Look at this with one of my favorite rc's of my collection. This is cash got this off of my buddy, michael after the tough truck competition in 2019. I'Ve done a whole rewiring job on this suspension. Rework huge tires on it. They'Re, nice and wide can take tons of you know, side hilling, was wichtig ist. This is an extra long wheelbase on this rig great for climbing, because built as a rock bouncer it's made for speed. Oh, oh and apparently going into the river lucky lucky good thing. I had a roll cage on here spared right from the edge of disaster. You would have drowned in there minnie me now. As i was saying before i fell down the hill. This is a rock bouncer, so it's really made to go straight uphills at great speed. I think that's what the bouncer was trying to say is it wanted to do some hill climbing today, but you got to get there first, Music Applause got ta, bring the crawler in here first or the bouncer i should say, does have a two speed transmission for Crawling as well as high speed for the climb just gon na, let it roll that's, where the longer uh wheelbase really does help keeps you from flipping over end. Aha, my first candidate never looks so steep on camera. That'S for sure any videographer will tell you you can never get the angle of a hill, but that is going straight vertical at the top let's give it a try, yeah curtis hazard, if you're watching right now buddy this one's for you pal.

You have one of the greatest rock bouncer courses, i've ever seen in your backyard or wherever it is you have it. Shall we do this? You guys are pointing up right now you can tell the steepness just by the vehicle sliding off to the side. Oh, i hesitated hesitating, will kill you in this game. Oh almost come on man. You'Ve got this oh that's, exactly why you have a rule: Music cage. Oh ja, conquered Music Applause. This route is huge. Like here's, my controller that's. How big this route is. We should hit this going at speed. I think Applause. You guys must be wondering about my servo right now. I am using a reef's rc servo, sehr, very strong servo. I think i've got a 422 hd in there come on more control, that's better there. He is let's, bring him down. This is like a treacherous area. That'S. Okay, though a little bit of speed, it's like a pure drop off to the side here so we're, just gon na do a controlled descent down to the water and then faster, also jederzeit, i'm. Coming down on a steep embankment where it's just a straight, mögen 12 inch drop, i will let my front start to drop off, and then i will give it way more throttle and that just kind of helps my front reach the bottom faster and helps me level Out like we did there look at this beautiful water it's just the perfect time of year to be out creek trailing right now again, let's just try to put it into perspective, that's the controller, almost standing up, it's so hard to see the angle of that plus It'S all slick was as mud that's.

Warum? I go for the extra wide tires: three two one: oh beautiful, not even a challenge: Applaus, Musik, Applaus, Musik, Alles klar, let's get this guy washed off here: hmm beautiful backwoods trails; here's, a nice big jump as well almost into a tree, though let's. Versuchen Sie es erneut, i don't mind practicing when i'm out, i just practice over and over again until i get what i want and then on to the next obstacle. So as i'm walking to my next area that i want to do some hill climbing at it makes me wonder of all the viewers watching right now, if you're still watching at this point, please drop a like click. Just so i know uh, Ich will wissen. Do you like youtube gold videos, more rc adventures like trail, runs more or any of them at all. Let me know comment here. We go into our old stomping grounds into the root cellar. Many people that have followed the show for years will know that we did a ttc here a long time ago. Look at the big widow maker hanging over it now and half of the whole root system is gone. That used to be the main way up right. There now it's changed over to the side let's see if we can traverse unbelievable the only way down, because this huge log is in the way, is down and around which is going to make my tires super super thick of clay and heavy Music in the water.

No matter what let's just try to get out of there right away, there wouldn't be an rc adventure without a little bit of mud, oh sticky situation, okay up and over Music. Now what lies before you is the ultimate root test challenge. All of this is just vertical in comparison with a ton of hangers let's see if we can even do this it's, like a maze which way are you gon na go short work of that now, the ultimate for me, which there i don't think is going to Have any question how steep it is? Wow look at all these trees that have fallen over on themselves. This is crazy, dangerous in here, that is the hill that goes straight up and we've always demolished vehicles on this hill and it's all slick from the rain i'm driving whoa let's focus in on that i'm, totally driving just by looking at the screen. If you try to film and drive any other way, it's totally a fail. Oh mein Gott, i can't believe we even made it that far. If it rolls it's going to be breaking something with those big tires insane, is there a way to make it past there? I wonder can check out our ttc from 2011. I think it was here. Focus you son of a no. She ain't gon na want to climb past there. Oh, Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, Oh, oh isn't, that what we all come to see is the crashes and bashes.

Can she drive out? Oh she's, limping a little bit she's sagging on one side that's to be expected, aber, got some guts hanging out on the side, hey good job. You should have been wearing your helmet instead of having it dangle off on the side like that brother should have had your helmet on the whole time, Applaus uh, so there you go guys thanks for joining me on this, although overcast day beautiful day to be outside Uh with a hobby that i love so much if you have participated in the hobbyand i know a lot of viewers here have done the hobby before. Please leave a comment or a short story to let others know your experience in the hobby. That'S positive to you know, maybe encourage them to get into the hobby as well and to try it out, maybe they're sitting on the fence, they're humming and haunting, if they should get a trail truck or whatever. Now is the time it's summer, where i am or if you have nice weather wherever you are, there is rc for all budgets out there so go and have a look uh. Hoffentlich, some people leave some comments that are great stories that will inspire you to get outside and have fun with the hobby of rc. So until next time, guys i'm gon na head her back wash off this bouncer 100. Okay after today's rip roaring fun time.