Why I Still LOVE the DJI SPARK One Year Later

Do you personal a DJI Spark? In that case, you might be in all probability having fun with it, and for good purpose. It has loads to supply in such a small package deal at an awesome value. My PROs outweigh my CONS for this drones. I might anticipate the subsequent model of the SPARK to be merely wonderful!

AMAZON DJI Spark: https://amzn.to/2H2JV7c
DJI STORE SPARK: http://Klicken Sie auf on.dji.com/AGcSYgQ5eGO3iOsOANw?PM = Hyperlink&as=0004&ch=SPARK


KAMERA: Panasonic 4K Camcorder: https://amzn.to/2vgpK4h
KAMERA: GoPro Hero 6: https://amzn.to/2H01Mvk
AUDIO: Rodelink Wi-Fi-Fachmann: https://amzn.to/2HAKYfE
Mic: Rode Video Mic: https://amzn.to/2H2GCgi
GoPro-Hut: https://amzn.to/2H2lHJY
Touchdown Pad: https://amzn.to/2HBqp2w
Skateboard: https://amzn.to/2IZQoA3
CASE FOR DJI SPARK: http://www.lightake.com/p/ABS-Transportable-Aluminum-Case-Laborious-Bag-Field-Explosion-protection-for-DJI-Spark-Drone-and-All-Equipment-Storage-Carry-Drone-Bags_2217673.html

48 Kommentare
  1. So you got yours to actually work? I just got a Spark and was hoping it would be better than the other pieces of crap on the market but so far I'm not impressed. The DJI Android app is so terrible I don't see how anyone can ever get one of these to fly! The app has a ton of bad reviews in the Play store and won't even run on my Galaxy Note 8! I got it to run on a Lenovo tablet but now there's no Wi-Fi! I pressed the button for 6 Sekunden, habe 1 beep, dann 2 more but still no Wi-Fi. Also it gets really hot and ran down the battery just sitting on the table not even flying! It got quite hot and has a burning smell, I've never seen anyone mention that. So far I don't see anything to love!

  2. Who knew that you are a sk8er! LOL. Great video for Spark owners like me. BTW. Every time I watch one of your videos I am trying to figure out we’re abouts you are located. My current guess is northern GTA. I could be way off, but I will figure it out one day!

  3. Really ONLY $500?! Ja, that’s a lot to me.

  4. I've noticed that the video often chases a bit when flying forward or panning. Is it due to framerate? Can you get higher than 22?

  5. Yep Spark is an awesome little drone, yeah the camera is only 1080p and low light can be a bit of an issue but have been more than happy with the footage. I fly with 3 batteries as well, going to get another 2 bald, heaps of fly time then. Great vid 🙂

  6. Love my Spark too. Made some awesome flights with her. Great video cheers 🍻

  7. If you connect the cabel you get more signal to the drone is better.

  8. Excellent video and tutorial

  9. 11:40 I actually took my Spark apart to replace my broken camera, and the antennas are actually on both sides on the front just behind the gimbal and right next to the IMU. On the back as you showed, there are antenna connectors

  10. I'm a fan of the spark too. Tatsächlich, after dropping it in a river for a couple hours, I bought a second one. The one that took a swim still flies, but the gimbal acts a little funky. Anyway you mentioned how much louder the Magic Air is. Check this out. https://youtu.be/hWYmbiXrfqs I put Mavic Air propellers on my Spark and it dropped the noise level by more than 2dB. I did have to trim them to fit though.

  11. Kapitän-Drohne, i would like to ask if how to attach that sponsored items down on you’re video?i mean there’s like lazada or shoppee e-commerce site .

    Does your video always sponsored?

  12. Kapitän-Drohne, i would like to ask if how to attach that sponsored items down on you’re video?i mean there’s like lazada or shoppee e-commerce site .

    Does your video always sponsored?

  13. If you were a betting man….. would you say that the spark 2 will be coming out soon??? If so who is your source? Or is it just speculation on your part???

  14. Also,yes it's great. I am thrilled with the one my wife got for me on eBay and it will be around for a long, Zeit. At least until I get an Air or a Mavic Zoom. I think the Pro is a waste. They pretty much use the same señor for video. I missed a great sale on Hobby King's website. They had the Spark Batteries for 20.00 US-DOLLAR. Ich habe 3 but I would like 1 oder 2 mehr, we do travel and the last thing you want to think about is the batteries dying on you. I ordered and received a Captain Drone Hoodie Sunday and got it yesterday, I will be wearing it on my channel for a video soon, hey you may be a Drone Superstar but we can all use a extra plug right??? LOL! Its great I'm glad you have them.My Yuneec will be in my hands soon, can't wait to get that Typhoon H. Super excited to try a Drone of this quality that's not DJI. You guys need to get rid of Boxing Day and have Christmas, I know it's the small but the King or Queen that was mad at the Pope at that time is long laid to rest. Lets all be North Americans!!!! LOL!! Happy Holidays your videos are really timeless and relevant no matter when.

  15. I really dig your videos. They're always well done, and I so, appreciate that you always record, gut, hearable, Audio. I assume your mostly using your lavaliere mike, but it's so nice to be able to hear people on these videos. I just bought a Spark, after already owning a Mavic Pro, und ich liebe es. I haven't flown it very far from me yet, but it's super responsive and less conspicuous than the Pro. I'm wondering about this antenna thing you were talking about. I didn't know that the antenna was in the back of the Spark. Jetzt, I'm certainly wondering if you flew it very far away and turned to make a panorama shot, if or how much it would affect the signal. Hmmmmm! Gut, I'm gonna get a smaller tag for my Marco Polo tracker to put it on the Spark, but that still could be a problem if you lost connection over the water. At any rate, keep up the great videos, and I only hope I can get back to Canada some day, now that I have a couple of drones. Marc.

  16. PS. Your just lucky an alligator didn't jump out of the water and eat your spark when you were flying over that
    little swamp. I'm just kidding, Natürlich, but "who knows where an alligator goes". Marc.

  17. I got a DJI Spark for Christmas today and i love it because it was easy to learn and i can connect my ipad mini with an extension so i can use a wire to connect it and don't have to use the wifi.

  18. Gutes video , And I have some question. If I do V shape moment on gesture mode and the spark no return , How can I do? , Vielen Dank.

  19. I sold my Spark about a year ago to buy the Mavic Air, but I must admit I do miss it and now it's come down in price I'll have to get another one 😉

  20. thumbs up for the spark and your video

  21. Out of curiosity why are your front lights Green? Mine are always Red.

  22. I'm seeing a conflict between compensated reviews and reality.

  23. $549.00 ain't no toy Captain.

  24. Thanks for your input, I bought one today, sehr geschätzt

  25. Was??? Tell me about this Spark Pro situation?

  26. I got the Fly More Combo for $419! Dezember 2018. But it was manufacture date 7/17. Also 1.5 years old in the boxso old batteries?

  27. DJI SPARK still worth it in 2019?

  28. I bought a refurbished fly more combo on eBay for $350. Best purchase of my life!

  29. Here it is Feb. 2019. A friend just bought the Spark and is thrilled to have her. I agree that it is a great value for what you get. I have a larger drone but still cherish the Spark, its durability, simplicity, ease of use, how peppy it is and how easy to launch.

  30. Vielen Dank für das tolle video—SUBBED! I'm buying one of these next week! Nochmals vielen Dank!

  31. Sehr schöne Rezension. I have a P4 but this maybe a great backup.

  32. Best place to buy more batteries people?

  33. On my first flight with the Spark, outside in the cold with the snow around. I flew it in front of the house and when I went up to get to a safe altitude, it appeared to want to continue up. I freaked and immediately took it down. I was wondering if you have ever heard of this issue. I'm waiting for warmer weather and a much more open space to try again.

  34. I got a spark of eBay and I took all the videos I'm my computer the Pearson I got it from. Was using it to watch people

  35. I want that T-shirt Captain👍

  36. Hey guys i am a teenager wanting a drone and if you want to buy a dji drone could you use this link :https://click.dji.com/AAMl4OXfzDkbvaZ1Msty?pm=link

    This link gives me a 5% commission on the order you get, this will help me get a drone. Vielen Dank im Voraus.

  37. Is it still a good drone in 2019, I'm just about to get one to film travel content for my YouTube channel, just subscribed after watching your channel for a while. Thanks for the video we appreciate it.

  38. Just pulled the trigger on the Spark FMC at Best Buy. It's so small!!!

  39. Hallo, I was curiouscouldn't I soft mount a go pro on the spark in theory?! They have some cool landing gear that stops the belly landing and puts it up an inch or socould work right?! I have the Spark and the Tello, love them both for what they can do as well as the pricePerfect for what I need them for! Love the channel and the work you do, looking into some other less expensive drones after watching you reviews so thank you!!

  40. After a couple weeks with my drone


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