Long Exposure Photography with the DJI MAVIC AIR using very Dark ND Filters

On this episode I present 5 totally different Lengthy Publicity ND Filters for the Mavic Air, exhibiting each the video and picture outcomes.

If you wish to get into Lengthy Publicity pictures along with your MAVIC AIR, yow will discover the filters right here:

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ND 1000 LONG EXPOSURE FILTER: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DTJ2F9R

ND 2000 LONG EXPOSURE FILTER: https://freewellgear.com/dji-mavic-air-filters-and-accessories/262-dji-mavic-air-nd2000-filter.html

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22 Kommentare
  1. hello i am a big fan keep it up can't wait for a another video

  2. Another excellent review. I’ll definitely have to try those. I was filming Blakeney Rapids last week and only had an ND16 for my Mavic Air.

  3. Super video! I get my Mavic Air next week! I’m so excited!

  4. What is the aperture on the mavic air?

  5. Cooles video. It was very informative for a newbie like me.

  6. Outstanding review and testing of the new Freewell Filters! Do have a question, how did you mount your Mavic Air to the tripod, I'm asking because I'd like to find one for a Mavic Pro? Wieder, thanks for the very detailed testing and review, sehr hilfreich!

  7. wow this is super cool
    didnt even know this was possible
    there is crazy stuff on the market now
    i love dji

  8. I bought the Sunnylife filters for my Mavic air and they work great with the camera settings on auto. Its too hard to manual set them because I am alway moving around when flying in the sky. I have the CPL, UV, ND4, ND8, ND16, and ND32. Thats enought filter playing around for me in California.

  9. I know it's going to be a hard question to answer but, in your opinion which drone covers all the basic bases and is best over all?

  10. Canada looks like a great place to fly drones. My wife is from there, she was a hockey player

  11. Great video capt.! I use the ND1000 on the on my Phantom 4 Pro and it seems to provide better results due to the stability of a larger drone.

  12. That was very interesting video thanks.

  13. Had some poor results using Freewell filters on my Phantom 4 Pro. Very uneven light levels across the image so stopped using them. Looking at other possiblities.

  14. Schönes video Capt. Drohne! what country are u in please? 😁

  15. Cooles video, gute Infos – ABER: using a dark ND filter to allow long exposure times and then cranking up the ISO doesn't make senseyou are doing two opposite things there. You should be using a less dark ND filter if you can't get the exposure right without cranking up the ISO. If you are aiming for long exposure times then you should be using the minimum ISO setting and a dark enough ND filter to get the job done. If you need ISO 800 with an ND2000 then you could get the same exposure time with an ND1000 and IS 400, which would be preferable for the lower noise.

  16. I'm an eye doc and work in optics, yet your filter tricks and drone photography tweaks really amazing📸👌🏼😍 I have never thought you can do all of that with just a filter and a mavic !!
    I wonder what it would look like coming Sunset with some scattered clouds at horizon…. Hope you can amaze us as u always did 🙃. keep it up dude😉

  17. You are my fav learning centre for droning!Danke. So informative!

  18. Great video but these filters suck, stick with Polar Pro.

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