This NEON ORANGE caged elegance is called "TANGO". It is a rock bouncer I developed to duplicate Tim Cameron as well as the MADRAM11 gang of hooligans. Their YouTube video clips are insanely great. and the makers that they promote make any type of equipment head slather saliva. Back to my rock spider

This equipment is an MOA (Electric Motor on Axle), that has two ESC's (Electronic Speed Controls) – these are the Power Distribution blocks of the baby bouncer. This helps me separately control the rate of each motor. My front Axle actions a little much faster than my rear axle. aiding me in doing crazy climbs up that most "shafties" (Drive Shaft Driven Trucks) are unable to execute. This truck is additionally RWS or Back Wheel Guiding. I can guide each axle by itself. allowing me to demonstrate some really trendy ability. Usually Back Steer is not allowed competitionsunless all vehicles have the capacityto maintain it fair.

If you wish to know even more about my Rock Baby Bouncer "Tango" please use the search attribute and also search "RC ADVENTURES – TANGO" and also you will discover all type of fantastic videos about this version.

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