My friends welcome to RC sparks it is freezing outside today and much like everybody else. I am on the inside trying to pass some time with my RC hobby. If you don't know what RC is welcome to the show it's radio control of some people would say: it's remote, controlled it's completely up to you, depending on how you see it, you guys can argue about the outcome of that in the video comment section down below, But what am i doing today, something fairly simple: look on the back here, this body itself, if let's just back up a little bit here, who would actually who actually tuned in for the episode 11, where I took project overkill out to my backyard trail park, leave A like click right now, if you saw it and and I got to tell you it performed far beyond my expectations. I was very pleased with it. I do see in some areas where I could use some improvement for sure and and one of those we're gon na fix today, because we saw a winch line snap when I was out on the yellow. You know suspension beams. Oh the wind flying now. Schau dir das an, I know a lot of people are looking at this right now. What the heck is he done? Gut, this top kick body or GMC topkick pro and proline racing made this it's been discontinued. Now a lot of people might even know it as a Chevy Kodiak or you may know it from the Transformers movie as Ironhide, but this one here is a replica or more of a tribute to project overkill.

The original one I did many many years ago on YouTube well look at these diesel stacks. These diesel stacks actually were cut or molded right into the lexan into the body. Jetzt, if I was to take this out, you'd be like oh, Mein Gott, there's holes in the body behind there, but that's exactly what I did. I wanted real diesel stacks and for those that are just wondering about this truck and just tuning in welcome to the series this is like a dedicated build. I was doing for the tough truck competition of 2020 if that's still being held. We all don't know right now, but at the time of this filming I'm still hopeful that it may, and so the tough truck competition basically takes over two days to complete it's six different events, sometimes more and one of them is being mud bog. Gut, one of the challenges I see every year in mud bog with tough trucks that are very fast or have lids like this is that they have an issue with air building up on the inside of the inside of the roof and what will happen as you're Driving along you'll you'll you'll get into the deep water. Your whole truck will start if it's, not heavy enough. It'Ll start to float because it's got this giant air bubble, that's trying to escape and if you've seen my TTC videos before you'll see lots of trucks when they get air under there start to tip over because that air wants out and then Boop they're under and Gone well number one thing for me: these stacks right here will actually allow a lot of air to escape for me straight up through because I cut it out drill down and these tubes were the perfect fit to fit on the inside.

Now I do have it taped off right now, but I'm gon na show you anyway, because I can open these up just to show you how they're mounted tada just that quick and easy. So what you're, Sehen, even though this looks terrible, probably to you guys, I don't, know everybody'sgot an opinion these days and that's fine you're, seeing tons of guerrilla tape on the inside with strengthen the lexan and also deaden the sound of that. Weißt du. Plasticky lexan sound when you drive away it makes it nice and strong. Auch, if you'll notice that these pipes, they actually fit perfectly into the groove of the molded area, Schau dir das an, so all I did was have to figure out a way to get them in there to get them to click into this area. I could clean this up. What you guys are seeing here is actually a lot of the Gorilla Tape I could get in here with a razor blade, but I didn't really plan on opening this up but I'm, showing you guys. So what did I do to make these hey, isn't, that cool real diesel stacks super simple? You guys noticed that this truck was over here on the bench crank illenore RC vikings. If you're watching, Jetzt gerade, big shout out to you buddy all the way over from canada still got this beautiful truck now I did not use pieces from this truck, but this is going to be a perfect example of what it was.

You guys can go onto eBay check out for these parts. Look at this here is a simple outside cover right now, it's much longer. I only had to use one of these for the two diesel stacks and then these stacks themselves. They actually come in pieces. You'Ll see it kind of mounts on to a post right there. Gut, this is the tube well, this is the perfect tube to fit into that area. So what I did was I cut this in half one of these single tubes, I had an extra one. Then I cut this one off down to size and then I kind of you know I cut it even smaller and then I pressed it together and I use some CA glue just to keep it pressed and bingo bango Bungo there you go. You got yourself a nice scale, diesel stack and I thought that's perfect, because not only is it going to look awesome and give me extra scale points because you get pointed in and you know for all these different kind of competitions. I got to do that with two hands that's, was sie sagte, but there it is in a nutshell. I didn't get to stick it in there yet, but I will in a moment, boom there's, so much innuendo in these shows, but that is how you would make it. So this is going to allow air to escape it's still gon na keep a certain amount of air in there, was gut ist, because I want that front nose to be actually up when I'm in the mud.

I don't want all of that air in there, though I just want a bit, so it keeps me floating, das ist perfekt, so people that are in the tough truck this year. If we have one, you better, be bringing game cuz I'm coming for you guys, you'll. Also notice a hole, drilled right at the very top that's, where the brake light sticker is gon na go I'm still gon na have a hole there, which will allow even more air to escape that gets caught at the back. So you can see it's, not a large hole, it's still going to be able to control the flow, basically on how long I'm in the mud. For so that should help give me traction where normally other people will be floating now. I know it's, not the prettiest cuts on the Lexx and, Tatsächlich, I'm a little bit embarrassed on how that's looked, but I do have and I did source another top kick body which is fantastic and, as you can see once you start cleaning it up with The razor blade it's gon na do what much better but I'm gon na do this body again, but at least I'm getting all my rough ideas out and I'm lucky enough to have found another one out there so continue on. Okay. So for those that were following the build, you guys know that or you may not. I put in dual servo winches from reefs RC.

Sie können die 422 HD one on the front and, Natürlich, because it's overkill staying with the theme one on the back, which gives me a rear servo. Now there was a few mistakes I made when I first installed this a I didn't spool at the right way, because it has to feed through the center mount. If you guys watch, I don't know it's, like episode 10. I think it is you'll. See me install this, but I did fix it before I went out in episode 11 when I broke the winch line on the back now my bad. It was completely user error. On my side I was excited to use the winch. I did not place the winch hook high enough and really in that scenario, unless I had had rear steer, I shouldn't have been winching anyway, and one of the things I said was, thankfully you know this server, which actually comes with seven feet of cable. The cable snapped under very little pressure. What some people would say was little pressure, but it wasn't. This was actually starting to twist quite a bit it's very, sehr stark, and I would rather have the winch line snap before my expensive over 100 winch servo craps out or eats its own gears. But regardless of that fact, bum bum bum and I wish I would order two hundred poundslook at this one of the things I find challenging and unsafe, which is kind of a joke.

So I'm, just farting around with our see it doesn't really mean that's unsafe. das, when a cable from a winch snaps people can lose body limbs well, Zum glück, I didn't lose any from this 110 Skala, because the cable was too small and at the same time you need to be able to see it at you know this is a gray Cable, when it's strung out you can't, really see it well. This here is nice and yellow, but boom. Schau dir das an, so I'm gon na be able to string it out. Das ist 100 pound braided fishing line right. I wish I would've got the 200 Pfund. It would have been a little bit thicker and it would have been a little bit nicer to have in in different situations, but that's no problem. Do you guys remember when I put a snatch block on the front of my bumper here? This is the winch with the snatch block if you use a snatch block and you understand the use of it, which basically doubles the power of your inch. You also know that when you use a snatch block, it uses double the line because you're having to run to like two lines back to the to the winch and the hook, instead of just one. So it takes your seven feet, cuts it down to three feet which really limits what you can hold on to or grip on to with your trail truck when you're in a competition or out on the trail.

I know I do talk. A lot ice. Try to fit a lot into this and if you don't, like it hopefully you've tuned out alreadyand I know the people that are watching right nowlove it that's. Why you're here so hit the like button? Cuz, you know I'm gon na beg for it anyway. Okay, let's get these both of these winch lines, strung up and then see how it works out, visible visually. I don't think you'd be surprised to hear. I get a lot of comments of people to say. Oh you talk too much or oh. I don't like the sound of your voice, it's so annoying, Aber dann, when I comment and I can turn down your volume or go away on the axial, how does that work you're, making the choice to watch my if you don't like it off and then there's The other folks that are asking me when my son Morris is gon na start appearing on the show again or getting mad at me, because I started leaving cuss words in my videos, even though most of the bad ones are still edited out, but and saying that You know I'm not being a good youtuber anymore, but those people don't understand that the USA FCC has Coppa law in place and basically, if I have Morris on the show or if my show is deemed made for children, that even in Canada, the FCC can find Me 45000 per infraction, wo, if my videos are said made for kids and they're not or vice versa, I can get in trouble so don't be so selfish.

I still make this show after all these years, because I love each and every one of you, but I can't jump through everybody's hoops. I just got to be me and make that I like, and if you like it awesome let's, get this unspooled and get this changed out. I'Ve always tried to make all ages content here on my channel that's what I've always said it was since the beginning and if I don't prove in some way that it isn't made specifically for chilled there's big penalties to be paid, wie ich bereits erwähnte, and so I Don'T want any mistake on that, although I love all the families that watch big shout out to everybody. I know you spend lots of family time watching me so I'm. Sorry but the world is changing and you know you got to change with it as you go and if people say it's, not family friendly, I say well, it is friendly family friendly, it's family friendly for my family that's, just a tongue twister by itself. So there it is all I had to do is undo four different bolts just holding in the servo. Then there's going to be one center screw that's on the inside, which you can't see because it went out of focus. But I can take that spool right off and I'd like to say thank you to everybody that keeps tuning in, even though we've had to go through all these changes over the last 12 Jahre.

People that truly are understanding and keep coming back here to show support from my family and ion to the Hobby itself. You know there is just something magical about the radio control hobby, where there really is something for everyone. If you give it a chance, you know so there's this line I'm gon na go ahead. Take this off! I love how easy this is, as it flops out of my fingers and falls on the floor. Ja, look at this beautiful braided line, so this is unreal. I'M gon na be able to put on a lot more feet of line at least or a lot of more inches, whatever you'd like to say, probably about an extra meter here's the spool I'm, just going to push it right through to the other side. There is no set screw. This is the side that lines up with the splines of the servo. Sorry there you go and then, Natürlich, what you do is you just clamp down the line when you put the screw and put the spool back on the servo? Just like that now be prepared, if you're using 100 pound fishing line, an ordinary pair of scissors ain't going to do it you're going to need a razor blade, and that is probably right about enough. And then I know I got a lead a little bit there, because it's going to go straight up through the fairlead at the front. Now it makes me wonder how much cable is this like? Is it more than before, let's unspool it and see? Now this will give you a good reason of why I changed the color.

Look at this all the way over to my buggy all the way over to the antenna holder. I will tell you exactly how far that is 14 Füße. So not only did I double the strength, but I doubled the length that I'm going to be able to string it out at now, because with the snatch block, I definitely am going to need at least five feet of line. If I need to pull myself out of somewhere serious and now I can see exactly where the line is going to be the entire time now, I just got to rescale it and make sure i spool it the right way and so for those that missed it. You'Ll see I took my battery out here, that is a modified Redcat. Gen8 reef's RC servo mount right there. Basically it centers up the spool and it spools through the center of this area right here and, of course installed just so. You can see that line right. dort, nice and clear, so I go underneath because this is where my battery actually sits is right. oben, I know I'm in the middle of filming. Just give me a second yeah there we go so that one's done. All I have to do is spool up the back one as well. Jetzt, in case you're wondering see the line come down, then the snatch block, mit dem Haken, see how it's just is threaded through. Then a piece of heat shrink then a collar with a grub screw.

Then my beautiful gold hook that I've been waiting to use for so on something for years, and then thisand so basically this is going to go into the end of the collar I'm. Going to bring the collar down to the end, make sure everything's lined up here properly I'm going to cinch it down. Wie so, and then I'm gon na bring this piece of heat shrink over and put this through the end of the heat shrink like so, even though I can't do it in front of your with one hand, also that's what she said. Ach, if you guys don't know what USA koppel law is it's, basically youtube or the whole thing that's going on with that it's it's like past news now but it's always current, is that YouTube was caught. You know collecting kids data for advertising purposes, Und so, as part of the settlement, the koppel law is basically the online child Privacy Protection Act or the Child Online Privacy Protection Act and basically that's preventing websites from collecting kids data on what they view. So they don't get targeted viewing now how YouTube worked their way around. This was my making the Creator responsible for it. So we have to make sure basically that our that our content is not designed specifically for children and there's, only very few ways to get around that. So there you go so I got it nice and shrunk down. There went a little wobbly on me, not a big deal and I don't want to melt my fishing line there.

So I got to be very careful here, but there you go so that's exactly how that would be threaded that's. How I would finish that off. So it wasn't causing an issue, and then you can basically just line it right back like this, and now you have yourself a functional snatch block with a cable that you can see basically in any environment, and that is very helpful. My friends a little bit too long, so I trimmed her back a little bit on that heat shrink, so it could fit properly, aber da ist es. You can see the yellow cable through there that's. What it is. This is where I mount the front of the truck, if you guys miss that, and I also mount the body of the truck through these holes on the bumper, which actually holds my whole body in place, and there you go so one in the front and one In the rear they just keep coming, I know you guys are filling it in down below, but I know that there's lots of people still watching guys. Vielen Dank. I want you to. Let me know what the favorite part of your video today was, because it always helps me make good content for you guys all the way around the world. I always appreciate it when you stop by to check out my films leave me a comment. Help me pass. The time during this health crisis of 2020 – and hopefully I've done a good job today of inspiring you or at least making you feel like you want to try out the hobby of radio control.

Those stacks are pretty sick, Hallöchen. Lassen Sie mich wissen, was Sie denken, guys and we'll leave it off on this note.