The footage quality for the d10 is amazing, when you’re very close to the drone you’re going to be receiving very crisp. Video from the app this video is 1080p hd. When you start flying a little bit farther out, the app might not connect to the drone as well, meaning that you might get more pixelated footage. The backyard flyer will really enjoy this footage quality, as the drone will be close to them and they will be receiving a very good connection through the app. But an adventurer may find this footage quality to be below average because they may lose connection to the avalon. For a 75 drone footage quality is 5 stars. There is no stabilizing equipment included with the d10. That means, if you turn the drone right left border backward. The footage will shake in this direction. Footage stability is also compromised when you have windy conditions above 10 to 15 miles per hour. Because of this footage, stability is three stars. This controller powers most of the features for the drone, so we’re going to go through them all to start. You have really smooth joysticks and on the left side of the controller, you have the camera button. You can also hold down the camera button to put the drone in orbit mode. It goes in orbit mode really really fast and you don’t get very good footage. You can lose control through orbit mode because the head of the drone just spins around so if you try to go forwards and backwards and get out of control, but the second that you move a joystick, it cancels out of orbit mode.

So that makes it a little bit easier to regain control of the drone and on the top left side you have the speed button and it also acts as a trim function. Moving along, you have the emergency, stop button that if you hold it down for two seconds it will cut off the motors, then you have takeoff and landing. It is worth noting that the controller will not beep. If the drone is low battery. Your only warning for low battery is the lights on. The drone will start blinking. If the drone is low battery, you will not be able to do. Flips do circle fly or spin. The drone. This controller also has headless mode, which is really good for beginners there’s. Also, a video button, but there’s no sd card on this drone. So if you hit the video button without the drone being connected to the app, the drone will not be recording anything. You can also hold on the video button to activate what i call the dancing mode where the drone just spins and infinite loops around itself, there’s also a flip function which works really well. You can flip forward backward and left and right there’s no limit to where you can flip and the flips are really tight and it’s really good. These antennas are fake, they’re just for show. The best part of this controller is the way that it holds your phone on the bottom of the controller.

There is a pull out that you can fit any phone below the iphone 11.. This is a really great feature and it’s very secure, so i never have to worry about my phone falling out through the controller. You can also calibrate the gyro by pointing both joysticks downwards and to the left. The only disadvantage i see in this controller is the fact that it uses double a batteries. This controller is 5 stars. When you first enter the app, you will see three tabs. If you click on the instructions tab, it will open up a photo showing you all. The functions of the app, if you click on album, it will show you the past photos and videos that you’ve taken, and it will let you save and share these photos and videos. Once you’re connected to the wi fi of the drone, you can click start and it will take you to the live fpv of the drone on the top bar of this live fpv. You can take photos record videos, go to the gallery that stores the photos and videos change the speed change the controller between modes, one and two, when you click the on and off button. Two joysticks will pop up on your screen that you can control the drone with these two on screen. Joysticks act just like the controller, while the phone controller mode is activated, you can use, trim functions and you will also be able to take off and land use hand, gestures, use tap, to fly and do voice control, gravity control.

You can flip your screen split the fpv, so you can use vr, goggles, activate emergency, stop and activate headless mode. The fpv from the app is very clean within a hundred feet once you get outside of that range. You’Ll experience the app skipping a lot of frames and if the drone is about 200 feet away from you, the app might completely disconnect from the drone. One thing to note is that if you have a bad connection to the drone, you will get bad video back from it with all these features, packed into an easy to find app. The app is 5 stars, the max height that you’re gon na get with the drc d10 is about a hundred feet, which is this many meters. The main problem with the d10 is that when you get above the trees, wind gusts will come into play and the drone will just get tossed around and you have to worry about it flying out of control for a backyard flyer. This is going to seem very high, but someone who really likes to go out for an adventure, this isn’t going to be very high for you to see above a lot of things so i’m, going to give the height three stars holy stone does have five star Customer service, they will always respond to your emails within 24 hours and i’ve heard of many people who have had problems with their drones and they’ve gotten replaced. The range through the live feed is about a hundred feet and the range through the controller is about 300 feet.

So if you want to record video you’re going to be limited to about 100 feet away from you for backyard flyers, you’re going to find this range to be very nice you’re, going to get a really good fpv feed when you’re inside your backyard and when you’re. Just flying around inside your backyard, once you go out just a little bit further you’re going to experience the app skipping frames so range is three stars: the batteries on the d10 are 1000 mah and they take an hour and 30 minutes to charge, even though, in The instructions manual it specifies that you receive two usb charging cables. I did not receive either of these. This means that you will have to come up with your own usb charging cables to charge the drone batteries. It is really easy to know which way the drone battery goes in because of the notch. Batteries are 5 stars. The drc d10 will fly on average for about 11 minutes. This is a very impressive flight time, considering that you are given two batteries and at the flight time can reach well over 20 minutes flight time is 5 stars. I can’t tell you anything about the maintenance for this drone, because the screwdriver that it says it comes with, and the four propellers that it says it comes with – did not arrive in the package so i’m going to go ahead and assume that you won’t have to Do much maintenance, because drc provides you four very sturdy, propeller guards, because my package did not come with the included parts.

Maintenance is three stars. Stability and wind resistance go hand in hand with this drone, the higher the wind, the less stability that you’re going to have, but it does include a trim function which helps the drone fight when slightly, but once you get above 10 to 15 miles per hour of Wind you’re going to have a really hard time keeping this drone stable, wind resistance. Stability is 4 stars because of the included propeller guards. The d10 has very good durability. The two things that i’ve seen happen in a crash is the arms just fold in because of the impact and the camera might get jostled around. You can just pop it right back in with propeller guards on. I have not had any problems with the durability of this drone. Durability is 5 stars. The d10 captures mediocre photos that sometimes turn out shaky. The photos are 4 stars. This drone is very good for beginners. The manual will tell a beginner everything they need to know to fly this drone, and it also includes a very easy qr code to scan for the app and a beginner can easily figure out the app. I suggest that a beginner only starts by flying in their backyard and not flying in windy conditions. Easy for beginners is 5 stars. The d10 will stay at the same altitude when you fly it, even if it tends to drift around a little bit. Altitude hold is 5 stars. The d10 is very easy to control, because the remote controller is very responsive.

If you move the joystick left, you’ll turn left. If you move the joystick right, it’ll turn right. The only time that you might lose control of your drone is, if you fly it too high or if you’re, in windy conditions easy to control as 5 stars. The d10 has a high level of portability because it folds in and comes with a box. The box can hold everything that you need to fly the drone and can easily fit in a backpack. Portability is 5 stars. You are almost getting the most value for your money when buying the drc. D10. The two main problems with the drone are the range that you can film, which is about a hundred feet and then, once you get outside that range, how glitchy your footage gets if you’re a backyard flyer. I think you’ll really like this drone. If you like to fly this drone through long range and get cinematic shots, i don’t think you’ll like it as much so value for money is four stars. I hope this review gave you all the information that you need to decide whether you want to buy this drone or not.