I'Ll see if I can rescue you is with overkill I'll give you push them back push forward. Oh I'm, glad you can't move right now, Cuz! I might be getting tipped over if you did go forward. Nothing there. You go a push, Starten, look how soupy it is sound, so squishy, Ich weiß. Gut, here we are father and son Morris. You have beautiful new tires on there, Herr. I see they're very shiny and they look like they're ready to rip in some mud. Bist du? Are you ready to guess that that nice shine yes shut up dad let's go right, power down, buddy let's, see what you got. Yeah we're gon na go mudding today and of course, I've got overkill here on my 2.2, sighs IMAX Red Rock tires. Look at those insane side by side heading into battle, so Keener's will be looking at my truck you'll see it sagging down a little bit in the rear end, because I put some limiting straps on there. I actually I'm going to downgrade the size of those shocks on there, because I want a different ride height to a 90 millimeter from the 100 millimetres I have on there. Now it just has such a better just has such a better handling and ability that way. Eines Tages, buddy keep dreaming lessons to be learned: Sohn, Okay, drehen, your tires, Jay back and forth turn your tires know. You are stuck time for a rescue there, Sohn.

You can stop spinning your tires. You ain't gon na make it. I remember I had to rescue your mom many years back before you're around to think all these years later now, I'm rescuing Morris instead I'm all gon na back up. So I get a little bit more length here for you yeah. Here we go all together. Ja, there you go buddy, you can drive on. Nein, I can let's go find another mud puddle on our way on our way: hey Jeff, the deer in the back. Can you make it yeah nice job Music? Es war genial. Rain is acting mother than yours, that's. The way it should be bro god I remember when he I was his age. There was barely any rct1 alone ones that could get across the grass wow that little Traxxas sport has seen so much action. I bet I have to change the motor in this thing. Already it's a brushed motor it's seen lots of abuse. I did tape up the outer holes right now, keeping that grit out of the motor itself. All of your tires are spinning. They look amazing bro. Sie sehen gut aus, Ja, gut, that's. Warum? I put all that coating on at first, so the mud doesn't stick to the tires as much nice job good control. Musik. Oh nice got me all right. Oh ja, do you look like you're here right now? Okay, I game the mud. Take a I'm always down for that it's stickier out here, I'm.

Coming for ya, Oh ja, I'm Irene! I can do that mud tag, there's, something I love being a parent. All it takes is a little patience and endurance and come back. Oh dude you're. Also, oh my god see if you can push me over yeah topple the king right there. Oh, you got to do it on the roof buddy line up where dad's cab is nice and gentle push on the cab roof. Viel Glück für Sie, sir we're gon na, have to get you your own winch, now yeah nice job, one good rescue deserves another buddy. Just like a hog in slop. My kid wants to be in the mud yeah. At least your truck has the proper snorkel not like daddies they being silly Music let's, siehe hier, yeah it's, like melted, chocolate chips, Sie bereit ja! Los geht es. I just popped off the hook popped off. I didn't do a good job. I'Ll have to tether it on better hold on round two good luck. Son. Danke. Oh easy, easy for a couple of pros, but dang that truck looks good in the mud, son mud, bogging, slinging all the mud around let's go to the car. Wash some of the viewers say the most satisfying parts of our videos are the trucks getting cleaned afterwards found comfort down on found them spellbound, yeah clean that mud down, buddy Moe's, trucking we're gon na make sure to take the lids off of these trucks we're going To unplug the batteries make sure they're all good to go clean up side down side inside outside good job.

Keep it going buddy. Ich weiß, it's beautiful don't have that that's would be muddled.