So this way, when it’s in operation, it protects the blades from damage Music, hello, everyone. This is mel from mel’s, canadian vlog. I would like to unbox again our third sponsor from drc. Okay, so this is um drc day d20 mini drone, so we just received today so come on guys join with us. We would like to show you the unboxing flight test and camera test. Okay, so let’s go guys. So are you excited to open your box? Okay, all right, okay, try it open! I can open it, so that means that’s, not yours. Ladies. We open already: okay, okay, mailed from amazon, it’s, prime, so it’s quick, it’s only one day, what’s you! This is only one day: delivery. Yes, yesterday, thank you. You’Re going to show them: okay, you should the daddy first, you see e d, r, c d, r c d, 20 d, c d, 20 d, 20, and this is appropriate four 14 plus. That means this is for audi i’m jessie tyrande, okay, so this is actually of the unbox okay, Music. You need to get a knife that’s! Okay, thank you. Jasmine said: that’s, okay mommy was saved Music it’s, really safe after we play we’re outside. We can put it this one here: okay, all right, so the final reveal final prevail. So, okay, so just a second grab the uh. These are the batteries and then this is the drone. Okay, don’t look like you really go.

What is that? Okay replacement? Blades, hey yeah, we’re gon na play this outside all right: hey jessie, let’s see the instructions that’s right soon, we’re gon na go play outside yay, just unfold them from the sides yeah. Then these ones go to guard themselves. This is the pokemon. Oh, this is different. Sponsor have you read this one verges from drc hi guys. This is the uh review of the the new sponsor that we got, which is fantastic: the drc they’re a mini 20 drone yeah d20, and so we already unboxed the the drone itself. Okay, guys, this is the actual case, the pouch carrying pouch uh, that you get to store after use, and so this is the uh the arms move in and out very easily and lock into place. One of the things that comes with is the blade guards. So this way, when it’s in operation, it protects the blades from damage so it’s very easy to connect and then it’s on and when you’re ready to take it off. You just simply pry it it’ll come right off nice and easy for easy storage. And then you just fold it back up when you’re done so i’ll put that back on there there we go got the battery recharged, so you see it. You just simply plug that back in right at the back connect that once that’s in place. This is where you’re gon na adjust the the camera angle, so you just simply manually adjust to what angle you want to want the drone to work in.

I think that looks good, so the uh, the drone, comes with two batteries so one so you have an extra backup. It takes about uh, they say about 80 minutes to fully charge and when you’re charging the uh using the cable uh, provided it lights up red and when it the light, turns off. You know what that the battery is fully charged for the the remote that come. You need to have three double a batteries: it doesn’t not included that’s all either rechargeable or not simply put it back into the slide. This one here actually holds your your phone, and so this way you’ll be able to control. You can see and control what the the drone is flying in this is the uh, the spare battery that’s being recharged right now so um it doesn’t come with the the power brick. So we have, we don’t, have a ton of these at the house with all our phones, so you just recharge it either using your own existing power, brick or a power bank or whatever device you have to re you plug in with a usb connection, all right. So now that we got everything set up now, you’ll need to download the go to page 14 in the user instruction manual and uh, depending on so you’ll see these two qr codes. You’Ll use your your camera app and, depending on, if you’re, a apple user or android user, you use the qr code and just use your camera app to focus on that.

It will automatically forward you to the the app store for the app so nice and easy download and then install so the the manual is in multiple languages so depending on very easy to walk you through the whole process. Any questions are pretty much answered right here. As well as uh, the extra parts, just in case uh, one of the blades gets damaged. So you got some extra there, so that’s nice. Now, when connecting to the your phone and the the drone you’ll have to connect. Like just turn the once, the battery is in place, put the power right here, hold it’ll start to flash now. You’Ll have to connect, use your phone to go to your settings and look for go to your wi, fi and you’ll, see the drc connect that and then this this slowly start to connect, yeah, okay, so we’re connected now. So now the go to your app that you downloaded you press this blue button and then it’ll start to pair up and i’m pretty sure you can see now on connected yep and you can see with your camera. You can move the drone, so you still need to fly. You can see Music, you see me. Ah that’s, nice, the drone, you see him so now we are done our unboxing, so we are ready to go outside we’re gon na. Do a the flight test ready? Yes, and also the camera test, can you try the camera test for now here? Oh the camera, yeah yeah, you know the one that’s your race and see my face there.

You go you’re really gon na show me yeah show on the camera on the uh down a little bit where’s my face where’s my face there. Ah, there you are, you can adjust it to see if you want to go lower or yeah all the way. Oh okay, if you’re standing up okay, we can try here in our house, though yeah. I know just control slowly. Okay, here is it? Is there a Laughter, airplane Laughter, ready for the flight test, don’t go to the neighbor, go back the dogs up, put it towards you yeah. These are flipping here. This is guys. This is the drone day. 20 we’re just doing our flight test here in our backyard. We have a huge backyard here, so you’re flying our drone, so my husband is trying my my daughter, my eldest one, she’s done so now my husband he’ll love. It guys trying our best here guys, but we love it. Thank you what’s gon na say. Thank you. I’M, just trying to figure the controllers out. Thank you drc, starting to get the hang of it yeah there you go you can you do it come back across that’s, nice, it’s, nice toy right, it’s, nice mini drone, but it works good job guys. If you want to buy for a gift for your kid, oh you could be done. Try this guys if you want to buy a gift for your uh kids or a birthday present or any kind of um kids on vacation.

Try this drone it’s, really nice, guys! Even adults can enjoy it, even my husband, my daughter, she likes it my eldest daughter and baby jasmine. She will try later as well, the next day, Music Applause yay without your head, that’s nice. If you fly at nighttime right, you can see the lights. Thank you. Drc for the opportunity to review your drone, my family and i enjoyed using our backyard, so drc d20, so to my viewers. Anyone interested in getting a drone buy this guys, drc d20. This is recommended. We love it so hopefully this whole summer, we can use it in our backyard, especially now that’s a pandemic. So this is another fun stuff for the kids in our backyard. Hopefully it helps in our review. We like these guys, okay, so thank you.