H823H Plus SNAPTAIN tragbare Mini-Drohne für Kinder mit Höhe halten kopflosen Modus 3D Flip

SNAPTAIN H823H Plus Transportable Mini Drone for Youngsters with Altitude Maintain Headless Mode 3D Flip #snaptain #truedronereviews #drone

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  1. That s all i need Bryan an other one that kim will get to hit me again lol Great review

  2. Nice to have drone when miserable weather outside.

  3. The original is my favourite indoor drone. I’ll have to grab this new one! Großer Bericht.

  4. Tight turns, tight flips, good flight time. She is a keeper!
    Good review Bryan.

  5. Looks like a solid quad! Great job as usual Bryan!

  6. Great flying Bryan, looking forward to seeing the outside flight

  7. Good deal Bryan, I had mine for weeks and snaptain wants me to wait to review it. Lol 🤣

  8. Not sure about that Bryan, it a prop can break I can find a way, lol

  9. Nice looking little drone. Flys really nice too. 👍👍👍👍👍

  10. I also gave this micro good marks when I reviewed it a couple weeks back, one of the best long flying micros I've flown..I got over 7mins with mine

  11. Snaptain puts out pretty good stuff 🇺🇸👍😎❗ Great flight time too ❗

  12. Really funny very fast flips create review very nice flight Very stable excellent test Bryan

  13. Nice drone the flight time is getting better and better

  14. 😀Cool and it fly's for a long time!

  15. Looks nice toy drone mate nice flying don 🤠🇬🇧👌👌👌👌

  16. Brian how you doing today my friend I like that little quad I have the blue one and I think it flies really well indoors I wouldn't chance it outside but I like it for indoors it's not bad it's a great little flying little drone I enjoyed the review and video my friend it was excellent you did an awesome job on it like always each and every one of your videos are high-quality and top-notch and I enjoying my friend I'm sorry I haven't been around that much health issues been getting me down I'm getting worried take care my friend I wish you the best and I hope you have a wonderful day and I'll definitely see you at your next video Happy flying Bryan 👍

  17. Audible LVC warning, Sehr nett. Sometimes it can be a pain spotting the flashing lights for LVC warning.

  18. Good job Bryan, I like this little quad.

  19. "Fly it into a skillet that's cooking food" haha!!

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