My name is clown, plays and welcome back to another video here on the channel in todays video. We are in deep rock galactic. Now this game is weird and wonderful, and if you like dwarfs – and you like – minecraft well, this is definitely the place for you. This game is completely obscure with loads of different attributes, inside of it that you are going to want to take in consideration. So before we get into it slap the like button subscribe post notifications turned on less dosy on through, shall we so we start off with four class abilities and four class characters. We have got the scout, the gunner, the engineer and the driller. Now each one will actually do completely different things. The scout has a powerful flare gun which will apply lighting to the room. It has a grappling hook to help you maneuver around a saw enough shotgun and an assault rifle to get rid of those bloody creepy crawlies. The gunner has got a few different things, including a high caliber minigun, a heavy duty, revolver a zipline launcher, and this guy is just an all out tank, so i feel like thats the whole attribute on its own. Then weve got the engineer. This guy is the platform gun. The platform gun is awesome. This thing is amazing. You can just generate platforms out of absolutely nowhere. Weve also got a sentry turret that you do have to build when you place it down, so bear that in mind.

Dont just put the turret down and wonder why nothings shooting you do have to build this bad boy and he comes alongside with a grenade launcher and a combat shotgun. These characters are a little bit weird and then weve got the driller. This dude is absolutely awesome and he has titanium power drills, which are going to help you maneuver yourself around the map in places you definitely shouldnt be, and your clarity that class is so damn good that the only other thing other than the titanium power drills that It has is a flamethrower, so you can imagine this guy is here to drill and spice the life. Now, on top of that, there are numerous different things that you guys can do inside of this game and in between the missions, there are loads of different attributes that you can switch up and change up, and this is probably the most interesting part for me, including Things like milestones, which, once you do certain things youll, be able to take those off its almost like a box exercise to say well done, pat on your back guys. Weve got a whole perk tree, and this is going to help. You guys enable massive movements for each of your characters to be able to help really drill with great execution, which just sounds weird so for those of you guys who are enjoying it sort of build games such as like godfall and stuff, like that. This is absolutely nothing like it, but you may enjoy parts of it.

On top of that, the customization is absolutely cracked out of its box with a wardrobe which will enable you guys to change up your dwarf and make them look exactly how you want. Weve also got a terminal which will enable you guys to play around with your pickaxe, which will give you additional parts that you can switch up to do different things with it. Now you guys can find different parts inside of each mission or you can unlock those via the store as well. Now, on top of that, we have a full loadout manager, including all weapons that you guys will be able to customize and add on to as the game goes on and as you progress through the leveling system, youll be able to add on different parts and play Around with different modifications for each weapon that each dwarf has we have a drone modification now this little drone is really really helpful and he will help you mine as long as you press the right keys, so on controller, its a left, bumper and right trigger. I believe – and this is going to help you guys just essentially mine without having to mine, so it helps with those higher spots played. They also have like a season passing now. This is currently on xbox and im, not sure if this is going to be in playstations game mode for the playstation plus version, but i would like to think so, but we have a full season on this.

This thing is just absolutely insane, so if you guys are really starting to enjoy it, you can enter into the rival incursion season one and to jump in and grab a load of cool stuff with the generic season, challenges which will give you guys a currency to Get hold of some more bits: they have a full cosmetic tree now this thing is just off its nut. This is what im saying it looks so damn cool, but this is gon na help. You guys with cosmetics along that, and you will have to use these scripts, which you can obtain via the season pass. We also have missions that are not going to be available straight off. The bat called deep dives. Now these are uh. Well, i dont know ive not jumped into them, but youll be able to select those missions eventually, but straight off the bat. The terminal is locked and you must promote at least one character to unlock this terminal. Also, we do have the inside of a forge which will enable you guys to forge up your own weapons and forge up your own accompanying parts for each character as well. Again, you have to promote at least one character to unlock this term. We have a cool booster parts, which means that essentially, as long as you have the drink of the day, you guys will be able to go in and incorporate a added additional pack that you can buy from the bar, and this will give you an added extra For the next mission, if you want to play in the jukebox – and you can play some music as well for just two credits, cheap as chips and weve got a wicked little mini game, which i spent way way too much time in by the way.

This thing is uh, yeah get the barrel into the hole and it gets slightly addictive and some would say that cloud may have definitely spent more time in this than the actual missions themselves, but those those people would be wrong. They would be wrong, then, once youve done all of that sort of stuff, you want to head back down to the middle youre, going to have the main mission selection place and each mission selection place is going to have a different biome inside of these biomes are Going to be different style missions now you obviously have things such as mining, specific ores that you need to collect and take back to the home base, youre going to need to go and rescue items, save items collect items all of that good stuff and each biome Is going to give you a different challenge inside of those buyers now, for me, this game is just absolutely quirky beyond belief: a set of dwarfs inside of minecraft, with added extra guns under just a massive boom box, full of bizazziness inside of it, where you can Have so much fun? I was in the matchmaking system, we were having a good old time and we were dashing things onto walls and mine in different parts and taking our enemies like we were absolute badass dwarves and then, when it came to actually finishing that questline and returning from the Mission, you have to head all the way back to your main drop.

Pod will naturally, with a driller in hand. You can just push your way all the way through the wall by checking your map and just pushing up towards the icon, and we made it back to the drop pod in very, very nice fashion. As you can see on screen, there are so many good times to have with your friends in this and so much fun that you can have. It is absolutely amazing, for me, this game is a generic version of a weird and wonderful game. Indeed, just in case we didnt cover absolutely everything on it. This is just the basics part of it. If you want to see some more of this game on the channel, then make sure youre smashing the beautiful blue thumbs up and let me know, via the comment section down below thanks again for watching guys. I appreciate all of your damn faces and make sure that you keep going in for a bit of deep rock galactic. And if you want me to start covering more of these playstation plus games before they come out or as they come out as well as the game pass ultimate games that are coming out on a general basis, then make sure you, let me know, via the comment Section ive had a lot of fun inside of this game and godfall, which was the december release.