We'Re gon na go ahead and do a full review and flight test of this little quad what's the big deal about the mobile six. Gut, the mobile six has really sold well with a lot of people, but now happy model is adding the addition of HD video recording options on here, for you guys so that's kind of nice for guys that want to sort of have a little miniature cinema loop To fly around your house indoors in stability mode or outside you can do some mild freestyle with this. I wouldn't call this a freestyle beast because I did get some tumble I'm gon na show you that coming up in the review, if you're looking for the right SD card to use with this, you SanDisk Extreme 32 gigabyte worked just fine for me. I plugged it in just underneath here: you're gon na flip it upside down and push it in right. There you'll hear it click into place now binding it up was not too hard. You do get some instructions in here and it has an SPI receiver on here, which is going to be fr Sky D and D 8 mode in your taranis radio, so set that up bind it up and the way to find it up. I usually use a bamboo skewer. There is a little bind button on the very bottom of this board and it's opposite the boot button. The boot button is labeled but on the left hand side if you're looking at it from the bottom.

You press that button after you plug in the battery and hold it for two seconds and it'll go solid, red and you'll be bound up. You can check out your sticks inside beta flight in the receiver tab. Wie immer, mine is set up to be a ETR inside beta flight to make sure the sticks are moving the right direction, but super easy to bind up and get flying now. Let'S talk about the battery that comes along with it it's a One S 250 Milli-Ampere. I got four of these in the Box guys and the stock battery is getting me about a minute thirty Seconds to a minute and 45 at the most before the screen. Blacks out and everything just you know: it'll fall to the ground. The battery came down pretty hot at that that time frame. So if you want a longer flight time, I'm gon na recommend that you guys use the One S three hundred milli, amp that's gon na about 2 Minuten und 25 seconds with this quad and the next best battery to use. If you want to is going to be the one as 450 million battery and that one just kind of fits in between this one s, battery holder and you'll have to use a tiny little strap around it, but it will fly with that one, and this one Should get you an upwards of 3 minutes flight time if you're looking for the longest flight time now, the quad itself, it has very similar specs to the other mobile six that we saw on the channel with the addition of the run, Cam, sweat, nano3, HD system On here it adds a little more weight has bringing up the way to about 27 grams without the battery and above 30 Gramm, mit dem One S 250 milli amp battery, that came along with the quad.

We also have the crazy bf for light flight controller on here very similar to what we saw on the last mobile o6 and it has zero eight zero two motors – dies sind 19000 kV motors and we have the little tiny gym fan props on here as well. You get an extra set in the box as well as your 1 cam controller. You get a little tiny screwdriver and some extra hardware in here hands very important for these little tiny quads, a prop remover tool. The frame is also pretty similar is the polycarbonate frame with extra reinforcements underneath the prop guards it has plug and play motors here and the pH 2.0 Connector, and in the very back we have a little tiny onoff record button here. So if you press that record button, you'll see a little red dot up in the right hand corner of your screen, and it also has a five point. Eight video transmitter that's 25 Milliwatt. Ich wünschte, es wäre 200 Jungs, aber es ist 25 and it's great around the house and up and down the street right here. I didn't have any problems with it. We'Re also gon na test it around the house low to the foundation and see if it cuts up or breaks up or just goes completely blank on me. Hopefully I can make it around the house, but we're gon na do all that testing now let's just go ahead now and power up one of these little batteries, we'll run the stock battery first and then we'll run some of these larger batteries and I'll show you Some of the video from the goggles and from the HD system on board so let's go ahead check it out now do the flight test after that we'll come back and we'll do some final thoughts and my opinion on the Moby l6 HD.

Here we go guys all right, guys are gon na start out with just some quick indoor in the garage flying in. I want to show you how precise it was, aber auch, am wichtigsten ist, wanted to show you how this camera operates in sort of a darker environment. I don't see a lot of noise in the video which is kind of cool, even in these darker spots in the garage it actually seems to be quite acceptable video. So you get tiny bit of noise right there and YouTube compressions. Probably gon na kill this, but let's go outside now and let's get this review started and let's just jump right into this. Jetzt. The first thing that I did notice when I got my HD footage back on my computer. I noticed that there was some slight jitter in there and that may be, because the screws weren't tightened up enough in the camera on each side of the camera, so check the screws on your camera, but first things. Erste, I had to run down the back of the house and just see how it would fly behind the house if I would failsafe the SPI receiver that's built into the flight controller generally isn't the best penetration. But in this case I went all the way around. The house and it didn't failsafe, so that's really good news for this particular receiver. If you guys are flying taranis radios now back around the sidewalk here, I think that the camera on here actually looks pretty good.

The split nano 35.8 feet is down at the bottom right right. dort, I'm, just gon na, do a little orbit around this Japanese maple super nice and now let's, slow it down in stability mode and let's, see how it does up in the tree. Canopy let's do a little tree, canopy exploration. This is always really fun if you're brand new to flying quads. This might be something you do after you learn how to fly it inside your house, flying around room to room down the halls, but on a really calm day is where you can have a lot of fun outside with these quads. I don't really suggest flying them. If you're a new guy, try not to fly in over a 10 Meile pro Stunde Wind, it's, just gon na, be not a very fun experience, but you can see some more jitter in the video way up. High and I've talked about that before. In my videos. This is where you cannotice the most jello, but when you get back down low and flying like this, the video almost looks perfect concern. Instance through the trees or down low to the ground. You don't see a lot of stutter, but I'll tell you. The enjoyment factor is super high with this quad, because in stability mode you can almost go anywhere with this quad. I can see lines all the way through these trees and now over a crow mode. I also have air mode on default here, so that means I've got a tiny amount of throttle at most.

Given times when I back off the throttle in there, I got the flight controller to tumble guys I did get to tumble. So I would classify this as a light. Freestyle quad, it's not gon na, do anything amazing, I'm, nicht einmal sicher. If this will actually power loop, I don't think it would so that's. One thing to consider if you're looking for a tiny will to power whip is probably not the one. Now back behind the house, Sie können sehen,. I almost had complete breakup right there and I made it back out again a little more control this time, because I decided to go a little slower now back under the van, and I also had to say that the tune on this quad from happy model was Actually, wirklich gut, it flies nice and there's no noticeable, jello or jitter in my 5.8 fpv feed down at the bottom right. The colors look good even on an overcast day like today, it's a little early in the morning, so I don't have full Sun out yet. But this video look fantastic on a nice sunny day, but so much fun to fly, and I honestly like flying it in stability mode more than I liked flying in acro. Just because again, you could just push that right. Vorwärts bleiben! Keep your throttle at a certain level and just really have a nice smooth flying experience. It isn't that really beautiful shot up through the tree canopy and out the top and back around, and I was able to also kind of range test it down the street and I almost went two blocks down the street a little over two blocks before I had Any kind of failsafe and drop to the ground, so it has a pretty decent range you'd, be able to fly this out in front of your house pretty much up and down the street no problem, but a fantastic wad guys that I just wanted to keep flying Again and again, I wanted to have more batteries charged and I'm out of batteries now, but let's go back in the studio, give some final thoughts, alright guys and welcome back from the flight test.

So what do you think about the video? The video looks pretty good. Jetzt, if I could make a critical comment, I think that the video I would say from a score of 1 An 10. It looks about like maybe like a 7 von 10. I think that it could be a little more stable up in here. If you add, maybe just tighten up these screws on the side, maybe add a little piece of foam underneath. I think it might help with some of the slight jitter that I was getting in the video, so that's me being super critical and that's. What a review is all about. I need to be honest with you guys about what I see but I'm super critical in the video. So I think the video could be a slight bit better and then it would be like perfect, but I did see just a tiny bit of stutter in the video now as far as the props go. I think these are the right props to use on here. The frame is ultra durable. I did have a couple smackdowns and the tune on here. 12. The report is extremely good. It is really nice flies great. I don't see any cello in my video goggles. They are looking at actually really good in the goggles and again, if you guys want the longest flight time, use that 1s 450 Akku, that one's gon na get you in upwards of 3 Minuten, but to start out with use the stock batteries and in my opinion, I haven't had super great luck with these happy model batteries.

These branded batteriesthey're, Okay, but eventually they do start to slow up, Weil, mit diesen 0 8 0 2 Motoren, it take quite a beating on these, and these will come down pretty hot. If you fly them down to the last part of your voltage on this battery um below 3 Volt, they will start to get kind of hot when you pull them off, so let them cool off before you charge them again. I recommended probably my best battery for just overall a crow flying would be the 1s 300 million it's gon na get you over two minutes and under two minutes just feels like not enough time to be flying this little guy. It is really a lot of fun to fly, but acro versus stability mode. I actually prefer to fly this instability mode versus acro, because I felt like wow. This is fun to fly an acro it's, not really an acro freestyle machine. It will do mild to light freestyle at the most. I did have some tumbles and that might be because of the low power on one s and the fact that these motors can be pretty taxing on a 1s battery. So that's just one thing: it's one thing about it, but it's good that they put 0 2 motors on here now, 0. 3 s, because I have seen loops of this caliber with the 0 3s on there at the 0. 8 3. 0. 3 is really really burned through a1 S battery super quick, so the o2 is were the right motors to put on here, but still they can really.

You can really kill a 1s 250 Akku, pretty quick with that. Seien Sie also vorsichtig damit. I also like that. There'S plenty of camera adjustmenthere I can go way up with that. You can see there and I can go pretty level for some just mild slow flying if you're trying to fly like some super small gaps and things like that, it's always good to lower your camera. If you want to fly fast, obviously raise that camera up and that will increase the speed on the quad and let you see further ahead, it's you're sort of making a higher angle of attack. So pretty pretty nice options on here. It is fairly durable and it's. Gon na be easy to work on it's gon na, be a good quad for new guys to start out with and have some HD video as well. So I think it's a good quad and you can click on that link down below and you can grab the quad from banggood on pre order right now. So this quad is one of those quads that I think will be fairly popular and I don't feel like the mobula 7 HD that we flew previously last year on the channel. I don't feel like this one's extremely a lot: heavier like the mauvilla 7hd, the Mobius 7hd versus the original Mobius 7 was like a big difference and it felt heavy flying it. So this one doesn't feel heavy, which is great news for you guys.

So I appreciate you guys watching my reviews and an honest opinion on the Mobius 6 HD. If you want more honest reviews coming up, Bitte abonnieren Sie, Allah guides and stay safe out. There is this crazy world right now: it's like what's next, like fire, breathing, unicorns yeah, so take care.