This is my traxxas TRX for Bronco a 110 Skala, electric off road trail truck. Look how shiny those tires are, if you guys are fans of the show. You'Ll know that I already suggest putting wd 40 onto your rubber tires and onto the underside of your drivetrain or your drive shafts, and the bearings of course, before you go out mudding. Auf diese Weise, when you go to rinse the tires off with the hose later, that mud should come right off there with little effort. The other thing I like to do, when I know it's kind of cooler outside is to cover the top of the brushed motor it's. A little bit out of focus there, but that's a 21 turn brushed 550. Can I keep the top of it covered up, so we don't have mud that actually slops in from the top. Also I do have an S dual sound system in here it is waterproofed. I took it apart, sprayed down the chip that's right, underneath this control board in conformal coating, which will prevent any kind of water getting to the electronics as well as I left the speakers without any treatment at all because they are water resistant. Also geht es los, are you guys ready to get out? I have a little bit of mud it's like a fries and a thaw situation right now, but we'll see if we can get it nice and muddy for you, I'm sure, I'm, not the only one that had a dad or an uncle that had one of these Ford Broncos or some sort of Chevy k5 blazer Traxxas just did a killer job when they came out with this body and the TRX four in total.

Here I promise mud and most of it's all frozen we'll have to get to the sloppy stuff. Let me ask you: what kind of driver are you? Are you someone that just barrels through everything or do you love to go super slow, like you would, if you were in a full size, I haven't been outside my ranch in like 23 Tagen. This is what lockdown looks like for me: big shout out to all the people in YouTube land right now that are also on lockdown yeah, full power. Yes straight into the straight down, and up look at that locked, Oh down, he goes oh just bad driving! I'M! Not watching that's a Bronco, it can take it round. Deuce let's! Versuchen Sie es erneut, Musik, bringing it in full power trick down into the bounty hall and up the other side. Ja, Bronco power, all the way very capable in the mud. Look at the tracks from those tires are just fantastic. What a crazy pitch! I love it finally being able to share some mud madness with the viewers. Who'Ve waited all winter, Lange, still a little snow, but you know what it's great to see some mud and man. This Traxxas TRX for Bronco looks beautiful with its new paint job earth. Guys thanks a lot for joining me today and rcadventures. I hope you had a good time now. I got to go clean this big fella off. That is what she said you so there you have it.

My friends and epic mud run with some nice slow mo shots through the mud. I love this truck. I always have loved the TRX for I've done tons of mud videos, everything with the land rover, the Ford Bronco I've I've even had the tactical unit which has been discontinued but check it out that wd 40 leaving those tires spotless. No real problem, you'll notice that the wheel nut is gone and one of the last tips and tricks I want to leave for people because a lot. A lot of people ask me about cleaning my RCS and when I'm done, one of the things that's so important, especially if you run across grass, is to clean out the hungry axle. And what do I mean by that look at this? If you check in, if I can get some light in there there, it is so behind this hex adapter is a whole bunch of grass. If you don't actually clear that out what happened? Does that grass is gon na start to to rust the axle and the bearing that's on the inside of the housing? So you want to make sure to take that off and clean that out of all four tires before you go to lubricate now, if I'm gon na be lubricating, I usually use a dry film lubricant after a run like this, and what I'm gon na do is Basically, let me take the top off. I did flush. The motor don't worry that I know the tape is still there, but really all I'm gon na be doing is the bearings as well as the drive shafts I'm gon na leave the motor alone.

Everything else will be good to go. Meine Freunde, thank you so much for joining me in today's RC adventure. Hopefully it was a muddy mucky request fulfilled for my friends out there that love the Traxxas bronco, and we will see you in the next episode of rcadventures.