Es ist Zeit für Sie, die Krone zu nehmen. Möglicherweise sind Sie? Are you gon na win both of you winners before both of you losers before both of you have a sound kit in your trucks? Ja, Ja, Chuck welcome back sir you're gon na be helping us judge today. Ja, Ja, sir mr. Lyle, you you are going to be tile master, yes and now Ron in the building. You are gon na help judge today, as well you're going to be rookies judge. Ja, gut alle, you know you are not allowed to cross over the yellow and black tape. You are not allowed to hit a block. You are not allowed to knock anything off a pallet or bump into anything with any of your stuff. What is it if you do penalty, and recently I made a mechanical thumbyou are going to be able to use this Ripper as a gripper, so you have the stack of lumber right there. You see that one that's right, thank you crazy, show now that that one is slightly shorter, that's, going to give you access to the multiplier board on the Wheel of Fortune, but you'll also see one that has a black spot on the end that one there. Thank you crazy Joe. You have to include in the amount of lumber you are grasping, with this mechanical thumb and putting into the back of the truck. So you must include that black piece to get out of your penalty understood pile master.

You understand, Ich habe es, but I yes well good luck, because if you don't have the multiplier that's your choice now granted. If you go to spin the wheel of fortune today, right and you're, and you want a new, a new you're feeling good, you want to do it. You need to have access to the multiplier. If you're going to up the prize to the big money, yeah Laughter, there are multiple dudes standing around today, you don't want just like any warehouse. You don't want to be hitting these guys. You don't wan na be knocking them over what happens if we knock them over there. That'S fired right disqualified same if you knock over. The dock manager over here knock over any standing Tower like this. You are also going to be fired today. Gentlemen, yes you're only I'm very strict today, what's that two short stacks to I don't want to see anything knocked over. If I see any rolling tires, it could be yeah yeah yeah. This is real money man. This is a real. This is a real game. Is these are between two experienced guys? I don't want to see nothing, nichts, easy guys. You'Re gon na be loading up with two pallets you're gon na be loading up with two stones: there's only one loader, so the person who gets to the loader first gets to load up. Erste, you have to talk to either side person who gets in the arena.

First gets to choose start your engines, they have to exit the arena opposite hallway. They came in and three two one knock your trucks, a race to the inside. They can hit any of these blocks. Look at that rookies super experienced crate show. Gleichzeitig, both players right here on the way in crazy, Joe using strategy to block rookie right there that's how you can tell an experienced player always knowing how to screw over the contestant plane. Now we do have laser setup here. This isn't a laser alarm, so if he backs up too far, he will set off a tripwire which activates a penalty crazy, Joe, not able to drive usually, aber heute, pulling out all the stops. Oh I'm, gon na say your legal syrup flipped over and you're good to go. You just pulled in rookie making his moves. You can see the experience as he uses the entire lane. Joe calls for his first block for his lawyer. He'S claimed the loader first rookie lost it right. am Ende, there it's okay, you're doing a fine job, sir whoa crazy, Joe, almost getting fired right away by knocking a tire off the top yeah. I know you didn't everything's good there. It is coming around interesting strategy. Ja, he's allowed to move around now as soon as they're docked up rookie now standing there. Oh, I can't tell you anything like that: let's see what happens the risk of the penalty or not nice, so he is already in route who got a penalty.

Oh done it into the wall. That is totally a penalty crazy, Joe the first one to use the mechanical thumb over here allowed to have any kind of coaching they want in this area. I need a run you're, judging crazy, Joe who's, judging crazy Joe Ron, then Ron should be over here. Who is Oh, Charles man? Was machst du? You have to be over here, helping and coaching now, if you guys don't, see or have never seen this before, I did do a video on how to make this mechanical thumb, Metall, t double penalty. That'S right, you have to that's right. If you guys aren't familiar with the rules of loading Kings, you can check in the About section down below below the video player. Look at this crazy Joe has the multiplier, but doesn't have the required log man that doesn't count. Ja, there he is out what what happened. Ja, he's got a double penalty, so he goes back to work. Remember open that hook. All the way crease go and back here back up your excavator yeah go ahead. If you can grab it grab it there, Du gehst. You can use it as a push bar. Remember that oh yeah he's got it that's a great load right. dort, he's got the multiplier in there. Oh fail. You got to reset again. That'S fail. Number two three fails you're out, it's three bottom, three bottoms nice job. Oh he's got to do the brick.

Is there no three? Oh there is your game. Even pat advice, Herr. There is a rack. drei. He just has no trial master is immune from penalties. I'D love to help you out on where that radio is sir. Oh five, a challenging one we set up block 5 is a very difficult one. One on either side you'll see blockade is under five seven and I believe six. There is no fork height restriction on the loader, Oh rookie, making moves with his right. There he's almost got a clear pallet forks within the legal limit. Crazy Joe working hard over here come on. Kj let's see you get up on the loader Forks, Oh penalties, so reset the loader Wow. Blick. You finally got one on there. Oh nice control down the ramp. I see that, Oh, you did good. Almost there perfect that's exactly how it has to be for him to call a tile whoo nice yeah. It should have a line under the top yeah that's. A six yeah come on Joe everything's. A race buddy, you got this where's the marked one. I don't even see the marked one you don't know which one you're going after judge reset it. So he can I yeah well. You should have checked that before you started. Oh Joe left the loader running double pedal to me. You got to turn it off man before you leave me before you leave it. Did you find the black mark? One Chuck? Ja? Gut, then you got to show it to him rookie.

What number the toughest one got, the full area that he gets to work with able to drive over the reset? I ran out of orange tape. That was the reset line in case they were backing up and got a penalty. Did you get it? Oh look at this a possible multiplier right here. Geck, Viel Glück, yeah come on bill, you're, nicht gon. Na drop it come on come on. They want to see you lose dude. I want to see you in come on ball right. There that's a reset I've got a good feeling about this like a glove. Oh, that was an excellent choice. This is so frigging close. Ja, Schau dir das an, like a boss, I wonder if us watching like that, helps or hinders doesn't help at all nice job Applause. The ramp is an itchy. You don't need to scrape it there, you go nice, Nein, he didn't know he did it beautifully he's on to a second one. Jetzt, Okay, then you got a reset and you're back to work. Come on Joe come on Joe come on Joe come on Joe come on brother over there, nice ApplauseI bet you do know he needs a proper tile. Let'S delay a game almost come on, always after the portal, Alles klar, Sehr gut, Sehr gut, Whoa! Gut gemacht. People everywhere applauding his technique right now, except Rikki, except rookie. Everyone is nervous Wow, both of them both of them have the right away.

Oh ja! Gut gemacht. Oh Applause experience drivers here, rookies making moves yeah. There is nice moves both in action. Wow judge placing the dunnage, as requested rookie, had to have his Forks over the flat deck before he could request it crazy, Joe working his oh, we left his little invisible bumps everywhere, all over just to make it more challenging. They are glued to the floor. Dang crazy Joe penalty opportunity, no one's got the multiplier. Yet do they know Laughter anybody's game come on. Kj people are rooting for you right now. Buddy we may see an incoming penalty right now. Penalty guys, ich habe ta, say that's, a double penalty, stop it's a double, because not only did he tip it over, but it tipped over into the wall. That'S a double, no that's a double penalty – Oh mein Gott, that's the first triple that's, the first triple. Nein. It has to be reset. Everything has to be reset. This is a reset good job, rookie good job. You just have to include the black one rookie if you're able to get the multiplier get it. If you want to take it, that is crazy, Joe having to make up some time Applause, Applaus, Verrückt, Joe wondering what we're doing here looks like he's, never driven a loader before what? Was? What oh nice do? You have the right ones I don't know. I do have it on that side. I understand, because I swung around nice, nice and the multiplier.

Ja, as long as he doesn't hit the root multiplier access granted rookie on an extended penalty, the third one awarded for not shutting off the loader before he left for his penalty KJ having a difficult route here with the Porta but successfully got it on track. Can he do it with the stone ooh challenging? Well done crazy, Joe back here nice, oh nice, dort! It is second penalty. Almost completed you'll now know to turn off the wheel loader before then the next one, then the next one that's okay and your tile master. You tell them where to go. Nice that's, a legal attempt. Ja, you got one last one to go: rook and you're gon na. Do it dude, you got a mm; Hmm, he is moving around, so he has an opportunity here. He took one of them well, beide, I guess to take home. He'S got the multiplier already access granted, Ja, Musik, this well within the right legal space to be that high Laughter last one Rick come on buddy. Bist du? Oh? I totally missed that 105. Those are actual bricks, Natürlich, not weighing very much each but heavy enough for that loader to have a good time moving around crazy job. Nein, not at all doesn't bother that at all trying to figure out a way to get out of here. Oh, das war nah. I don't know I was like on the it might have been angles block.

Ach, look at this strategy. This is an interesting strategy. I still the job Applause. Many times you block confused yeah I'm confused where's, your overweight. If he puts that much on well it's the wrong order, only only when it's loaded Applause not read, because as soon as he loads that it's a penalty, please insult cuz, he didn't because he's flowed in two stones. She just needs getting the wrong order. Musik. You wrecked my truck Joe, Oh crazy, Oh ja. He could he's totally stealing it's legal to steal off of this truck, while he's loaded, that's, true he's, playing dirty right. Now it is legal yeah yeah, Oh so Joe right now is basically in limbo. Waiting for the loader I'd drop them thinking, nothing he can do about it. Total legal. This is legal, totally legal moves. We can get other lasers and you're gon na see some time there and it's gon na be okay and it's. Okay for you to lose buddy mega petal mega pelo, brick number seven, another challenging one starts up his loader away. He goes rookie now again getting he has access to the multiplier already now it's, just a punishment number seven! Ja, Ja, super challenging good! All you need is one, Oh, dies ist die. What did you to say? You can't do that until your Forks are over the deck you just asked for no, you didn't, you said dunnage, Bitte, Oh, this is the penalty. Everyone knows that.

Ja, sorry bro it's, both in action, judge placing the dunnage as requested rookie, had to have his forks over the flat deck before he could request it penalties penalty. I don't want to give it to you it's just the way it goes. You can't ask for dunnage until your Forks are over the deck. Oh schön, schön, Oh wasn't, traurig. He asked for a block penalty that's the truth. You cannot ask for a block before it's reset penalty. Ja. You touch the laser penalty, oh god that's painful! Oh, he was free, klar. Keeps you aware of why we have laser tripwires come on Joe. You still got this dude. All you got to do is pick out. One log put it in the bucket and you're gone. Where is it yeah bottom we've lost half of our viewers by now, because people are like too many penalties, Applause there's, the smack talk. We love yes well done there. Es ist. Oh, is that your third is that your third attempt, okay back to work roll? Please there it is I'm waiting for the loader. Ja, you are three four five. Oh Mann, Applaus, Wow mash is ready nice for nice. Oh ja, Genau da! Oh, he totally will get you out of his way now. But you haven't moved your truck in 15 Sekunden. So that might be a delay. Schau dir das an! Oh mein Gott. Could this possibly be it crazy? Joe knows that it's anybody's game we head into all these invisible bumpers down the way wow there's a nice clean move.

We know on this side. They have a winner. Nothing fell off the pallets in three two: oh good job, dude good job, crazy Joe. I am I'm sorry to call you on the penalties. Bruder. You know it's by the rulebook, to call me on the penalties. I would be pissed off at you good job King and you may have access to the module. All you have access it's, just up to you. If you wanted hell, yeah I'm doing what you're doing the multiplier. What would you know all right? Push that pallet. You pushed it right through the wall, I'll master good game. Thank you so much for running the game. Wie Sie hier sehen, everybody had a great time now. I have to explain this in every round, because some people are just seeing this to begin with. Here is your Sol: please do not get Sol really, rather not you could win a crisp hundred dollars right now, right here at real Canadian money right. Tatsächlich, since you decided to run the multiplier, you could win up to five times your prize, which is how much 500 bucks right here now, Leider, you might crap out get yourself a zero. You could win a half your prize two and a half or zero yeah. You got plenty of opportunity here, Bruder, so here you go all the way around thirty below it has been good. This is a good win. Viel Glück! Der ganze Weg! Ja, Ja, let's see! You in 30 do not lose, do not lose huh Laughter.

You tried the multiplier and got times 1, which is simply 30 good job Lyle, peaceful disturb salutely. Sie haben 5 10. 15. 20, not only money. How much good job he did it again. Yeah money, big money winner, what how much yet now that is 145 for the C's nice you got ta get in on this action. I know I'm in there for, mögen 35, shows that's.