Tuning in diesem wird ein wenig wie ein Live-. Zeigen. It'S been about, Ich möchte sagen,, Ich an wie 930 and it's 1000 fast 1020 jetzt, so this is supposed to be like a 55 minute flight and I'm. Just gon na show you the screen here on the iPad. I don't know if you guys can see that, but I have no connection right now and it's enough. You guys can see it with the glare but that's the route. I can't see what you're seeing right now, because I have the the camera there, but that's the route, so you can see from Maui. I went over Molokini and then over to call a lobby like the North Point and then I'm going down the coast. Dies ist gon na, be another video by the way, Flug, video and then I'm, going down to all the way down here into clown. Nepal Bay and then I'm gon na come back to Maui and it's supposed to do like an automated landing. So you guys can see how that's gon na work out I'm, not sure if I'm gon na be able to do the live broadcast, while it's landing but I'll go ahead, and once it drops back into connection here right now, there's no connection on the iPad. So once it drops back into connection I'll I'll, let you guys see the plane it should be. I should actually point the controller this way a little bit because it's gon na be coming from that direction.

The cinder cone McKenna cinder cone. It should be coming from that direction right where that boat is enough, you can see over there there's that white boat on the horizon, and so when it does come into connection, we should be seeing the the plane on the line here: cool so it's a beautiful Day and I'm not sure how the the quality is yeah, I can see you guys chats that's, ziemlich cool. This is the first time I've done like a live YouTube broadcast. But let me just grab the controller here, and so you guys can kind of see the ocean kind of where I'm, where I'm flying okay we're in the Sun here really nice spot. Okay. So so there's the McKenna cinder cone behind my head there and then the Disco's going all the way you see that Island way in the back and there's. The small island is Molokini that little one just to the right of my head for the left on your screen and then behind it, it's kinda hard to see with my glasses on well. The kini is way the heck are called obvious way back over there. So pretty cool and kind of in the next few minutes, I'm I'm expecting to see let this go show up on the controller, so should be pretty cool and then, when it pops in you know a little preview of what's going on I'm gon na definitely be Making a full on flight test video of this you guys to be able to see like a going over Molokini.

You can do automated camera pitching and photos and video. So I have it flying over Molokini and it's gon na, like pitch the camera and automated in certain directions and then it's gon na take I'm. Not sure if I have it to take pictures on this play. But it's gon na take the video in those certain pitch settings of the camera and it's gon na be really cool when it gets to where it already should be on the back mount, but when it gets the call lhave. That means it's an awesome cuz. They have it set to fly along the coast, and then I have the camera set to pitch on different settings. That should be really cool. Then I have it going like a hundred feet from the ground and then up to like just a little over 400 feet because there's, a peak on fall lobby that I wanted to fly over and the peak is like around 300 and the slope that the disco Has to go up to get over that peak, I went just a little over 400 just to make sure it could clear the peak. But technically you can fly over 400 into the ground levels, not exceeding 400, so that peak is gon na come up and it should be technically within 400 Füße. Ich habe, but we know how that goes before fool anyway, cool I'm, seeing some of you guys chats here on the screen, that's pretty neat like I said this is the first time I've done this and yes, it is a pair of disco.

This is a pair of disco flight it's. It currently in flight it's a little windy. Yet you can probably see here my hear. The wind in the you're probably hear the wind in the phone, but not too many it's, only coming from about five that direction. There'S West Maui over there it's only about five mile per hour when I launched there was zero wind. So you know this. This may be completely a wash because I don't know where the Disco is right. Now it's negative, crashed and it's like, but this is kind of a cool panic moment for me kind of alive at the moment, let's see if it comes back. Let me see if I can get possibly get the stream sorry about that. The screen on them on the video here so not really seeing any disco activity yet when it does pop back in, we should see it on that green line. Coming back. Tut mir Leid, if you can't see that it's pretty Glary but in the full flight test, the video I'm gon na put up on YouTube. You will see you'll see the full video if they came back of course, and I have them the video from the disco it's recording in 1080p in the disco, and so if that comes back we'll have that. But I am recording the iPad screen too. Also, even if that doesn't come back, I'll have like the beginning of the flight, you know see where it's off to and all that stuff.

Tut mir Leid, you can't see the screen. I know so I brought an errand. I guess we'll do some shoutouts yep Christian moral. Hopefully the disco see this is an awesome craft. You should get one because I'm loving it and I love it for as long as it comes back, but that's the risk we take on these automated flights. So ist dies ein 25 mile flight. Just let you guys know across the channel to follow Lobby and back so just really hoping it comes back so I'm gon na try to answer some text here. You guys have any questions. Just let me know thanks Kevin TV thanks for loving my videos, that's pretty awesome and to all you guys. You know I also do a lot of giveaways on drones and stuff and there's a current one. So now you help me with out on my channel right now, so go check the channel out and see that latest giveaway sent it to kaha lhave island behind my head way over there in the distance, see the big island over there 25 mile round trip thanks For the kind words people saying I'm, the best instance where I really appreciate that I don't know about that, but I'm trying, okay anyway, nothing up on the screen. Yet for the disco. Let me go into the shade, so even you guys can see the let's see the the video on the on the iPad here wish. I had a sunshade for this iPad, it's kind of a larger iPad air and I don't really have a sunshade for it.

So let's see if we can get this through the sun's going. Let me see if I can get the screen on here there you go so there's the route, so you can see the the from Maui and then it's going to the right over Molokini doing some shots, some Pat camera pans and pitches pitches actually only and then Going to cahal Lobby those of you guys just tuning inand this might be a better view for everybody and then it's going down called lava coast and going in some cool bays going over the point over there at key Aloha Bay. I think it was forgive me if I got that wrong and turning around and then you see that line just coming straight back and then right back to Maui and it's gon na land, it's gon na do a linear landing right over here. On the golf course, the Wailea used to be the mat kind of resort, knobby prints, it's gon na do a linear landing I've, never done one of those in my videos before so it's gon na do like a landing where it'll come in and just go straight Down like lose some altitude come straight in slowly and then land all the other landings I've done in my video have been usually circular landing. I guess I did one lean here at my dad's house and that was in like 25 mile per hour winds. That was crazy and it didn't quite land on the spot, just because the wind was blasting it around this drone.

I think it started off. mögen 1300 John, Oh, Moment mal, who's saying that sorry, the chats are going up pretty quick, but this started off like 1300, when it was new and I think the price dropped to like ground seven. Eight hundred you can get some deals on the disco and it doesn't pretty I've done if you, if you haven't, seen my other videos I've done some pretty amazing plays with this thing. I'Ve already gone up on my channel up to Molokini and did all the automated camera pitching functions. That'S pretty cool and also did one at my dad's place in the willow and went all the way from his house by Twin Falls area on the coast. All the way to KampI now is a pretty awesome flight that was in super high winds testing the four hundred four thousand milliamp hour battery. Das war ziemlich verdammt genial, but anyway just wait for some indication, Music kind of approaching the time frame when it should be arriving pretty soon I'm, just gon na hang out until it comes in it comes in new year back on the iPads. You guys can't see that it didn't make it before I released the other video that should be pretty awesome. I'Ll try to answer some extra questions here, the man the myth, the legend thanks, Kevin TV, that's, ziemlich genial, preciate, you guys having the kind words Music. The spark, Ich denke, it'll only make it to Molokini, see that small island right in the middle that screen theremaybe not even one thing that I got the spark out two miles.

I think Maliki needs three miles from my point. Musik. Some people think that this goes down already and it won't come back, but I have faith in it, especially after that super looks like a 25 Meile 30 mile per hour, wind flight, North Shore, nothing came back, it was okay, but this is a little bit longer Of a flight and if the wind comes up this thing might be gone now: the video of the craft Steven rivers, it should be pretty cool, Cuz, that's gon na be the high def as long as it comes back I'm still not seeing anything on the iPad Screen but then again the other. Let me see if I can get this in view without too much glare there's the route again, so those you chiming in we're, going from Maui to well there you go we're going from Maui to Col Ave, ein 25 mile flight across the channel over Molokini and It'S in its automated flight process right now and what we're doing is we're waiting for it to pop back into connection yeah, the controllers still on and everything. So the disco is cool because it does reconnect when it senses the controllers in connection or when the controller picks it up. Tatsächlich, the signal from the disco it'll automatically reconnect and show you everything on the screen. You don't have to do anything: Musik, Mavic, Pro search and rescue I'm, not I'm, not sure if I already lost one in the fresh water still at the bottom of the river, the pool bouncing pool in Hana or close on the way to Hana stuff to rescue That and then, Übrigens, guys that new Gladius underwater drones coming out.

I ordered and I'm gon na be testing that right here in this water, you can see all awesome. This is maybe for for underwater drones, so stay tuned for that one that's should be. Hoffentlich, coming in by next month and then I'm gon na do a full review on that underwater drill and we'll test, the underwater 4k video and the controls full on review and a whole bunch of other videos. That should be pretty cool yeah. So you guys have any more questions take a moment to answer some questions since we're live because any questions alright, Jan every her autonomous flights are perfect good to know yeah. This is a pretty killer. Fixed wing drilling here, Splash-Drohne 3 is coming in man. Don'T worry it's coming soon, swole bro is sending it in so I'll be doing another on that it'll be here where I do the splash prone to review. That was pretty awesome, so people saying, if I move to Hawaii, can they come stay with you? Maybe if I have enough room but Mouse is pretty packed with three kids and a wife, so we're a family of five, and I want to get my kids a little more involved in this, but you know they're into video games. I think the only one that still is kind of fascinated is my daughter, so my ashes she's, eight now so she's still still super fascinated and she kinda wants to participate. So hopefully some more native parents does that mean stock? Nein, it has a four thousand milliamp hour, multi star battery in it right now, and that gives you almost a hundred minutes of flight time, depending on the conditions and that's what I have in it right now.

Man still don't see it on the screen. That'S Atlanta I'm, still talking to you guys it's gon na land up there on the golf course I just came down to the beach area because the security guard came and said: Hallöchen, never leave me here, so I had to walk down to the beach up there. It'S kind of the golf course is even in use, but they still, you know they kind of have got to patrol it still maintain it Applause sad info, I don't, have anything yet on the screen. If you're just timing in I kind of showed the screen previously. I'M, not sure if you guys can see this but Music there. It is again that's the route and when the parrot, the disco does come in to play back it's connection again, we should see it on that long line. You see the line on the bottom line. It should be coming in and we should see it on the line and then we should see the video pop up from the pair at the live video, but it's still it's still in its route apparently or its crash dirty. So I have no idea this is. This is like the first time for me doing this live Music we'll upgrade with the lipo. Then you have one hour flight time. Ja, I do have the 4000 mile an hour, upgraded light ball in here. Also, in knowing conditions the Disco will fly for about an hour with that.

I start you guys when I do put this video up and my other videos, I do have that the multi started lipo linked in there for you. So if you need to check it out, Ja, if I lose it it's like quite a bit of a loss, but the price has come down on these things. So somebody said I look like The Terminator thanks. I guess do I look like The Terminator what's, a maybe not quite a little more hairy. Perhaps sorry the chats are going up so quick. I can't really read them. Ja, I'm, worried by now. Gaston said that I am very worried, but I do have trust in the in the plane, but this is the farthest and most technical flight I've done with this. This goes so far. So what are we approaching approaching so it's already been gosh. You know it's already like and how her I think since I launched so it may be. Was, when I did, the the flight up my dad's in high wind down the coast, Mann. It was supposed to come back in 40 minutes and it came back in 56 minutes because I had to fight some wind so still have faith in it. You know if it needs to do the thing about the parrot. The Disco is, if it needs, if it misses a waypoint, it does a circle to gain the height or get back to the Waypoint or lower its altitude until it hits within a certain distance to the Waypoint.

We forget what that distance is and then once it hits that Waypoint. It continues on its mission, so there may be, it may be encountering some wind or some lifts. Maybe it the cliffs over and thought lava who knows, but we'll definitely be finding that out. I just wanted to make this live until there's, like no hope for it once there's. No hope we'll just end this and then I'll have the actual video it makes it. Oh the altitude get out the house Go Fish. The altitude was a hundred feet until I got to oh yeah, so this is all this is all this balloon pump them up flight plan specs, so I launched from the golf course and then I've had a go hundred and it selling it bulla kini and then Just before Mullen tinea went up to 400, so I could fly over it and then I had the camera automated pitch down to about 30 Grad. So you can get see Molokini and then after Molokini had passed over and went back down to a hundred feet from all the way to follow Bobby. And then I had a client between 100 and like 400, depending on the tree, because I wanted to fight over some points and it goes there and then on the way back on the way back, I had to go down to a hundred feet just so it Didn'T hit the wind up there, you don't have to fight them so much I'm a high up, and you really want to be at least 100 feet flying over the waters over here, because there's, all of those Adam ran boats that have those huge minutes, and I Figured out that those master like ask somebody when they got off the boat over at toppled to the beach one time when a worker was getting on those big catamarans and they said to the master like 80, something feet above the water level.

So pretty much want to be. Weißt du 100 feet above anyway, that's that's kind of the route, and then I have it to do a linear landing here. The only problem is the linear. Landing is now it's with the wind because the wind changed, so that could be quite enough to take over to answer some more questions and I'm worried too Gaston yep Navy SEAL know the Disco's not waterproof. What I'm kind of worried about is. I did a short run over there. You see the you see that cinder cone there that big cinder cone, McKenna and there's a boat over there it's got white moon right out from the cinder cone. I did a short run where I made a goal. mögen 12 16 20 feet off the water, just for like 30 Sekunden, Music Music it's been over an hour, so I may have lost it guys. Let'S see bad Music, buy another disability a little more careful next time, Musik, 45, I'm. Pretty sure we lostand we know this is what I was thinking when I did them light or short violent now. Maybe it is up there on the Gulf, pre screening, Music or something pop in let's go take a look. Maybe it is up there. Let'S go check cuz, it should land right up here, you'll see if it's already there here's the golf courseand I don't see it unless it's lower guy ran over it, so it should be circling around and then coming in for a leaner landing right on this Golf course here boom kind of where that guy with the mower is, and maybe he just ran over it, who knows anyway a little bit worried that the disco is not coming back.

Those are you just ramming in this is like a one hour: Diskothek, automatisierte Flug, Perry, disco and I'm in Whaley, a Maui and it's way past the 55 Minuten. It was supposed to be back down, but I still have hope for it. I'M. Just gon na try to maybe answer some questions, while we're waiting for it here, Music Applause let's, Sieh, do a spark video. You keep asking that to leave. I'Ve done a lot of spark videos, GPS, tracker, Ja, GPS tracker would be cool, but this is flying Music. Strictly over the water, so probably wouldn't be able to find it, even if it did crash wind forecast over here. It always picks up like around this time, rund um 1000 An 1100. It starts to kind of pick up so that's why I was hoping it would be in by now Music it's like from here comes the mower. Hopefully I didn't run over my disco kind of call sports now to suck man. Okay, when I run over the distal already yeah, I don't see it guys nowhere nowhere on the screen here, not popping back in at all again. This is the route that's the route there. The long line on the bottom is the line coming back and once it pops back in the coverage should have seen the plane there. So a lot of things could have gone wrong. It may have hit a wall hit a cliff on Pallavi. Tut mir Leid, the connection just dropped out, but what I'm gon na do is kind of just sign off here.

Maybe answer a couple more questions and sign off here and then, if it does come back on the radar I'll go ahead and pop back in real quick. You know just let you guys know what's going on and then I'll have that other video up on YouTube the main video for it. Hopefully we get some video from the craft check the golf course I did just check the golf course and unless the lower ran over it, it's, not there Music it's using an iPad air 2, what I'm controlling it with range of the transmitter, I was able to Get three miles right across the water here, one time when I went to Molokini, but it usually drops out right around one and a half two miles for live control, we're pretty sure we lost it. If you just joint, join hope, because I don't see it on the on the flight plan there on my iPad it's it's, nowhere to be seen and it's been it's been about, I want to say an hour almost an hour and a half after he launched in The the flight plan had it for 56 Minuten, so unless it ran into some crazy, wind and it's still fighting its way back, it may be done because it may have my clothes saying it may have either run into something, or there was a catastrophic failure on Board I'm, not too sure oh that's, a lot more up in the golf course up here.

A lawn mower keeps driving by the section, I guess that's the drought right now still not seeing anything on the iPad. So answer a few more questions and I'm gon na sign off and then I'll pop back in again, like I was saying boom. Ja, it would float hopefully, but we're talking. Weißt du 10 miles of ocean there. I don't think I'd be able to find it. Ja, I do need a boat hello from Bavaria, Hallo, thanks for coming in and joining us here point of contact info on it. Nein, I don't, since we don't need to register our drones anymore, because they squash that I didn't put the point of contact. But if it's landing in the ocean, water you're pretty much sure that it's not going to be salvageable because it's just gon na throw in the ocean like this, no tracking, I don't, have any tracking on it. So if it runs out of power, I'm not gon na be able to track it, but if you're just joining Lori Nick I'm doing a 25 mile automated flight from Maui here in Malaya or Wailea, sorry to caja Lavi, which is that Big Island right there. Behind my head, it's about ten miles across the channel and there's Molokini, that small island, that small islands about three miles across the channel and it's been over an hour supposed to be a 56 minute play and it's it's not coming back. So I may have lost it.

I don't fly any gas planes. I used to do Gaspar's like remember the Traxxas Tmax and that first came out and i think that's kind of the only gas i had and then i converted it to lipo electric, because it was just so much easier with electric well guys. Also. But thanks for tuning in and again i don't see the disco popping up on the screen, which I answer a couple more questions. The disability is worth it if, especially, if you're, if you're not like a good flyer, if you're kind of beginner or intermediate having that like return to home smart capability with GPS and all that stuff is really darn awesome. And just the fact that you can do these automated flights, unless you like you know, are too risky like me and possibly lose it like. I may have just tried it's pretty amazing. You can autonomously pitch the camera down. You know on the Waypoint track. You can set up your whole Waypoint schedule. You can set what angles you want the camera camera to pitch to at certain waypoints. You can tell it to take pictures at certain waypoints at a certain interval. Wenn Sie also, Weißt du, wanted to take a picture every one second or every 30 Sekunden. It'Ll have comments. Autonomously, take a picture and at each Waypoint you set that's the point where you can change the camera pitch, while it's flying for video and also pictures. So pretty amazing what you can do with this thing, but man if it does come in, I really hope the a lawnmower guy it's not gon na run over anybody, guys that's my live yeah.

I am nervous. I think I lost it but, like I said I will try and back in if for some reason it shows up anyway, thanks for tuning in to my first live broadcast, guys of the Perry disco flight from Wiley of Maui. To way back, there see way back there to fall lobby and might have lost it, but I'll still put the put the video up on how it went all right.