You are gon na feel abused after doing the penalty, if you play again with the whole wheel of fortune guys, Natürlich, you have your 100, you may win cash money prize today or, Natürlich, Sol. Oh ja. What is Sol by the way shake on a lock, that's right right, that's right are you playing, maybe are you playing? Hoffentlich, you play real cash, see who's the king of the dock, let's see who goes first, Applaus, Okay, I've spin to see who you play. Alright can't play yourself. What was that crazy, Joe KJ's in there? We go good luck, boys? What an incredible lineup of trucks every week on loading Kings. We get to see the most incredible lineup. Bist du so weit, sir we're ready? You are always ready. Bist du so weit? Everett'S judge right there driving the scania fire up, that truck ever you're, getting ready to rock and roll Joe you've got your judge as well. It is going to be Lyle, nice man, schön. You are going to be taking three pallets, three pallets and a stack of wood. You can do the stack of wood at any point in time, beginning or at the end, once you get three all within the borders of your trailer. As you now know, all within the borders of the trailer, wie Sie wissen, you will be able to leave the yard. We have lasers now beaming through the insides, making sure that no one bumps the doc and also right here where they parked they can only pull one in in one way, so they have to return to their ex before they get a tile driver's let's get on Your mark get set, get ready three, two one doc your trucks, ersten, one into the yard, gets to decide before ever it is gain left behind the hole there is in gear is in gear.

You'Re gon na be in gear. To start the competition crazy Joe getting his opportunity to slide in oh, no one going for the far dog, Oh penalty, not lifting the legs, that is a penalty yeah. He is getting the opportunity to do the penalty, no leave his truck there. Yeah sorry go ahead! Sorry I thought you're moving his truck, please to top up his legs crazy job, taking the opportunity taking a long back up Everett now on working on the penalty. Look at this just has to get his back tires, one of them on to the X and he's free to go where to go, except you did perfect, perfekt, perfect rock and roll man looks like Joe is getting the choice spot as long as he doesn't set Off the alarm: that's it right there stocking gear. Are you having mechanical issues? Musik, now he's forced to go to the other side of the yard? Almost a jackknifed maximum turn crazy, Joe already over onto the forklift anybody's game, Music Applause Laughter. All pallets must be loaded from the ramp, but wood is on the side of the trailer heavy, a straight axle here, no limited slip, diff at all or opened. If you can hit your trailer yes, Ja, I would agree with that. That is maximum weight for these small modified pointless to lift still waiting on a hydraulic blocks from my les yeux forklift got a blockage in there. These ones are more than adequate for what we're, using ever it's, still working on his backup technique: crazy Joe loads.

The first stack of wood, Musik, Musik – you can't coach him on it, never feeling the heat part. drei. Ja, he's wiggling his way over. Ja, he's, almost in there, you ready I'm Ricky Todd blades. Those laser beams, shooting all around you Music. Ja, now he has to find where ten is. Where is the rack average statistically blocking you got to go or your delay of game no come on delay of game penalty, Everett, delaying a game! Hallöchen! Stoppen! Moving your truck penalty! You got you stop moving delay of game ever it's, saying that he thoroughly enjoyed this penalty earlier. I believe he said it was fun wasn't it keeps rocking it yeah. He does a heavy load on the trailer coaching is allowed in the penalty area. You got this F, this penalty being very hard where the Steiger itself is an articulating machine, and this trailer has a movable axle in the front Everitt. All he had to do is back it up all he had to do back to work, Herr. Ja, sehr, einfach! Nice well done first tile, you have to call for it for four bottom rock number: four off to the bottom. Why is your truck starting? Ja, Joe killing it yeah yeah six bottom was called for anybody that missed that Evert making moves. Ja, if he's unloaded, you can do anything of course, making it very difficult here. Looking good guys, Musik, everything's, fein, challenging Evert, trying to slowly wear a nice.

Gut gemacht, Musik, Verrückt, Joe solid man, fest! You know what penalty we call them! The last one that you can't scrape your palate up, the ramp, sorry penalty, sorry penalty, that's, fair it's, gerecht. We did call that earlier didn't. We we did call that we updated it. You cannot rub your Forks, sorry Joe wasn't me that broke the rules, though yeah yeah. He finally gets an opportunity to try out the Steiger in Reverse different load configuration very nice, Oh starting to get a little twisted. This can go haywire very quickly, gut, executed there. It is crazy, Joe making short work of the penalty gets very challenging. Oh Music right there boom penalty every yeah. Tut mir Leid, he said you, he told you yeah, he told you you had to go to the eggs matter. Hahaha, we are Oh Joe. Just did it anyway. There we go three top we've changed it, where every time you get a penalty in your reset, you have to draw a new palette over to three far side of the warehouse Evert back to back to it mixed opinions on the coaching penalties, but it's. What makes the game spicy Wow same rack Applause. There comes as a forklift, making Swift moves, no penalty, that's a penalty right there. I didn't move the right. Oh you hit that you hit the pallet man. Tut mir Leid, you hit a pallet with another pallet that's. Warum? I called it was that a legal calloh absolutely yeah, Cappy yeah in in consideration don't mess with him, yet lowering his Forks down to the legal height good choice.

Musik, Oh catching himself hurt is crazy, Joe backing it up, showing skill. You have to snake this thing back and forth. Everything he knew about backing up has to be reversed because of the extra axial rotation point good job KJ, killing it two pallets on crazy. Joe has one pallet on one piece of wood Applause Steve. I hate to tell you this, but next time, when you tell him and agree that it's three bottom, it will be counted as coaching, because only the tile masters allowed to say where he's supposed to go right. I know yeah same thing: yeah nice swiftly! Moving with the forks, Nein, no nice, alright crazy, Joe, also working at it in a very small area. Ja, it is come on boys. Get these trailers loaded. I want to see him out of the yard. I don't know it might have been from the top rack. Music Everitt making moves Joe making moves everybody's on their last item. Almost yeah did you just say he still needs his big one. You coached that's it ever at penalty yeah. You just told him what he needed to do. Rookie nibbles, it just hurts it hurts but it's the truth. It doesn't matter. If you disagree that's the way it goes same with the people watching such a good looking RCA Joe look he's the only one that can tell you dude working on his first wood stack. Ja, Es ist, this is close, gentlemen, get the lead out: Yep, that's, Richting, Ja, it's, very difficult to negotiate; it's all about strategy, precise movements.

Look at that like a glove, so he touches the bottom skid like that with the part of the fork: it's, Okay, Ja. Even if he bumps the rack, while he's loading as long as he doesn't bump the rack now so he can bump forward while he's pickin, yes correct, but any other point. He gets a penalty. Applause Evert, still struggling with his side load, Komm schon. Ev yes struggling to straighten it out. That must be so frustrating so close, but so far away. Here comes crazy, Jo he's, making a move crazy, Jo's last pilot who's going to be out of the yard legit penalty Music come on as make some noise boys cheer on your crow. Ja, Ja, Gut Gemacht! Look at this Everett's making moves, judge lifts yeah good to go anyway. Order. Do I have to take the lane you could take the lane out man we lifted the dock that counts. Look at the ass Everett got his stack again. You got this dude come on. He still has to leave a long line all eyes on that bumper Lyle Everitt, Ja, a strength, bewegen, anybody's, game dude. Oh, that was close Applause good, try that's as close as it gets. Im grunde, unless you're good good, Versuchen, Mann, KJ, Goodwin buddy could drop good job. Gut Gemacht, good job judge you buddy. Danke. Danke, Michael know, what's going on fortune hey, so you got a chance to win yourself a hundred dollars today or you might even get yourself out of luck.

300. There'S, the cash right there see what you try to go around at least once Applause Applause. Better luck, das nächste Mal, Kumpel, Ja, you're gon na need, at least that, Ja, I can smile well.