Why an oversized load in the title, alright guys it's time for the Internet's favorite trucking show what is it? Ja, you guys know exactly what's going on crazy, Joe yeah. I see you're wearing a shirt that's hilarious today and you can attest Trent welcome back crazy, Joe's son ready, ready to rock and roll in the arena. Sir Michael always a pleasure to have you rock and ellas Iron Maiden and sluice box Steve, you got a new t, shirt bro, no Cody welcome back and, Wie immer, rookie is in the house now we know that Cody is here sluice box. Steve is here. Trent is here: these guys would be a perfect match up for first round yeah yeah. I would think so so I've put them each here on the board. They can tell there's one of each name here, we're going to spin to see who goes first. What are we playing to win today? Boys? I know I yeah cash money. I got it right here. Look at. I know you guys all think it's it's monopoly money, that's real Canadian money there innit now, I'm gon na give you a little bit of a surprise. Heute, boys I've upgraded the wheel of fortune now there's, no more five dollar spots. They'Re all 10 spots, you'll see the 30s have flipped over to 50s. Nach wie vor, you have the SOL which gives you what? Yes out of luck, that's right. Gut, you also have a chance to win or spin the multiplier.

You do not have to spin the multiplier. You have to qualify and choose which may give you up to five times your cash out of my pocket. There have been some very generous people donating to us in our live streams, yes or in our premieres, so that's. Why we've done this? So you boys are ready to see who goes first round and round. She goes they're gon na be loading King that's, a good wheel. Heute, brother Trent come on up here, drehen, the wheel to see who it's going to be. If you spin your own name, the person immediately to the right will be the competitor it's been away. Bro who's it gon na, be both of you guys have a chance. Now I want to let you know that rack number seven right here, the Porta Potty right here and this rack number eight. If you load any of those onto your trailer today, you will successfully have activated your ability to spin the multiplier if you win, but you do not have to choose the multiplier we'll get into that later. If you win yeah, okay you've got three things that you got to do today. Your trailers are on either side. You guys can figure out whose side you're gon na be on. You have to load up two pallets onto your trailer after you dock them into your docks right here. You can load them up with your forklift that you will be getting the pallets from the one and only tile master you.

Ja, if you do not ask them for a tile when your forklift is on the forklift spot and you ask them otherwise what is it you'll see if you go over the black and yellow tape hit any of the blocks that bump the rack by backing up? Unless you're loading, what is it everybody knows, and especially, if you knocked over this poor, all dock manager who's been dying for this job. What happens automatic disqualification now? What if somebody shouts out a helpful hip hint or tip to you some but watch that doesn't even make sense someone's it hurts it hurts we love to help ya, it's, comedy man. Warum nicht? Now they have to get those two pallets called by rookie onto their trailer, but they also at some point during their game. They have to take one of their Rock trucks, there's, one on either side per side. It doesn't matter which side they grab. They can take either rock truck the one that's available, take it down. They have to dump out the logs that are in it inside this area. If it goes over the lines, keine große Sache, if it goes over the black and yellow penalty, always a penalty that's right. What is your penalty today, gentlemen? Gut, a big shout out to Wyatt and Islip one of our viewers that actually suggested we hooked up this steering wheel. If you guys have never seen this before, I showed how to hook up one of these steering wheels and paddle systems to a radio transmitter that will power the nightmare horror hauler.

Can you guys believe what you're seeing today this is getting way more advanced all the time? Tatsächlich, why don't you hold this for me, somebody grab the camera for me right here, there's a laser system. There don't go over you'll trip it. You want to back your way up to this X right here. Then you want to get up to this one up here and as soon as you touch that extra judge will tell you that you can back up to the final spot and you are clear, then you go back to work. Gut, what do you see? I see some changes: yeah 50s and 75 s on here now: 75 s, man awesome! This is fine. I got ta be fair, all the way around Cody, Herr. Are you judging excellent excellent? I think that you should actually be the penalty judge, Herr. You could be the penalty judge because Mike knows the rules better than anybody over here we don't we don't have any real rules set out for the loaders yeah. Do we it's all for four flex? I just think it's it's fair, if it's close to the ground. What it doesn't have to be Forks on the ground? Nein, they have to be close. I think they could leave it in any position, but we're gon na it could be any position. Extra extra, dangerous, okay and the last change we wanted to say before we start is each player this round, not in any other games.

This round has to finish their penalty before they're allowed to get up and leave, because I think these guys actually want to do the penalty today. Yeah drivers start your trucks in 3, 2, 1 dock. Your trucks come on boys let's, see what you got who's going to be the loading King today, first one into the yard, Steve, oh nice, Trent hasn't, been in the arena since last year. Did an awesome show with Michael one of our more popular videos. Tatsächlich, I think that was on the loading King's channel trans got me blocked right off that's the way of the road I don't want to see any piss jugs flying outside the windows. Hier. Boys keep those inside until after the game, sluice box Steve making his efforts to get to the dock. The lineup of trucks today is insane both of these guys. Look at this getting closer getting closer judge, says he's in sluice box. Ja, Sieben! Oh, I can't tell him where it is. He has to find it, but none of our palette rocks are actually in any kind of order, makes it more challenging that sluice box making his move. Is he gon na accept that? Oh he decides to change. What was that that's? Pretty close, I was totally yeah. He was just talking to people in the audience talking amongst yourselves, that's right in the room, blatant penalty right there boom there we go strand over to the seat.

This is the first time. Anyone outside of me has ever used this. This is just like a gas pedal Trent. He has to get to the front. Judge. Call it out if he's good, yeah he's got to go in a W pattern, all the way to the back uh. He also gets seven bottom sluice box Steve now making his way over there. How is this Trent? Ich liebe es. Yeah he's got it coaching is allowed in the penalty zone. He does have it. You'Re back to work. Sir run run, run good job loving. That penalty already Thank You, Cody, Oh Lucy's, in the crippled zone here right on man, another seven floof bumping the rack. He did bump the rack going forward in an attempt to get the pallet, which is legal as long as he doesn't bump. The rack at all. Here comes Trent down the other side right out, sir judge grab his forklift forklift yeah can't go through the wall, Herr. There we go yeah, I might have been on purpose. Trent now gets down here. Sluice sluice gets his opportunity insane Music, a challenge that we've never had in the studio starting off simple this with the truck we're, not adding a trailer. Noch, oh nice, those laser tripwires are set up with an alarm if he goes too far. You'D have to start the penalty again you're in the clear, Ja, Ja. Look at Trent got his first one off very good.

Trent week in the clear come on now there's a difference. Cody said: komm Jungs, let's see some speed. He wasn't coaching either one of them. It was a group comment: oh Music right there, yes Trent getting his first pallet, possibly on board. Having some trouble battling it out away. He goes Judge, Michael keeping, a strict eye on him, sluice box, Steve attempting the penalty again. Now one handing it feeling more confident in the penalty, he's driving he's got a chance to win in here. Almost there you go you're clear. I see you're having a hard time there, Herr. There there is a secret to this good job sluice on his way to 10 top panel tea. Ja, he was not on his spot required to ask for a title, making it as fair as possible for everybody back. He goes. Cody is watching diligently to make sure that he does not go past the lines shitty. This little creeps, warlord great, clear penalty and, Natürlich, Trent finishing his back to work sluice box Steve back at at try number 3. Oh great job, hahahaha man. These guys battling back and forth Trent is on his way, Joe resetting sluices forklift. I think the challenging wanted to be sure these things have to get loaded up and now to here. Boys, customers are waiting. Look at that meticulously planning his movements, Musik, you guys are being unrelenting. Oh you, can't that's, a phrase Forks there, man there it is.

He didn't stop at the top. He didn't stop at the top. They say loose can take his time view in the penalty 10. That was a good strategy line that's that good strategy. Oh Music, you forget where you are no way he goes Trent is there. I noticed no one's touched the Volvo trucks, yet they continue with their challenging forklifts. That is a challenge when you're driving, it's. Okay, it was only on the ramps. It may not look pretty, but it does shave them down to an easier size. Oh well done following the rules to a team, no one's at the penalty zone right now, Applaus, schön! Gut, he already got the multiplier. He got a multiplier on there. Yeah good luck! So these dudes in there yeah yeah Laughter. Viel Glück! I wish I could help you out here: Bruder, no as soon as he pulled it that's when it was yeah time master can haul it. Oh mein Gott, oh that's killing him. You know there are people unsubscribing right now. I know it. It'S part of the rule. It'S part of the written rule man yeah, Oh, this could be very interesting with the result here interesting. This is very good sluice box, Steve already done that easy penalty Applause. Was ist passiert? Can I tell you what happened you lifted it too, high that's, a common mistake that we see. Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Man bump that up great job. Gut, that's the way could be anyone's game.

It can be anyone's game, anyone's, game that's. Why we have the rules written? The way we do is that right, that's right, Weißt du, I didn't see a multiplier man, you do you do got. You do get the wheel there, König, that rules, our rules, Mann, Sie, sometimes you tuned in to HBO. You see a one minute, knockout it's, just the way it goes good, Versuchen, trent, you're, gon na probably try again one of these days, Ja. Of course man, Kerl. Now you get a shot. You get two shot here. You got to take that hat off. You get your crown bro loading King for the day, good job there we go hey dude. If you get now be careful cuz, there is what is it? No man, you don't, you want to make sure it goes around once weak spins are usually booed. Spin around let's see what you get man. Viel Glück, yeah here we go. Musikapplaus. Obviously fear is not a factor free, but you did it good job buddy. They are Lucky's chained, Herzlichen Glückwunsch! König! You did it let's play another round dude. How does it feel to be the first person to win 100 on the wheel of fortune on loading kings, awesome man? I called it. I said between good luck. Yeah here we go. What do you get? You did anybody's game at any point in time. Hallöchen. You did the penalties, you probably did more penalties than I did six.

You did six penalties and you still won thanks to everybody watching. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the show. Leave a like click.