com guys today i got me a drone from amazon it’s, the double rc uh d15 drone. I got this drone because it’s fairly cheap, i paid 2′ dollars for it and i believe you can get it cheaper because there’s discounts currently, but i got it because it’s a 4k drone. It has an eis electronic image stabilization, it has vince vision, sensors and it has a gps and it’s. If i would have got um if i would have spent 300 for a cheaper drone, it wouldn’t make sense. I might as well have gotten a a mavic mini. So i went ahead and got this. It just made sense for what i need now on amazon. It says: it’s, 2.4. I’M, sorry, 5.0, gigahertz, communication wireless, but on the box it just says 2.4. So you know and i’m. Okay with that for for the price and with everything that has with eis – and i believe it has one gimbal it’s it’s fair enough for me – so let’s go ahead and open and do a quick, a quick unboxing all right, let’s see what it has. Yes, all right all right, so we have instructions here. Music and let’s see okay, going! Oh this look. This looks like it’s the battery right here, so that’s, a pretty big battery uh and look. It has a usb, so you can charge it so you’re not putting it inside to charge the battery it’s, pretty big battery uh it’s uh the 2800 milli milliamp hour battery.

So this should get about 20 minutes flight time, that’s that that’s what i’m hoping all right. So let’s see what else we have here’s the drone all right, yeah all right, so the drone looks pretty good. It looks pretty sturdy, just filling it here. I thought i thought it would actually be cheaper Music. I thought it would actually be cheaper looking, but it looks a little premium, so i thought it would actually be cheaper, but it looks a little premium uh. It has this. His uh gimbal a little axis here and, of course, that mixed with the eis it’ll look pretty good. It doesn’t have any propellers on it. Right now it looks like i’m gon na have to screw the propellers on, but you know it looks. It looks premium for what i thought i mean a 2′ drone. I thought it just wouldn’t look as good as it looks now. These brackets look like they just come on. I don’t know if you can take them off or not. Maybe i have to customize it or something, but it looks pretty good from from this standpoint, here’s, the back where you slip the battery inside. So this is what the drone looks like all right. Let’S put that to the side, all right, let’s see what else is inside uh let’s. Look here! Okay, it looks like we have some propellers here like that and Applause. Oh that’s kind of ripped okay, but it looks like we have some some other propellers here just in case, so we have eight propellers.

I guess just in case four of them mess up. You have some backups let’s see what else we have here. Okay, so we have the controller uh, it looks like two antennas. We have a joystick and this comes out, so we have a. It looks like this. All together, it looks, looks like there’s a well. We have a lcd screen and i’ll see what that display. Is. I don’t know right now now we’re trying to figure out where um. Where would i put my phone okay? So this okay? So this is where the phone goes right here. So that looks good. I can put my phone inside there and that’s that’ll be my main display. You bring this down okay, so this is the joystick. It looks pretty. It feels it doesn’t feel like a toy or anything like that. I mean it feels like it’s every bit worth 2′ dollars, so it takes two double a batteries and i don’t think that’s included. Let me make sure that’s double a again yeah double a i don’t think that’s included so that’s that let’s put that down, and the last thing i have here is looks like i have a screwdriver and a charge Music yeah. So i have a screwdriver to screw in the propellers and i have a cable to charge the battery so, like i said on the battery i’ll put this down here on the battery. You don’t stick it inside the drone itself to charge.

It looks like you take the battery out and i believe it has a charger sort somewhere right here. You stick this in and you stick this into a brick which will go into your wall, so that’s what it looks like that’s, the unboxing let’s, take a look and see what it looks like all together, all right guys. So this is what it looks like put together. I went ahead and put the propellers on uh. Take this piece off right here. You have two screws here per propeller. You can just screw these propellers in on the brushless motor, so it’ll give you instructions on what to do so. Don’T just take it out of the box and start screwing in propellers. It got. It has to be a certain way because, because if you do that, if you start putting propellers on you’ll, have the you have, the propellers on crooked are the wrong way and it won’t fly at all. So read the instructions it’s pretty simple, i believe, a to b and b to a i have to look at the instructions again, but once you have it on it’s, pretty simple and then it has these little caps that come with it, and you just put the Cap on on, on top of it, make sure they’re screwed in firmly, because the last thing you want to do is have your drone, 100 or 200 feet in the air and these propellers just pop off, because it’s going bye, bye all right.

So this is what it looks like all done. Look at that beauty. It looks amazing. I like it uh, it comes with a little one axis. Camera uh has the little landing brackets on it. Uh has a little sensor in the top part where you put your sd card. Well, you guys can see that it has the sensors at the bottom yeah, so it’s, actually a pretty robust drone here, it’s actually a little bit more premium than i thought it would be so that’s what it looks like guys check the side view in the front Of it and then the other side and we’ll look at the back of it and then here’s where your battery is in inserted. You can just hold this down, and this battery is pretty pretty nice sized battery. It just slides right in here and that’s how it looks so let’s put that down here and let’s. Take a look at the controller, so this control let’s go over a couple things on the controller so on the outside uh. I guess based on hardware, you see it flaps, these things flap down, so you fit your entire hand on here. You have your joysticks, you have your antennas. These are 2.4 antennas. I don’t think this is 5 gigahertz, so it’s 2.4 antennas. You have your home button. You have your on button and here’s your lock button. You can lock the propellers to lock the engine on this side here you have.

This button does two combinations. If you tap it one time it’s the light so underneath here this is pretty cool, it has lights. Underneath here so you hit that button once the lights will turn on that’s cool, if you want to, if you’re flying it at night or dawn, and i don’t recommend flying it at night. I don’t think we’re supposed to per faa so and then, if you hold it down, if you hold this button down a little bit longer, then it changes to speeds so in this button right here on this side, this is just a one button start takeoff and We’Ll go over that and this one i don’t this this doesn’t do anything. I don’t even know why this is here. They can just they didn’t have to put this here or nothing. This piece right here it pops out. Oh it pops out for your phone, so it can just adjust to whatever size your phone is and that’s pretty cool, and what i do is i like to just slant the antennas down. When i put this in – and i put the my phone in, i snap those antennas down and it still works as soon as then i’ll bring it back up a little bit, but this is uh it’s a comfortable uh controller. It i thought i’m telling you guys. I thought it’d be cheaper for, like a 200 price point drone. No, it it’s not as cheap.

I mean it. Doesn’T feel cheap at all. So then you have your batteries in the back, and this one takes two double a batteries, two double a all right. So let’s take a look at the the lcd screen now. I’M, not sure if you guys can actually see this screen i’ll see if i can pull it up to the camera i’m, not sure if it’ll focus on it um. If it does, let me see if it focuses on this thing, so i want you guys to see this. The sun reflection may be a little bit too big. I mean too bright here. Let me see here. Let me take the plastic off and see if we get reflection, all right, if you guys are seeing this and if not what i’ll do is i’ll go ahead and transition to a different video. All right guys. I wanted to bring this inside the house because of the reflection of the sun, so i kind of want to let you guys see the panel here in the display, so it’s, pretty self explanatory, just go ahead and turn it on here and what you have here. You have a relatively intuitive display, it’s real simple. You have the signal. This is the 2.4 signal on both ends. Here you have the battery. It tells you the battery amount of this controller right here. You have your mode. This particular drone has two flight modes. Has mode one mode, two mode: two: is the default it’s just change the patterns of the joysticks.

You have your gps, it tells you your gps is on or off and here’s your gps on the side. You turn it on or off here now i don’t like to uh take off unless i have seven gps’s, so seven sat like this is connect distance here this this lets, you know how far you are from the home. How from how far your drone is from the home – and you have your height this lets – you know how high your drone is is in the air and then you have your battery of your drone here. So when i turn the drone on you’ll, see a battery indicator and tells you how how full your battery is so this is, i mean it’s pretty. This is pretty easy. It is as simple as that guys that’s pretty much it for the display all right. Let me show you guys how to do a quick takeoff. All right, so you want to do, is turn the drone on. First and all you do, is you press this button right here? You hold it down for about five seconds into the into the drone. Sounds so let’s go and do that one two three, four, five and you’ll hear it make its little song so that’s the indicator that it’s on and you’ll see the flashing lights. You can’t see because of the sun right now, but you see it flashing lights. It flashes amber uh, red and green.

So after i do that i’ll set the drone down and i’ll grab the controller and i’ll turn the controller on. So you guys, probably can’t, see the lcd screen and what i’ll do is i’ll make sure my gps is on and then on the left side. You probably can’t see that you see a blinking. It looks like a blinking drone, basically letting you know, it’s time to calibrate this drone. So this is how you do a calibration. You go ahead and do it counterclockwise. This is to calibrate it. You got ta. Do this every time you fly, so you just go to the left about three times a little more until you see a green light, blinking underneath so once you see a green light, blinking underneath i’ve done it right. So what i do is i go vertical and i do it three times and you should see a red light and that’s the indicator that it’s ready to fly and sometimes it’s more than three times so now i see the red light so now this is ready To fly, i grab my controller and what i’ll do is i’ll press the unlock button and then the propellers will start to go and then i can you can move it up. So let’s go ahead and get that done so i’m pressing the button right now and you guys see the propellers go so let’s go and lift the camera up. Music, all right! So after a while when you’re not doing anything, it’ll automatically turn off.

So you just hit the unlock button again, i don’t have it like this? A little bit let’s go around the yard, see how it looks see how steady that is very steady. I can just turn it around and i believe this particular drone flies, maybe about 25 to 28 miles per hour i’m, like i’m in my backyard, so i’m, not gon na. Go that fast right now, but it can move just in the backyard. I have a pretty high gate, so i can get about eight or nine feet right now. Let me see if i can land it somewhere in my backyard. I’Ll, explain it by the basketball goal all right, let’s see. If i can land this thing Music and there you have it quick, take off and landing and now let’s go to the park and see how this thing looks on the camera. Music Music is, is Music, Music. Music. Oh, is Music Music, this all right guys so overall um this particular drone is i’m pretty impressed by it uh. You know for a 2′ drone on amazon. This is not bad at all. It comes with the 4k camera. It has the eis which is the electronic image stabilizer. If it it flies very well, it’s easy to handle the body is premium, it has landing gear on it has brushless motors. This is actually a pretty good drone. The battery life on this is about 22 to 25 minutes. I, like that um i, like the night light that’s attached to it, so if i’m flying it when it’s semi bright, i can i can see that.

But for the price point i believe there’s a coupon right now, amazon for 35 dollars, which makes this beauty right here about two hundred and four dollars. Currently now, if you you’re watching this video two years from now, i’m, pretty sure it’s an upgraded version or you can probably get it cheaper or something like that or or it might go up, but for the price point for two hundred dollars now this is not Going to compete with a dji, mavic mini or anything like that, but 2′ dollars, plus a 35 coupon you can’t beat. This has a one axis. Camera has eis and the stable stabilization of this camera is awesome. You can’t beat this, so i would recommend this guys. I’Ll leave my link below you guys. Go, definitely check it out. This is mark franks from cleanup gadgets signing out catch.