button. Yeah, the little lights are flashing. Now the drone is ready guys now. The important basic one is how to on the drone. Basically, now uh, there is a condition guys the red light lydia, which one d should place. Our uh should face uh our face. The drone position should not be like this or this or the white.

Then the drone will fly oppositely, which we control and this mod is known as headless mode guys. This is a proper mode. Now the remote is here. This is the on button short press, the on button like this yeah, the drone is uh. The remote is on here is the phone stand now, how to on the drone means uh faster, joystick up and down now, look guys. The drone is on why it is blinking means this is low battery. We should charge the battery and only use uh. There is a condition guys if this is slow battery. Please try to get back to the original place for the safety guidance now lets see the injections for use the disclaimer and warning safety, goodness maintenance package contents drones, details, transfer the details, drastic mode charging, the battery installation popular properly guard drones, battery camera angle, adjustment transmitted Battery install the phone all there are several contents in this case, mainly, we should read the quotations of the battery book here, avoid charge securing battery by fitting the batteries correctly and do not crash or squeeze the battery size could carry the risk of explosion, ensure you Store or charge your batteries in open and dry area away from anything flammable recommended fire proof black, it is recommended. You only use the usb charging cable. That comes with the drone to charge the body, and there are several contacts in this book guys. We should read the book and only use the room.

Okay guys, i hope you have uh understood my unboxing and the review video. Sorry for not testing my drone.