Let'S see if it works. Applause yeah excellent, no stalling at all. Well here it is guys check it out. My mst cfx dash w that's a mouthful to say, hey pick this up at make my fun uh, which is a hobby store in vernon british columbia in canada, and then i took some oversized tires. I had on some vanquish rims. These are the kmc license, branded rims or wheels as people like to call them as well got them all mounted up onto this insane little truck or a jeep. Ich sollte sagen, – and i think it's exactly the vehicle i was waiting for for these wheels they're on my parts wall for months, all the accessories actually come with this jeep no light kit, but everything's ready to rock and roll, oh for all the ocd people. Ach, that feeling of satisfaction, motor and transmission everything is stock. The only thing that's changed is the esc to a tekken bxr, as well as a castle 2.0 bec, because i'm planning on putting on a reef's rc servo that's got quite a bit of torque and it will require quite a bit of power, something the little bxr Esc from tkin can't do let me clarify on 3s lipo power because that's, what i have in there now is a 2200 3s lipo from jen's ace just taking it easy, as i take it out on my first real walkabout on the trail, oh nett. Ach, Alles klar, our first real climbing challenge got one loose branch in the way.

We'Ll see never quite captures the steepness on camera. Okay, so here's the branch in the way it's causing some issue no big deal, let's get it let's, get around it, Musik, hoping for a lucky grab and a hop here come on baby. Oh da, it is oh man. This truck is growing on me. This jeep is growing on me already. Ach, could use a little bit more weight in the front. It wants to go just trying to give it the slow crawl. I could probably bounce it up. There let's give it a try. Oh over, i go it's, always the approach angle. Hey it always just depends on how you approach and how you get your wheels up on the front and if they get any grip there, it is most of the time with crawling it's. Just throttle control a lot of times. It can do be due to weight dispersion. A lot of people have their vehicles up too high, or they even articulate too much. There is such a thing where it will actually shift your center of gravity around and make you more uh flip prone coming around. I got a very steep drop off it's. Im grunde, a cliff straight down let's back up a little bit i'm kind of using the sticks to slow me down a little bit fail good thing. I got a strong roll cage in there and a ghost driver today, gon na head up this tree and take it wide and try to drive the tree.

What do you mean well, there's, literally a log on its side here, and i wonder how far we can go nice little transition here. Look at this sheer drop off on the other side. Oh schön, a little bit of body rub that's. Okay, i can solve that by simply raising uh the body mount posts. Oh my gosh look at that those nice high, uh and small. I can't believe how small those differential housings are uh. Look at nice, high portals no rubbage at all great. This is normally where most rigs fail is that they straddle the tree, but they start rubbing the diff and they then they can't, Tu es. That'S amazing you'll notice that the camber on the truck also has they're slightly angled out, which makes it so much easier to straddle a tree like this. All my concentration has to be on driving, making sure oh cause. All this stuff is wet right. This is like a rain forest that i'm in right now, uh on an island in canada and super slippery. So even if you get off a little bit wants to make, you slide. Look at this great log, unglaubliche, very capable. This is like a ttc ready, truck ttc stands for tough truck competition and when i say truck, i know it's a jeep, but you can put many different bodies on rcs like this: hey a nice little trials, bridge fantastic Music down the other side. I kind of figured i was going to come to another steep drop off sooner or later.

This is why i'm glad i have the bumper that i do, even though this is going to be more of a challenge, just kind of keep on the throttle. As i go like that see, the shape of the bumper actually keeps me from flipping forward. If you guys ever wondered why this bar was actually on the bumper Music. Also, Okay, as a last task, you can never see how tall it is. This is actually very, sehr, sehr, very steep and slippery, and i think we should at least attempt to go up. Can we get a good view of the entire thing from here? Nein, and it definitely does not look steep but you'll be able to tell that it. It is good luck, kleiner Kerl, nice wide stance, lots of moss on these rocks, which makes it extra slippery, oh really trying to focus on my low center of gravity and choosing the right line and when to use throttle and when to back off. Oh schön, Okay, that's a great part right there, so this is in like a little ravine right now, i've got my wheels positioned, pretty much exactly where i want so i can straddle the ravine. My goal is to make it all the way up to this point. Here is it possible it's a lot of like broken rubble right here i think it's possible, but if we fall it's going to be spectacular, come on dude nice now i got to go even more vertical.

Just climbing straight up. This kind of gives a better angle of the steepness i'm going to have to go one handed here using the thumb lever on my controller, shout out to jason hoy from hoyfab crawlers for creating the all thumbs back in the day before any other company thought of It, oh my god celebrate. I cannot believe i did that dudes insane and then into a ditch before my truck. Is there crazy? Can i come down gracefully, or will it be? A ha ha wipe out drag break, letting the drag break do its job, which is basically the motor, is slowing me down and just allowing me to creep forward. This is a secret right here. Oh schön, look at that the wheels are still turning avoid the slide right if you're sliding start turning your tires towards that slide and you'll get out of it through that.