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  1. should have uploaded in 2015

  2. Record skatepark edits with it pls

  3. How high and far can it fly?

  4. Looks/sounds simple to use how much does it cost? Do you control it with a controller or ur phone I’d like to know and one last thing I forgot to add what is the quality of it

  5. Omg where did you find that, how much does it cost, do you buy it online or offline pls tell me pls pls pls pls tell me I need to know I’ve been looking for a small drone for awhile now cuz I want to start making time lapse edits with them in New York

  6. Dang love the thumbnail looks cool and creative

  7. Why do you upload so late and why you delete other vid

  8. Great video also how much the drone cost you?

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