How often is it that you actually get a box marked fragile or do not crush and weighs next to nothing, and it actually makes it to you in the shape of a box through the normal mail system? Hallöchen, i i got ta, say that's impressive by itself, but guys in this box i've got my new pit dog hydro, dipped, uh uh, one tenth scale baud. Ever since i saw sluice fox steve's, Äh 1948 Dodge, Ich denke, it's a 48. I wanted to get one of these as well, and pit dog had one if you guys want more information about pit dog, hydro and his hydro dipping. You can check out in the video description box down below where i will leave a link to his facebook. I have been unboxing uh pit dog hydro bodies for years on this channel, and i know what's in here is gon na, be good and a few moments later. Look at what i have to show you, Meine Freunde. This is an old dodge power wagon. This has been hydro dipped in mystique paint, im Grunde, a chameleon paint it's changing from bronze to brown, to deep emerald, green and the wood paneling on the side. Look at the detail. Look at the chrome work pit dog hydro. The dog himself signed this body underneath look at this. He always signs his work. This two piece body i put together off camera it's got double sided tape in the two center parts: 3m tape very strong, as well as some tape in between the running board and this back wheel.

Gut, erstaunlich, Schau dir das an. These aren't decals this door handle the hinge, the trim everything is done, including the window tint. I wanted window tint on there because not every one of my rc's, i want to have a uh a driver with these headlights. Natürlich, they have to be assembled uh when you do the truck. I did this off camera glued this together, as well as screwed it onto the body unbelievable work. I am loving this. These old trucks. Look at that from bronze to like emerald green back to brown, copper, these old trucks just have a badassery about them that you know it can't be replicated with. You know modern technology and design they just haven't been able to do it and so retrofitting these bodies. On new uh, improved vehicles like from today's technology, that just seems to be where, like a lot of the modifications and the true customizations, are going and heck. Why not we've seen it in rc for a long time? But if i'm gon na use like the same kind of idea for a build uh, then or like even a transition from a body to something else, what would i do? Gut, i've been looking a lot at jeeps and i have quite a few jeeps that are up on the wall there. You can see an eight scale jeep there there's my gladiator there's my capital right there. I had the standard scx103 right here that i looked at the same wheelbase for this.

Basically with this it's almost like, i can just simply swap this over look at the details of this axial scx 103. I haven't swapped a servo over to a reefs rc yet but i'm going to probably right after we're done. This video watch this beautifulness with the wheel wells and everything i can basically drop that right down and the wheel wells will fit a little modification to make the truck work properly like to make the body sit on there properly. So we can see the way it's sitting right now, it's, not quite perfect. Tatsächlich, some of these wheel well lines right here are actually bumping in or the running board line is bumping into the wheel wells, but there's an easy way to fix that. For a body like this and that's, just simply trimming out the parts on the body on the chassis on the wells that actually are getting in the way. I'Ll trim in this wheel well right here to kind of fit that that running board, and then that should slide on perfect, like the it's just mint in where it sits. Also, after about a half an hour to 40 minutes of hacking and slashing check this out, i shave down the wheel wells considerably just past the uh, the light there was a hole for a light on all four corners here. I also made an angled cut on the inside to make room uh for the body and those uh chrome running boards that go along the bottom now.

Why did i have this jeep up here? Gut, these running rails actually used to have door separators. They were hard plastic here, i've, actually shaved, all of those down and i've removed. The secondary battery tray i've also removed the extensions for this battery tray and shaved into this area for the wheel well as well doing a battery relocation to the back, you guys are probably shaking your fists at me right now going. Why would you do that to such a beautiful machine and really it's just to modify and get it ready? So i could put the pit dog hydro body on there. You'Ll also see that i extended the bumper all the way out just by loosening two screws on the bottom and then re putting it back in and then i angled the bumper. I got to do a little bit of a cleanup job right. There angled the bumper on either side. So when this comes in look at this, it sits almost absolutely perfect. Meine Freunde, the wheel wells, are butting up against the top. We don't have a lot of uh open area in here because of this wheel. Well itself, these running boards run flat along this right here and what i'm going to be able to do is put in two holes, one here and one here, and then i can just put two screws in either side to put this whole body on there securely Look at the back, even the top of the wheel well, is hitting the top of the box on this pro line.

Uh body, my back bumper you'll, Sieh, is extended out the reason why i trimmed it down you could see. Maybe i trimmed it a little bit too much, but it's not lined up perfectly there. It is looks pretty darn good i'd like to put a a piece of finishing rubber or something right here, just to make this more look more of a finished back box area. But my friends: what do you think of pit dog hydro's body on this uh axial? It looks absolutely well if i can get on there, nice and straight absolutely stunning. I am a a fan of the old style of trucks on these these modern chassis. Ich bin wirklich, Weißt du, look at the wheel base, it's, basically perfect once i i haven't done anything here. I'Ll make sure that it's absolutely mint when before i attach it, i think that's, where it should be sitting right. There lots of room for the suspension to move lots of room for the tires to be moving inside. Look at that that combo right there, what a beautiful truck guys! If you like this body uh, please check out the video description box down below for pit dog hydro. Natürlich, maybe drop me a like click. If this is something that you like and, Natürlich, Wie immer, i encourage you guys to comment. What do you think of the project itself? Is it something you would get into? Are you an old style truck uh aficionado that loves uh uh, seeing this kind of thing on new chassis? Let me know and we'll see you guys in the next episode of rc adventures now get outside and have fun with rc.