This thing has been tricked right out. This is the twin turbo ecoboost. I actually bought this on the day. My son was born uh, tricked all this out and had a great seven years with it. Now i could go ahead and sell this truck uh yeah. I could but there's one thing: i've been learning in the world and we need to see more generosity out there, um from everybody less selfish. More selfless a few years ago, we were able to go down to mexico and film rc adventures with the fifth scale boss and his beautiful wife donna. If you guys remember that i'd love to keep my controller in my sombrero it's that easy. I carry it around on tours like this it's, not windy, aber, as well as last year on youtube gold. We were able to see crazy, joe with a beautiful golden tooth in his golden smile. We'Re gon na have to get out the big power drills to fix this, but i know a buddy that could actually use this. That made a difference in my life when i was younger and i hope to change his life today, we get to see his reaction. Let'S, do it sluice box steve good morning, good morning to you, Herr, how are you i'm fabulous i'm glad to hear that you can see. All of my rc's are lined up beautifully behind you. I should say yeah, nice and clean nice collection dude. Jetzt, the other day you and i went out and did a film together yeah we took out optimus and bumblebees.

Do you remember uh? During the beginning of the day i said to you off camera? If i had an opportunity to change your hobby life, would you accept it yeah and what was your answer sure? Ja, Ja. Can you tell me the story briefly of how you and i met and when it was it was about 20 22 years ago uh? I was going to cbi, which is a canadian back institute, because i had a bad back and yeah and i met you there. Ja, i also had a bad back yeah. Do you remember what you did for me back in that day? Gut, i gave you rides to and from cbi, because i lived far away because you lived far away, it would have taken me hours. This is a struggle for you to to get to and from can you remember the car that you drove back in that day? A mazda 626: i believe it was a ford tempo. Oh, i had the ford tempo yeah, the blue four tempo yeah. What if i was able to tell you in a few moments that the world all around you is about to go dark, because i would like to change your life in a way that nobody's ever done. It makes me a little nervous: Okay, what's this here's, your pink slip and here's 200 zu gehen, get a license plate and register that truck no way. Kumpel. You don't owe me anything nothing you're kidding me man, no it's, yours, you get to have it dude yeah.

ich habe ta, give you a hug man. What are you doing tomorrow? Oh i'm, going camping yeah, you are, but today you're gon na go register your new truck no way some days. You win thanks for helping me when i needed it. I know your struggles with the car. I know your struggles with the truck you have. I know you just spent a thousand dollars on an engine 2 000, and is it working? No guess what this one does. I got all the light bars comp anyway. It'S not a big deal, you can do this. Nobody no and you don't, owe me a thing. I'Ve always said more selfless, less selfish, and so i know that we could do that for you, because i already got a big truck. That'S amazing get in have a look at it. I know this truck already. I know you do i wanted. I wanted it to go to somebody that would appreciate it. I didn't have to sell it to somebody that would try to use it against me later. You'Re gon na have to show me how to use some of this stuff man absolutely hey. This is this is where you inflate your rear, airbags to lift and lower your truck on the back right in the cab, wow ja. This is the way life should be. Am i still sleeping man? No no you're, not i feel like i kind of am this, helps you in an rc way, because now you can carry all your rc's to wherever you want to go without any worries of not being able to make it anymore.

Geck. You can drive this across the country and go home to pei. If you wanted to there's only 60 000 miles on it, whoa i've undercoated it everything's ready to go. I re powder coated, all the all the metal on it last year. Just got a new rubber on it too. Yep spare on the back amazing yeah youtube helped change. My life changed my life too man that's the whole point. I'Ve met so many people through through youtube yeah through you, Ja, ja. Das ist erstaunlich. Yeah i'm glad you can everything's taken care of uh. This is uh giving me incentive to to do a few things. One of them is to quit smoking so i'm, not gon na smoke in this truck ever and neither is anybody else nice. Zweitens, my other half just got her learner's license. Yes and she needs to get a driver's license. Ja, now she can have the escape. Ist das? Is this what you drove before it is? She can have it yet i'll clean it up. Erste, Natürlich, you will now you can pull up to the light and be the first one at the light you can watch all the other trucks, be too scared to pull up beside you unlock it nice. Danke, Steve. Thanks for helping my husband a thousand years ago i'm, not that old, you guys are old. Get out of here. Does my wife approve of this? I totally approve of this going to the right home isn't it.

It is going to a very good home steve. Where are we going to the registry man? Ja? Hallöchen? Whose truck is it it's, my truck buddy yeah? So it is registered, it is now yours, you have a license plate put on it. How does it feel to get a new truck? Pretty amazing man? This is the newest vehicle i've ever had and i'm just in shock still it's. Just it doesn't have to be big, it can be big gestures, small gestures, any gestures of less selfish, more selfless to other people that are out there and even a phone call. A text, an email, anything to people that haven't heard from you in a while, or that you know that could hear from you that would make a difference. Positivity comes good in any light. That'S exactly well said: Okay, you're good! You bet i want to see you get out of here. Can you give me a woohoo that's, your problem, nice that's, that four inch afe exhaust on there? Oh you'll hear the turbo on the highway it's nice. What do you think nicest vehicle you've had i'm amazed? Mann, this is beautiful. Ja, it's, one of the nicest vehicles i've even sat in nice brother gone to a good home. Yes man, you got a nice drive to go back to the city. Oh Boy, Tut mir Leid, sorry escape i'll be back in a few days. Oh no escape as far as you can from that vehicle.

Gut, the good news is, i get to see it again anytime. I want see you later. Bro enjoy the ride and on to the next rc adventure. What are we gon na? Do next? Hey bob's watching the gate.