Bob, if you're up for it hey how about this crazy Bob hey. What do you think yeah you like it? Maybe we should give you a trim. I know what's missing. I told you Bob. If you're gon na work here, you got ta get yourself a goddamn haircut, that's, looking much better, anybody got a bowl. Damn Bob you're gon na have to call me Vidal, Sassoon, there's your hard hat buddy. You look more like a foreman now than you ever have I'd. Give you a boggart a two but let's just get back to work. Musik ja, the giant gon na use this to load up the Volvo take away some of that dirt and then what we'll do is we'll fold bulldoze the rest of it into a pad Music so that white, Komatsu loader it can move a lot of dirt when It'S paired with that Volvo look at you can see. I'Ve been working this place for like an hour and a half look at the amount of tire tracks back and forth across the site. Now we are getting down to where I just want to start up. The dozer we'll get the dozer down here and start leveling this out and we start making it into a flatter pad. On more than one occasion have I seen a mine owner have to run every piece of equipment themselves. I took the whole for the pond as deep as I am in debt for you to build Music Music well that's, looking about as flat as I'm going to get this area so we're gon na move on everything is basically flattened right out so I'm glad to See that move that out now we got to move this board out of the way I was using it to walk back and forth across the mine site just to make it a little bit easier for me, but now we can remove the board it's quite long.

It'S very heavy, I don't know if the loaders gon na pull it, weil es ein 2 by a 6 and it's been sitting around a long time. So we'll wrap a chain around it and see if we can lug it out very funny Bob. But if people see you holding the rake they're gon na think that I cheated out here. Okay let's get the rock truck out of here, so I can dig out Music. I know a lot of people come here for the beer and camaraderie and it's different right. Jetzt, Natürlich, with everything going on and for all the guys that couldn't be here because of the pandemic, this one's for you this, what you do when they can't be here only if their dad, no they're, fein, Ja, and after all these months, we finally get The Cobell coal or Kabul, Co or whatever you want to call it ready to dig at the mine sign. I got to dig out the wood, so we can start pulling on it. What a nice excavator here we go might as well. Just stick it off to the side. Here we dig this out anyway: Musik, Musik, Oh, where the did that come from the curse of YouTube gold, whether it's, Okay, I'm gon na get the chain in and around now that it's dug out and start dragging. This whole thing out of here: Okay, Zum glück, there are hitch points on this plank already.

I have a pin on the back of the loader, where I can hook it into so the chain. Is there start up the loader and just kind of inch it for our to shut the Volvo off? This has the potential to go so horribly wrong. The wood is much long or much heavier. Tatsächlich, I almost should have had a full scoop full there, but let's go ahead and just inch. It forward see how it feels start, dragging it it's when it falls and flips up that I'm a little bit concerned. But if I've got enough pull and tracks and it should pull it up evenly, Ja, oh there's, the problem point look at that no problem at all. Gut, there it is there's the struggle on just keep on it to the side. As long as we get some traction, yeah come on baby. Look at that unlocked and away. It goes perfect, just unbelievable power. Out of that little loader there unlock differentials and all able to pull that 2×6. It was hung up on the retaining wall that's collapsing because, wie gesagt,, I dug this much deeper now. You can really see in here. There is a dividing wall and then a two stage pond over here, where it's, deep and then even deeper over there, and it goes all the way up the wall. This is so. We can have plenty of water to go up to the to wash plants that we have here.

This is our shaker plant that normally has a 4 foot to sluice run in there and then, Natürlich, little red that has the dual sluice run with the the one final sluice that goes into the tailings pond here. The tailings pond actually collects all the dirt, and then it has a pipe at the top that runs down. We constructed this in season 2 that puts all the water back in here, but with the two stage pond. I want to make sure these pumps have plenty of clean water to pump up, and I want to have a chance for the sediment to actually settle in there, and these pumps can actually run up here. So I'm gon na dig all this out. So I can shore this up, but I don't think this little Cobell ko is going to be able to do it. I'M gon na have to bring in my my heavier machine. Oh ja, that big guns I could almost use and even larger excavator than this one. The loader has been left, idling someone's, going to call penalty for sure, yeah let's start digging. Dies out, get the Volvo in here to start up the volvo turn off the volvo start up the Volvo make up your mind. We got so much to dig. This is going to take me forever: Musik, Musik, Musik. You look bad for the guys because they spend all season on loading Kings, getting ready for gold, and Here I am having to dig without them nice.

I got a text from the guys nice to see. Schließlich, doing something around the mine site: holy cow it's been a ton of digging but well worth it to get. This shored up it's been a problem for us since last season and it's just been getting progressively worse and I need a bigger excavator Music for any left anyway. Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik, YouTube's, gold, Baby, Okay. So the entire wall is now excavated able to get that in there. You can see it's quite in depth and now I'll be able to reinforce this whole wall, but I got to cut some new steaks. Erste, Okay: I start the dozer I'm gon na try to cinch up with that line before I start pulling get that hydraulic pump, moving, really kind of hooked that wire and let's just give her cinching it up come on baby. Look at it all there's, a time. It'S, just doesn't even bother it sixty five pounds of pull right there: Musik, Musik, Okay. After a lot more digging on the other side, the retaining wall is set to come out. Dieses Mal, we'll use the wheel, loader ready to rock same thing: I'm, just gon na hook it up to the pin. I expect this will have plenty of power to pull it out. We'Ll see okay, three two that's, a big pull let's go off angle. It let's! Try to back it up all playing Widow to pull Music nice job, shout outs, loose Fox Steve last time I was working on this.

Retaining wall was with you buddy long time ago. Try to grab that piece download that I was not able to get with the loader. Oh come on you're better than that there it is Music so deep in the pit, pretty much now just finish, sculpting exactly the way I wanted this to look. I wanted it to angle backwards, just a little bit so when I put the wall in the earth when it wants to push forward, we'll, be able to push against the spikes and supporting rails and it won't push the retaining wall forward. So early, Schau dir das an! Absolut perfekt, Okay, so you guys hold on to that side. You'Re, looking at eight feet and I'm going to need three boards: Musik, Okay, she's number one piece number: Zwei: what some things are better done by hand? My puny arms? Auch, okay got the corner piece in and now a little bit of caution tape will be good to go. I got a backfill it a little bit and I think we're going to wrap it for the day beautiful there. It is my friend what a day of digging but slightly on the incline like it's bending backwards and all filled in I'll, probably put put in a few more stakes and really secure it. But I guess, like we always say on you: do gold shut er down even though there's nothing to shut down other than my bulldozer right here, alrighty Bob another episode of ytg 2020 in the bag, although I don't know if this actually qualifies that'll be up to The people to decide but I'll tell you what I did the math on the amount of beer that was actually consumed today compared to the amount of gold that we actually recovered and for the first time in the first out of any season out of any episode.

We are actually already making money, we got money in the bag and we haven't even seen gold in the pan. Yet so gold is coming. I got to shore up that wall later this week. I'M. Sure Bob will give me a hand with that, looking forward to hopefully one day getting the guys back here as a team, because this would just simply be crazy right now I can't be crazy, because you're, the crazy one or else I'd just be some guy in The middle of nowhere talking to a dummy for no reason, but that is why you are the foreman by the way you were on my foot. Thank you very much guys we'll, see that's. Why you wear hard hats here, Check it out. This can tantalize you. Last year I ended up getting a shaker table from 911 and it was a white table. I had a very difficult time filming the gold because of the exposure but check it out. I painted it in an olive, drab green.