Selfies vom Himmel Yuneec Brise leicht gemacht

  • Selfies vom Himmel Yuneec Brise leicht gemacht
  • Selfies vom Himmel Yuneec Brise leicht gemacht
  • Selfies vom Himmel Yuneec Brise leicht gemacht
  • Selfies vom Himmel Yuneec Brise leicht gemacht
  • Selfies vom Himmel Yuneec Brise leicht gemacht
  • Selfies vom Himmel Yuneec Brise leicht gemacht
  • Selfies vom Himmel Yuneec Brise leicht gemacht
  • Selfies vom Himmel Yuneec Brise leicht gemacht
  • Selfies vom Himmel Yuneec Brise leicht gemacht

The Yuneec Breeze perfect for people who want a camera drone for aerial photos and video, but have almost no interest in actually piloting a drone.

With little more than some taps on your phone’s screen, you can put the Breeze in the air and have it perform a handful of automated camera moves to grab photos and video clips of you and your friends and family. Then you just download them to your phone, Bearbeiten, and shareall from within the drone’s app.

You can also fly it around manually with onscreen controls if you want to get specific aerial shots, but the range is limited to a maximum height of 80 Meter (262.5 Füße) and a maximum distance of 100 Meter (328.1 Füße). Flight times tap out at 12 Minuten, so you won’t want to fly it too far away from you anyway.

The Breeze is not a toy, aber. Its price tag pretty much quells that notion: $500 in the US and AU$700 or £450 in Australia and the UK, bzw.. It’s not for racing around, either, and it’s also not going to compete with something like the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, which is priced similarly, but has a better camera stabilized with a three-axis gimbal and far greater range and capabilities.

Jedoch, the DJI isn’t going to slip into a shoulder bag or backpack and is not nearly as discreet as the Breeze. It’s basically a point-and-shoot camera attached to a flying robota selfie drone.

The mobile app, available for iOS and Android, is split into two sections: Tasks and Gallery. Tap on Tasks and you’re given five options to choose from: Pilot, Selfie, Umlaufbahn, Journey and Follow Me. The pilot has the manual controls for flying around the way any other drone would with a regular controller. Jedoch, the Breeze is designed to have the camera pointed at you and not away from you like other camera drones, so the controls are reversed. (An onscreen toggle quickly switches this to what experienced pilots would consider normal.)

Selfie mode takes away the traditional stick controls and uses sliders instead to get the camera into just the right position for your photo or video. Orbit lets you set up the Breeze to automatically circle you or another subject, while Journey sets the copter to fly away from you and back again using the camera’s angle to calculate its trajectory.

Follow Me uses GPS and your phone to track you and follow you around. If you’re close to the drone, the movements can be jerky. In my experience, the best way to use this is to have it fly over top of you or from behind with it far away to take advantage of the camera’s wide-angle lens.

The Breeze performed really well overall and each mode has instructions for how to use it, so you’re never left guessing how to set up your shots. And when you get the video or photo you’re after, you can tap back out of Tasks and head to the Gallery for editing and sharing.

If you’re used to the smooth, stabilized aerial video from drones with cameras on motorized gimbals, you’re likely going to be disappointed by the Breeze’s video or at least its 4K-resolution video. Other than some vibration dampeners in the body there is nothing to stabilize the video at its highest resolution, 2160p at 30fps, so the slightest wind or drone movements cause shake and jerkiness in videos.

Drop down to 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps, aber, and you get digital image stabilization that works pretty well. It won’t take out all movement, but even in high winds the video looked fairly stable. It is no replacement for a gimbal, but as long as the drone is performing one of its automated moves or you’re just flying it, Es sieht gut aus. At least good enough to share on social or when viewed on a phone or tablet. The quality won’t blow people away, but the fact that it’s from a flying camera will.

And really, that’s what the Breeze is all about: getting a great aerial shot of you and your friends to share online so that people can view it on their phones or tablets.



  • Typ: Quadrocopter
  • Funktionen: 3D-stunt,Luft drücken Höhe halten,Ein Schlüssel abnehmen,Biegen Sie links/rechts,Nach oben/unten
  • Größe: Kleine
  • Sensor: Barometer
  • Eingebaute Gyro: 6 Achsen-Gyro
  • Kit-Typen: RTF
  • Ebene: Anfängerstufe
  • Remote Control: 2.4GHz-Funk-Fernbedienung
  • Kanal: 4-Kanäle
  • Radio-Modus: Modus 2 (Linke Drosselklappe),WiFi APP
  • Detaillierte Kontrolle Abstand: 50-80m
  • Kompatibel mit zusätzlichen Gimbal: Nein
  • Sendeleistung: 3 x AAA-Batterie(nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
  • Akku: 3.7V 350mAh LiPo
  • Flugzeit: 8~ 10 Minuten
  • Ladezeit.: über 60mins
  • Gewicht des Produkts: 0.3750 kg
  • Gewicht des Pakets: 0.3800 kg
  • Produktgröße (L x b x H): 13.00 x 13.00 x 3.50 cm / 5.12 x 5.12 x 1.38 Zoll
  • Paketgröße (L x b x H): 15.00 x 15.00 x 5.00 cm / 5.91 x 5.91 x 1.97 Zoll
  • Packungsinhalt: 1 x RC-Drohne ( Inklusive Batterie ), 1 X-Fernbedienung, 4 X Propeller Wache abdecken, 4 x CW-Propeller, 4 X CCW Propeller, 1 x Schraubendreher, 4 x Fahrwerk, 1 USB-Ladegerät, 1 x englisches Handbuch


Hauptmerkmale- Echtzeit-Übertragung von Videos und Bilder: 0.3MP oder 2MP Kamera WiFi ( die Funktion ist nur für die Version mit einer Kamera )- Barometer-Höhe-Hold-Funktion: stabilisieren Sie die Drohne entweder fliegen oder schweben um Videos und Bilder leichter klar machen- Ein wichtiger Start: Fliegen Sie die Drohne....


Dies ist erste Quadcopter war und es war jede Menge Spaß zu fliegen, die Steuerung ist sehr einfach zu erlernen und die Trimmung ist auch einfach zu tun für die Feinabstimmung, Lebensdauer der Batterie ist vernünftig, Ich war unvorsichtig und sogar lassen mein Sohn spielen/Absturz es ebenso wie andere, die nie ein Quadrocopter verwendet haben, it was so much fun while it lasted and put a smile on other people's faces, Meine zweite Quadcopter wurde das UDI und es war nicht annähernd so viel Spaß, erhalten Sie einige zusätzlichen Batterien
Ich kaufte mir 2 davon für meine Fernbedienung Junkie Freund für Weihnachten, he's really into rock crawlers and expensive professional remote control big-boy toys that cost hundreds of dollars, Ich habe eine Menge Forschung aber noch besorgt, dass diese wie ein billiges Spielzeug für ihn fühlen würde, ;Wir nehmen Tonnen von Fotos und Videos, und während die Qualität miserabel ist
Dies ist eine ausgezeichnete quadcopter, it's very stable in flight, withstands multiple crashes well I've had quite a few, und eines der besten Dinge ist das Ersatzteil Teile sind reichlich und billig, die Ersatzteile finden kann jedoch äußerst schwierig, und nicht selten werden die Teile schnell obselete, Suche nach Ersatzteilen für wurde unmöglich

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he little Yuneec Breeze 4K makes shooting and sharing aerial selfies a snap. But those looking to really pilot a drone should keep looking.

  • The product has a compact, lightweight design that easily fits in a backpack.
  • Its mobile app (available for iOS and Android) is easy to navigate and use.
  • Automated flight modes have in-app, step-by-step directions.
  • Replacement parts are available for repairs should you crash it.
  • You'll need the digital image stabilization only available at 1080p and 720p resolutions.
  • Image quality is OK, best suited for online sharing or viewing on a phone.
  • Battery life is relatively short at 12 Minuten.
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  1. Love This Phone. I just Love this mobilei am so excited to get this phone i recommend this phone to my friend.

  2. Excellent Price. This is in Excellent working conditions. I would recommend it. Don’t buy for full price on Iphone 6S Plus. This is the way to go.
    Bought it for a Birthday Gift and it was a great surprise. Funktioniert super, it came WITHOUT the original box and earbuds but it came with charger. I recommend this.

  3. iPhone 6s Plus. It was a good phone but it didn’t come in the box or with earbuds but it is in good working condition and comes with a charger

  4. okay condition. when i received the phone i noticed a few dents in the back and scratches on the front screen. there is also internal damage involving sensors which i am not happy about. although the price is fair enough since it is majorly reduced, i will need repairs to have it fully and entirely functional. i will most likely not be buying from this company again.

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