Cheating that's goes we're here, that's how he wins: netter Applaus Jackknife, so we're waiting for rookie to dock up here, Music flat off to the forklift, yes it's, just competitive everything's, a race forgot it behind the line. Gut, that'll cost them that will cost him that cost and away he goes don't get nervous. Clearly i already did there. He is up onto the ramp up onto the trailer load. It up time, taking the forklift to the other dog. No well, you could making it up, as he goes. Music amazing sounds like he's got a hole in his exhaust system. Wow right loud. Do you have a gold tooth? Damn straight, it looks awesome feels awesome. Es sieht aus, Prima, rookie doing a great job backing it up. Having to choose one or the other one or the other, the middle does not count that's much better, Ja, less lazy, Gut Gemacht. If he hits a tire it's, ein 10 second penalty. He is done there across the road going to move the huge crane nice all. He has to do is park it in the corner, not easy, yeah that's the wrong way to haul it. It doesn't seem safe. Auf jeden Fall, not nice moves nice, Musik, beautiful job past the airline. Oh, i heard that i heard that there's a bump right there, beautiful job, beautiful job Music having to pick up side jobs just to make ends meet. Oh man there's a hole in it for sure performance, exhaust nice good job there he goes he has to unload the pallet.

Then his time will be done as soon as he crosses the line beautiful as he races towards the finish. He is posted time. 5. 38.. Very nice that was very nice setting the bar you're up next yeah yeah. Viel Glück! I think he looks nervous. He looked a little nervous there. He did yeah. I was surprised, running snow white today you were ready for go. You bet! You hit it you're here. Your market, Musik, Okay, fein, Fünf, Vier, Drei, two one go: Musikapplaus, oh that's, ugly, now you're stuck oh and your bumper is all freaked up. Applause penalty no way Applause; here it is Applause. Okay, Applaus, beautiful Applause, Music Applause well done docked up his turn on the forklift. Crazy joe, never happened. Oh you, didn't forget my Music who's. It gon na be who's the faster competitor today, oh bummer, bummer Laughter back to the garage. He goes it's russell isn't that what we were just talking about, why you painted your radio? They all look the same time to transport joe there. It is lots of room in here, but as you'll see, it is precariously placed on the trailer good job. Oh he's, trying to shave seconds off of his time. Wow wow, good job dude turn off the truck yep got it back with snow white he's. Doing a touch and go on the dock one for those wondering this is a custom job joe did on his truck absolutely stunning.

It was a replica of his son's full size truck nice. Well done it looks so badass man such a great looking vehicle Applause now, he's gon na dock, up to the alternate Applause dock, see a little bit of nerves coming into play, but he's acing. It look at this. Almost perfect Applause. Nice well done on his way. Over to the forefoot who's it gon na, be it comes down to seconds here. Rookie'S choice, not to pick up his power. Oh potential disaster. Look his choice to not pick up. His palette may hurt him, but that definitely slowed down crazy, joe adding seconds on to this time. Oh sehr schön, oh he's, getting anxious yeah! This is costing you time for sure. Oh that's, a nice move, though you moved it all the way around Music beautiful right into the bulldozer, smart use of the equipment down. He goes going straight towards the finish line straight towards the finish line and Applause job completed nice, Gut Gemacht, good attempt crazy joe. Your truck looked baller the entire time doing it well, listen tell you, you tried man it's. Only a few seconds tell how many seconds did you actually make how what's the difference? I think it's like what three, how many seconds was the difference. Three seconds steps: two stats back to my last race. I was five. Thirty, Acht, Oh, Oh ja, ziemlich gut, gar nicht so schlecht. Tell the viewers right now, what's it like to be in trailer trash after you have experience with trucks.

Is it i just had my ass handed to me? What do you want me to say was that? Was it awesome? You could kick in the nuts? Oh really i don't know, but the experience yeah i wouldn't trade. It yeah good job.