Ist der Papagei ANAFI eine Drohne für Sie?

On this video I offer you my preliminary ideas on the simply launched Parrot Anafi. Spoiler alertit has many nice options, however there’s one obvious detrimental about this drone. CORRECTION: Bei 5:30 of video -The AUTEL EVO has an marketed flight vary of 7km and never 4km.

You should buy this drone right here if within the US or Canada (you’ll have to choose your nation if in a special location):

Different drones to contemplate are the:
DJI-MAVIC-LUFT: http://Klicken Sie auf = Hyperlink&als = 0005&ch=MAVIC AIR

DJI-SPARK: http://Klicken Sie auf = Hyperlink&as=0004&ch=SPARK

KAMERA: Panasonic 4K Camcorder:
AUDIO: Rodelink Wi-Fi-Fachmann:
BELEUCHTUNG: Studio-Softbox:
STATIV: Manfrotto:

30 Kommentare
  1. My mates are always saying “but DJI has obstacle avoidance”

    And I keep relying “learn how to fly properly and you won’t need it”

  2. Hey Capt great reviews as always, im in the market for a travel drone, the question is which drone should i buy the anafi or the mavic air? I saw a lot of reviews on yt but im so confused, the parrot anafi is cheaper and have more features than the mavic air but the wifi signal is very weak plus it drifts a lot when hoovering and the mavic air is more stable and has better wifi signal but is more louder and more expensive. If i go for the mavic air am i'm going to be disapointed for not choosing the new features that the anfi is offering?

    Thanks and well done for your great channel.

  3. $549.00 bei best buy. Just picked one up and absolutely love it.

  4. Gut Gemacht! Ich immer noch dabei meine Tests mit Papagei Anafi Gimbal und Zoom! Große Begginner Drohne! Let's go forward! Alles Gute

  5. Obstacle avoidance will one day be a great feature but right now itswell so sosecondly future add on abilities as you mentioned
    would cost 1-5 US-Dollar? its much too small an amount to bitch aboutif i like it, i buy itso its between the Anafi, the Zino, the MantisQ or the Evo or forget the Evo for now and just buy all the other 3 Hmmm…
    i always like your reviews keep it up

  6. What I like about parrot is that I have taken 3 big crashes and in all no major damage. Everything was fixable and now I feel like an engineer for fixing my drone lol

  7. Man this drone ain't worth 699 , Ich zahlte 300 bucks for bebop2 and basically the bebop2 has a better build than the anafi , and both of them got a toy like feel. And the wifi connectivity is not good with either drone .

  8. This drone seems rather “decent”

  9. Obstcle avoidance is for very inexperienced pilots(gut… Dipshits rhat think they can fly). I own a parrot bebop2 power and mavic proFly where my finger point! Dont override me. Die 1 oder 2 times i needed the obsticle avoidance it failed spactaculary! What a load of bulltwagAnyway to all the true pilots out thereFly high fly safe and fly true!

  10. The In App Purchases (of which there are currently two) are very cheap at £0.99 each UK so I'd guess about a dollar US each? Certainly not enough to put anyone off buying the Drone.
    Biggest bonus must be this thing is whisper quiet which is far less embarrassing to fly than something that sounds like a nest of angry Hornets…. Eh…. DJI.

  11. This drone is quiet….I like quiet

  12. They only seem to have the high end version on Amazon, which is a pain.

  13. I saw many footage from ANAFI, and some comparisons, I may say, this drone is as good as it priced.

  14. i bought anafi and it is SUPER NICE drone

  15. Huawei phones, uses a lot of time to update, DJI Drones uses a lot of time to update, = Most of the update, are to, Chinese intelligence, they are locking at all the pictures and videos filmed by the the phone and the drone, Don't believe it, the data traffic on your device, ( Telefon ) , you maybe have downloaded 16.4 MB and you have sent 1.27 Gb. Huawei are for sure, ( Locking over ours shoulders , DJI, ? but built in memory, and the long time of updating, sending more data back, than received. something is rotten.

  16. I bought mine and I love it. Ich habe Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 and I really like it as well, but for some reason I’m always going for my Anafi, it’s just fun, it’s so quiet and I love the zoom! Just need to figure out how to get it to work with my DJI Goggles! Thanks for all your posts, weiter so!

  17. I have a mavic zoom 2 and a bebop2, I think anafi is just an upgraded bebop , not for the price is this any better than the bebop 2 except for the csmera

  18. Ich kaufte eine. It has a good camera, long flight time, no NFZ's and is super quiet. Freeflight 6 is easy to use in making adjustments to flight and photo characteristics so no major learning curve. You do have to provide your own obstacle avoidance but I'm use to that with my other drones. The price down to under $600 making it a little more affordable.

  19. It's very easy to control even to beginners. Obstacle avoidance is actually a nuisance if you're trying to fly in narrow areas with obstacles all around. Your drone will react erratically. That feature is more effective if there are obstacles on one side of your drone. Why have it at all? This drone can navigate in narrow areas very smoothly.

  20. Tolles Video! I was a DJI fan boy but I had to sell my mavic pro and googles and my spark. I couldn't sleep at night so I saved up some money and bought this drone. I like it so far I haven't flown it much but I'm still a DJI fan boy. Looking forward to flying more. Thanks Rich

  21. I have had a Anafi, A Mavic Air and a Mavic Pro in the last 14 Monate. The Mavic Pro had a firmware failure and I decided to change to The Mavic Air. This was faulty on arrival and would not even switch on. I then decided to try the Anafi which has been faultless from day one and has given me everything I have tried to achieve for work. So as a product it has after the seven months I have had it been a product I can wholly recomend. A few months ago I bought a second hand fully warranted Mavic Pro Platinum which I have used for a few jobs I have done for a Tree Charity on some Old trees in some well out of the way places and it has so far been faultless so I have no badge snobbery towards either. Sods Law I suppose on getting two failing New Drones but what gets me is the difference between the prices. Here in the UK all DJI products have suddenly rocketed in price by about two hundred Pounds and wondered why this is as Parrot products have not and the market is becoming flooded with second hand drones mainly DJI. Why would DJI massively up the price just as the second hand market is becoming saturated.

  22. The controller has two weights ( 2x ~ 50g) in it to counter balance the weight of the connected phone, if you like you can open it up and take the weights out. When the controller is connected to a phone it charges the phone, which drains the battery quicker, you can mod the cable to prevent this, prolonging the run time with no interference to data transfer.

  23. In app purchases £0.99 per feature, didn’t bother me to pay for them.

  24. Who needs obstacle avoidance when there is google earth. Plan a flight on goggle earth, then look at the topography of that path. It gives you the elevation of your entire path. Then design your flight plan with enough clearance so that you won’t hit a tree. In the east coast it’s rare to find a tree much over 120 ft. If you fly within eye range just fly carefully. I asked Parrot why they didn’t include obstacle avoidance and they indicated that obstacle avoidance will not let you fly in an area that isn’t completely open and free of obstacles.

  25. To add to the list of cons: good luck with parrot support if you crash it or you have any problem and you bought it from a physical shop that sell them officially.
    Their parts are expensive, if they eventually repair it (because sometimes they don’t even send repair parts or they don’t give support at all to the shops that officially sold them; I know that for sure, first hands news about that. These shops had to buy parrot drones themselves to cannibalize them to have the spare parts needed and after 2 oder 3 of times they said “no more thanks” and stopped selling them)
    I had bad parrot support experience too with an ar-drone 2.0 years ago and that with also a bad flight experience and repair try, kept me away from drone world for years.
    I would sell instantly a parrot drone if i would receive it as a present.
    Believe me, I was a fan of parrot, parrot MADE me hate them.

  26. I didn't know you guys had milk jugs in Canada, lol.

  27. In Q2 2019, would you buy one new for 500$?

  28. 320 g. So nah. Imagine the impact a drone like this would have if it weighed under 250 g.

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